Chris Cuomo is back, and according to him, he has learned from his mistakes. He debuted his new show on Monday with a pledge that his nightly hour won’t be like his last time. But what the hell is Chris Cuomo new show about?

The former CNN host was fired from the channel over some allegations. However, he has decided to start his own show for the time being. So today, we will discuss everything you need to know about Chris Cuomo’s new show.

Who is Chris Cuomo?

Chris Cuomo is the son of former New York governor Mario Cuomo. He is a well-known figure in the world of journalism. 

Before joining CNN, Chris Cuomo made notable contributions to media outlets like ABC News, Good Morning America, and FOX News. In addition to his media career, he is also a licensed attorney.

He got a lot of recognition while he was hosting Good Morning America. Cuomo covered various sensitive issues, such as the War on Terror and multiple school shootings throughout the country. 

Eventually, he joined CNN and co-hosted the morning show “New Day.” Later, he established his program called “Cuomo Prime Time,” which debuted in 2018. 

Chris is married to Cristina Greeven Cuomo, who founded the health and wellness brand PURIST.

During the pandemic, Chris Cuomo’s popularity soared, becoming one of the most-watched figures on CNN. He even conducted interviews with his brother, Andrew Cuomo, who was grappling with the challenges of managing the covid outbreak in the state. 

However, his time in the spotlight was accompanied by controversies, including allegations of harassment against his brother.

Chris Cuomo Controversy


There are a lot of complications surrounding Chris Cuomo new show due to his controversy. But what exactly happened

The controversy surrounding Chris Cuomo reached its peak when he became involved in assisting his brother in steering sexual harassment allegations against him.

This resulted in his suspension and then termination by then-CNN president Jeff Zucker, saying he breached CNN’s journalistic ethics. Newly revealed evidence suggested that Chris Cuomo took multiple measures to help his brother in countering the sexual harassment allegations. This eventually led to Andrew Cuomo’s resignation in August.

An independent investigation conducted by the attorney general’s office confirmed that he had sexually harassed at least 11 women. 

The situation escalated further when attorney Debra S. Katz stated that she was representing a client who accused Chris Cuomo of severe sexual misconduct at another network. 

These allegations were brought to CNN’s attention and were a contributing factor to Chris Cuomo’s dismissal. A week prior to his firing, he himself was accused of misconduct. Subsequently, he filed a lawsuit seeking damages of 125 million. 

Chris Cuomo’s New Show 


Despite the controversies and his departure from CNN, Chris Cuomo launched his new show simply named “Cuomo” on October 3, 2022.

However, the show is not broadcasted on CNN, MSNBC, or FOX News. Instead, it is featured on News Nation, a subscription-based news network. It aims to provide unbiased coverage while competing with major networks. 

Since its relaunch in 2020, News Nation has faced challenges in attracting the same viewership as CNN, MSNBC, and FOX News. Nevertheless, the channel has been bolstering its nightly lineup with renowned names like Chris Cuomo, Ashleigh Banfield, and Dan Abrams.

During the opening of Chris Cuomo new show, he promised a unique experience for viewers emphasizing the support he received from friends, family, and his therapist during trying times. 

“I’ve relied on my friends, my family, my therapist, and thankfully, it’s been the case that what doesn’t kill us, does make us stronger,” Cuomo said.

According to Cuomo, he has changed a lot and is a new man now. The first episode of Chris Cuomo new show featured guests such as former Secretary of Defense William Cohen, John Bolton, talk show host Bill Maher, and Dan Rather.

Despite these famous and exciting personalities, Chris Cuomo new show has yet to reach the same height of popularity as his previous shows. Due to the falling ratings, Cuomo has reportedly asked for a new timeslot for his show.

Furthermore, Cuomo revealed that the show will involve viewer calls starting with a conversation with his mother, Matilda. 


All in all, Chris Cuomo has started afresh with News Nation. Chris Cuomo new show aims to present viewers with a less partisan approach to national discussions. 

While News Nation may not have the exact viewership as major news networks, Chris Cuomo remains committed to delivering a unique and engaging program as his show progresses. 

It will be intriguing to witness how he tackles challenges and offers his distinct perspective to captivate the audience.

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