King Of The Hill stands out from other animated shows like Family Guy. It relies on more subtle comedy rather than over-the-top humor. Sometimes the show writers liked to stretch their comedic muscles, resulting in the best King Of The Hill episodes.

Hulu is set to revive this underrated show, so why not take a look at some of the best King Of The Hill episodes? After all, the show has 258 episodes, and looking for the ones that offer the best moments can be hard.

So if you’re looking to rewatch this classic show, then don’t worry. We have picked the top 12 best King Of The Hill episodes for you. Moreover, we have ranked these episodes from good to perfect.

Series Overview

King Of The Hill premiered on January 12, 1997. The show was created by Craig Daniels and Mike Judge, who was also responsible for creating Beavis and Butthead. 

King Of The Hill revolves around a simple propane dealer in Texas who attempts to deal with his family and friends’ crazy activities while also trying to keep his son in order. The show was insanely popular for teenagers growing up in the late 90s and early 2000s. 

King Of The Hill managed to last for 13 seasons thanks to its subtle comedy. The last episode of the show aired on May 6, 2010. However, the show might make a comeback soon, as announced by Hulu.

Best 12 King Of The Hill Episodes

We have compiled a list of the best King Of The Hill episodes based on their ratings and public opinion. 

So, let’s dive right into it.

12. Season 1, Episode 10


We are starting off our list of the best King Of The Hill episodes with the very first season. The 10th episode of the first season is titled “Keeping Up with Our Joneses.” This episode has a really simple premise, but it is insanely hilarious.

In this episode, Bobby gets caught smoking (what an amateur). In order to discipline him, Hank makes him smoke an entire packet. However, instead of Bobby realizing his mistake, the whole family starts smoking, thanks to Hank and Peggy’s old habits.

This episode gives out a great anti-smoking message while also being extremely funny.

11. Season 4, Episode 13


The 13th episode of season 4 is titled “Hanky Panky.” This episode revolves around Hank’s boss Buck Strickland as he goes through a divorce. He makes the decision to transfer Sugarfoot’s Barbecue to Hank until the divorce is finalized.

“Hanky Panky” is actually the first part of a two-part episode. Things take a slightly dark turn when Peggy discovers a dead body in the dumpster. Nonetheless, the episode is thoroughly interesting and funny. So it deserves to be on this list of the best King Of The Hill episodes. 

10. Season 4, Episode 15


Another entry from season 4 is on our list of the best King Of The Hill episodes. This episode is titled “Naked Ambition,” and it is exactly what it sounds like. Things get awkward in the Hill family as Bobby accidentally sees Luanne naked. 

This causes Bobby’s best friend, Joseph, to be jealous of him. I mean, who wouldn’t be? So he sets out on a prestigious quest to witness what Bobby had seen. The results are hilarious, and the episode ends on a very satisfying note (not for Joseph, though).

9. Season 2, Episode 17


After season 1, the show was intensely popular, so the creators had to stay consistent, and they surely did. The 17th episode of season 2 is proof of that. This episode is titled “Hank’s Dirty Laundry.”

In this episode, Hank gets accused of not returning a dirty movie to the video store. However, the accusations are a mistake, and Hank decides to clear his name from these accusations. Hank’s conservative nature makes this episode insanely funny.

8. Season 13, Episode 20


King Of The Hill’s later seasons could have been more impressive. They weren’t bad or anything, just not up to the mark with the first few seasons. However, one of the later episodes has made its way on our list of the best King Of The Hill episodes.

“To Sirloin with Love” is the 20th episode of season 13. This episode revolves around Hank bonding with Bobby over his knowledge of beef. His expertise lands him on the Heimlich County Junior College meat examination team.

7. Season 6, Episode 21


The season 6 finale of King Of The Hill is titled “Returning Japanese.” In this episode, Hank’s father, Cotton, travels to Japan to meet his lost love, Michiko. However, he learns that he has an illegitimate son there. 

On the other hand, Bobby follows in the footsteps of his grandfather and falls in love with a Japanese teenager. This episode is double the length of normal episodes but doesn’t feel like it due to its brilliant pacing. 

6. Season 4, Episode 6


The 6th episode of season 4 is titled after a very popular movie. This episode is titled “A Beer Can Named Desire.” The episode takes place in New Orleans because Hank has won an Alamo beer can contest to pick up the prize.

Meanwhile, Hank’s family must adjust to Bill’s bizarre family. Bobby picks up the weird habits of Bill’s cousin, Gilbert. Overall, the episode is extremely funny, and surprisingly, it also features Meryl Streep. So it deserves a spot on this list of the best King Of The Hill episodes. 

5. Season 4, Episode 5


Season 4 is a consistent season when it comes to comedy and writing. We have another entry from that season on our list of the best King Of The Hill episodes. This time it is episode 5, which is titled “Aisle 8A.”

In this episode, Hank is left alone with Connie during her first period. Even though he attempts to handle the circumstance as best he can, he miserably fails. Puberty is an important fact of life, and this episode perfectly portrays that while being extremely entertaining.

Overall, it is one of the best King Of The Hill episodes due to its amazing writing. This episode contains both subtle and over-the-top comedy.

4. Season 4, Episode 14


The second part of “Hanky Panky” is titled “High Anxiety.” The previous episode ends on a cliffhanger with the discovery of Debbie Grund’s dead body. “High Anxiety” picks right off after those events. 

When Debbie is discovered dead in a dumpster, a city investigator accuses Hank of murder. Hank is confused about whether he did it or not while being high. This episode is full of twists and turns but offers a satisfying conclusion. Hence, it is one of the best King Of The Hill episodes. 

3. Season 3, Episode 10


“A Firefighting We Will Go” is the 10th episode of season 3. In this episode, Hank and his friends volunteer to become firefighters. However, the firehouse accidentally burns down, and all of them have a different version of the story.

The highlight of this episode is Boomhaur. He magically speaks a bit more normally and tells the real details of the event. It is Hank and his other pals who now speak like Boomhaur. Overall, the episode is quite different from other entries and extremely entertaining to watch.

2. Season 5, Episode 13


“Ho, Yeah!” is the next entry on our list of the best King Of The Hill episodes. It is the 13th episode of season 5. The simplicity of Hank and Peggy makes this episode so much hilarious.

This episode revolves around Hank and Peggy, who accidentally board a prostitute after an abusive pimp arrives searching for her. However, they soon find Hank has been unknowingly “pimping” her all over town.

1. Season 6, Episode 1


Season 6 of KOTH premiered on November 11, 2001, with an episode titled “Bobby Goes Nuts.” In this episode, Bobby accidentally enrolls in a women’s self-defense course after getting jumped at a slumber party.

Eventually, he learns to kick everyone in the groin, so Hank must teach him proper self-defense techniques. There’s barely any dull moment throughout this episode. It is so good that you’ll laugh whenever you recall a moment from this episode. So it is safe to say that this is the best King Of The Hill episode.


We hope we have covered all your favorite King Of The Hill episodes in this list. Again, this list is based on public ratings with a mix of our opinions. 

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