We find great characters from stories like Naruto Uzumaki‘s rise from newbie shinobi to Hokage of the Hidden Leaf Village. Despite the series’ widespread praise, the 770 episodes that make up Naruto’s storyline nevertheless make the show impressive to watch. Regardless, Naruto effortlessly exemplifies the tenets of Shonen anime. It is the hero’s journey, the idea that friendship can overcome any obstacles, and the importance of tenacity and endurance. If you are crazy about anime like Naruto shows, this guide is for you.

Thankfully, fans don’t absolutely need to watch another 500+ episode series if they feel like they want more anime action after Naruto. Certain anime may have an impact comparable to Naruto while having their own distinctive, condensed tales.

Let’s look at some fantastic anime that are comparable to Naruto. On March 21, 2022, Rhenn Taguiam updated: Given that Naruto has a massive 720 episodes, it makes sense that viewers who have just completed watching it would want to watch another similarly action-packed anime.

Best 14 Anime Like Naruto Shows That You Will Love

It makes sense for individuals who might not be able to witness the stage production Live Spectacle Naruto, which is a live-action version of Pain’s Assault and the Five Kage Summit, to search for suitable substitutes. Thankfully, certain anime does meet the requirement for having themes like Naruto’s quest for excellence. Read on to know more about anime like Naruto shows.

1. Tokyo Ghoul

The top of all the anime like Naruto shows is Tokyo Ghoul. Dark fantasy manga still has time to portray vampire-like creatures in contemporary settings. Ghouls, a mysterious race of human-eating monsters, live covertly alongside people in Tokyo Ghoul. Unfortunately for Ken Kaneki, a violent encounter with a ghoul forced him into their realm where he had to battle for his life. Kaneki had to maintain his humanity during Tokyo Ghoul while adjusting to a new persona and set of skills.

Since its original portrayal of “creatures of the night,” Tokyo Ghoul is likely to appeal to fans of a dark fantasy because it treats ghouls as both comparable to and distinct from vampires. Fights and plotlines in Tokyo Ghoul are riveting and exciting because Ghouls have unique talents, and the Commission of Counter Ghoul is chasing them down with special weapons.

2. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail, one of the anime-like Naruto shows, follows the adventures of Dragon Slayer wizard Natsu Dragneel. The wizard looks for his absent father, emulating the guilds of fantasy countries. Along with his Fairy Tail guild friends, Natsu meets and joins other strong wizards, each with their own special magic, and finds up fighting villain after villain who intended to use their powers to damage the entire world.

Like Naruto, Fairy Tail has 328 episodes, each of which shows how Natsu and his companions get closer to discovering his father. In the anime, there are plenty of dramatic confrontations when wizards show off the entire range of their special skills, including summoning animals and using ice and fire magic.

3. Blue Exorcist

Not every hero who discovers a terrible family history is able to quit directing his fate like Naruto Uzumaki. Twins Rin and Yukio Okumura learn in Blue Exorcist that they are both offspring of Satan. It gives them characteristics of both humans and demons. After seeing his adopted father died, Rin uses the sword Kurikara to slaughter demons and unleashes the full might of his demonic lineage. He enrolls in Cross Academy to become an exorcist, a demon hunter, with the promise that he will stop demons from harming other people. You will see it as the best anime like Naruto shows.

As a result, Rin’s path to accepting his demonic background and remaining human while seeing the atrocities of the demons he’s battling starts. Fans of Naruto will certainly like watching Blue Exorcist’s incredible battles and skills.

4. Seven Deadly Sins

Rarely do the genuine Seven Deadly Sins of the Bible get their own television series dedicated to them, but The Seven Deadly Sins anime does just that. A gang of knights in Britannia known as the Seven Deadly Sins are on a mission to clear their identity after being accused of attempting to overthrow the Lioness Kingdom. Meliodas, the commander of the Sins, would reassemble the team after a series of incidents and battle against his brother Zeldris and the Ten Commandments, who were his own band of Holy Knights.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Seven Deadly Sins is how each character has special skills related to the Sins and Virtues that each of the Seven Deadly Sins and the Ten Commandments symbolizes.

The anime offers a fresh perspective on the coexistence of humans, demons, and other mythical beings in a war-torn Britain.

5. Bleach

After Naruto, what better anime to enjoy than one of its competitors? While Bleach chronicles Ichigo Kurosaki’s experiences as he defends the planet from otherworldly threats, Naruto explores Naruto’s path to becoming Hokage. Ichigo, unlike Naruto, is thrown into Soul Society’s concerns since he assumes the position of a Substitute Shinigami. Ichigo’s initial assignment is to get rid of Hollows and maintain harmony between the living and the dead.

Unsavory forces in Soul Society will soon take notice of Ichigo’s involvement, which is unfortunate for him. Fans of the idea will like Bleach’s violent confrontations, which are emphasized by author Tite Kubo’s expertise in developing special skills and powers.

6. Yu Yu Hakusho

When Yusuke Urameshi sacrifices his life to save a kid, a bizarre chain of events turns him into a Spirit Detective who investigates occurrences of paranormal activity in the real world. Yusuke frequently finds himself in trouble because of the loudmouthed troublemaker he is, to the point where he makes a few friends in his numerous escapades. Yusuke continues to administer spiritual justice to evil guys who attempt to hurt innocents and the ones he loves about while armed with his Spirit Gun.

Yusuke’s comical antics and mischief-making should strike Naruto fans as very similar to Uzumaki’s. The great pride Yusuke has in his abilities, which basically screams sheer dedication with a touch of badassery, should also win over admirers.

7. Fullmetal Alchemist

Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the most moving stories of tenacity and commitment. That’s why we have added it to anime like Naruto’s show list. The story of their anime like the Naruto show begins here.

Brothers Edward and Alphonse Elric paid a high price trying to resurrect their mother. They are forbidding human transmutation in a world where alchemy has become an exact science. Ed and Al, who are now adults, set out to find the Philosopher’s Stone to atone for their mistakes.

The Elric brothers’ life is masterfully the portrait of the Fullmetal Alchemist. The alchemist in this anime like Naruto’s show is obvious. It merges into a plot that ties together their development, relationships with their allies, and conquering obstacles. Most significantly, Ed and Al’s views on sacrifice serve as a useful contrast to Naruto’s tenacity in trying to connect with everyone. While the original Fullmetal Alchemist anime veers off course around midway through, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood faithfully follows the manga. Each series has its advantages.

8. Shaman King

In the universe of Shaman King, shamans serve as the link between this life and the next. A Shaman can develop strong skills by forming connections with spirits. However, a Shaman can gain sufficient power to transform the universe into its own image by speaking with the Great Spirit. Shamans compete in the Shaman Fight, a competition that happens once every 500 years, to accomplish this.

Yoh Asakura, the lead character of Shaman King, is both quiet and humble, in contrast to Naruto. Yoh, however, is ever ready to stand up for his pals with the aid of his warrior spirit, Amidamaru. Like Naruto, Shaman King features fantastic battles and distinctive power sets that give each character their own identity.

It’s a simple premise, which introduces the Shaman Fight, which is like Naruto’s Chunin Exams, only that this time, the fate of the entire planet is at risk.

9. Soul Eater

Soul Eater transports viewers to the afterlife, where the Death Weapon Meister Academy educates pupils to pursue the souls of bad humans, Witches, and other supernatural things. Headed by Death himself, the DWMA is made of two-person teams consisting of a Demon Weapon; or a human that can transform into a weapon, and a Meister who handles them.

In the narrative, Maka Albarn and Soul Eater join forces with other pupils to combat the Witches’ constant menace. In particular, the Witch Medusa seems to be plotting something evil that will upend the general order of the afterlife. Because of its incredible action sequences, intriguing power ideas, and compelling friendship themes; Soul Eater is unquestionably a must-recommend for lovers of the Naruto series.

10. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

It’s true that Boruto receives a mixed response from the greater Naruto fans due to its fast-paced plot, supposedly powerful characters, and underused location. For those who seek a canonical view of what happens to Naruto’s characters, Boruto is still worthwhile to watch.

In a more contemporary Konoha, Boruto and his companions strive to strike a balance between the post-war tranquility and their shinobi duties in the Hidden Villages. With Konoha’s impending devastation and impending dangers, Boruto and his companions will gradually confront new difficulties; it might lead to the same development Naruto and his classmates previously experienced.

And despite the anime’s mediocre beginning, the appointment of series creator Masashi Kishimoto to the position of director could finally help Boruto achieve its full potential.

11. Claymore

Another great anime like Naruto shows on our list. Claymore is on a medieval island inhabited by the terrifying Yoma. The enigmatic Organization uses female fighters known as Claymores to combat these dangers. Claymores, so named because of their distinctive claymore weapon and silver eyes, use their half-Yoma physiology to become as strong and powerful as the monsters they encounter.

In this tale, Claymore No. 47 Clare becomes involved in a plot that forces her to doubt the very Organization she was raised in. Claymore offers a darker and more sobering portrayal of the difficulties of living on a monster-infested planet. But like Naruto, Claymore features plenty of thrilling battles.

12. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba

Tanjiro Kamado’s peaceful life in Taisho-era Japan makes it interesting anime like Naruto show. It ends abruptly when demons kill his parents and inflict a demonic curse on his sister Nezuko. Soon enough, Tanjiro finds himself joining the Demon Slayer Corps; a secret cadre of humans trained to fight the threat of demons in the land.

Fans of Anime Like Naruto shows will appreciate Demon Slayer and its strong attachment to themes of justice, friendship, and overcoming perseverance. Action lovers will also admire the anime for its unique Breathing Styles concept, captivating combat, and jaw-dropping action sequences.

13. Hunter X Hunter

Another anime like the Naruto show is here. Gon Freecs of Hunter X Hunter desires to become a Hunter and search for his father who has vanished in a world; where Hunters exist to pursue a range of things (from riches, and unusual wildlife, to humans). Gon encounters other would-be Hunters along the road, each having a backstory that leads them into different adventures.

The happy Gon is fundamentally quite different from the boisterous Naruto. However, the camaraderie, perseverance, and hard work principles are upheld by both heroes. Not to add, people who miss Naruto’s action sequences will adore Hunter X Hunter because of its Nen idea, which gives characters a basic set of skills that they later develop into distinctive talents.

14. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia delivers the ideal balance of heroism and jaw-dropping anime action for superhero lovers. That’s why we have added it to anime like Naruto’s show list. Its plot takes place in a universe where the appearance of superhumans known as Heroes; also known as Quirks, inspired the pursuit of justice by fighting Villains. Izuku Midoriya lives among the Quirk-enhanced population.

He is shocked when his idol, All Might, gives him his own quirk, the One For All. Deku enrolls in UA High School with his newly acquired power to become a Pro Hero and rescue the world.

Along with having an interesting array of characters and a compelling plot, Naruto’s everlasting principles are echoed in My Hero Academia’s quest for justice for all. If you love anime like Naruto shows, do not miss this one.

Final Verdict: Anime Like Naruto Shows

Naruto is one of the most popular manga and anime series. The anime adaptation became the first ever to be shown on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim programming block. The series tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki; a young ninja who searches for recognition from his peers and the village. While at the same time becoming part of a bigger conflict. Naruto evolves through different stages as he obtains new abilities from the nine-tailed demon fox, Kurama, who is sealed within him. The manga was originally created by Masashi Kishimoto in 1999 and the anime aired from 2002 to 2008. The series is adapted into several different games, including an RPG, two fighting games, two strategy games, and a social networking game.

You have read all about anime like Naruto shows. It is time to choose your favorite of all the anime like Naruto shows that we have mentioned. In the end, do let us know which anime like Naruto shows you liked the most and why.

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