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Savitar is a mysterious speedster villain in the CW science fiction television series The Flash. He came from the showrunner Todd Helbing and first appeared in season three of the show. Savitar is one of the most powerful speedsters to appear on the show; able to move at incredibly fast speeds and create powerful lightning storms around him. His identity has been a mystery since his debut, but recent episodes have started to reveal more about his past. Savitar is set to be a major antagonist for Barry Allen as he continues his fight against evil forces in Central City.

More About “Who Is Savitar In The Flash?”

Savitar is a god-like and mysterious villain within the DC Comics universe who first appeared in The Flash series in 2016. As the God of Motion, Savitar has immense speed, strength and intelligence that rivals that of The Flash himself. He uses his powers to gain knowledge on everything from technology to ancient history; to help him create new weapons and tactics. His end goal is to become the “fastest man alive”; which puts him at odds with The Flash as they both strive for the same thing. He is one of the most powerful villains in all of DC Comics, even more so when he gains access to the Speed Force.


Basically, Savitar is an artificial intelligence created by Dr. Harrison Wells and can move at superhuman speeds. Savitar can manipulate time, as well as create multiple copies of himself. He serves as a major antagonist for the majority of Season 3 and came out to be the God of Speed in the DC Comics universe. He is an unstoppable force, and his goal remains unclear, although he appears to have some sort of grudge against Barry Allen and his allies.

Barry Allen becomes Savitar but how? ‘The Flash’ season 3, episode 21 twist

The identity of Savitar was unveiled for the first time in the twenty-first episode of The Flash, which aired on the CW. The villain of this season has been revealed to be Barry Allen all along! Well, it’s not quite Barry Allen, but more like a twisted, damaged, and villainous version of Barry Allen. Since the disclosure took place at the very end of the show, there wasn’t much time to go over all that happened. We were lucky since the explanation was provided by the program within the first few minutes of the twenty-first episode, which was titled “Cause and Effect.”

The transformation of Barry into Savitar


Because Savitar is one of Barry’s time remnants, it follows that if Barry travels through time again, he will be able to make temporal copies of himself. In the penultimate episode of the previous season, Barry developed a time remnant to win the fight against Zoom. This time, he ended up giving his life so that Zoom could be stopped, and the multiverse could be saved.

In episode 21, Savitar says that Barry generates multiple time relics when they are fighting in the year four years in the future. Savitar eliminates all those temporal remains except for one. Barry, Cisco, Joe, and Wally are not too fond of the temporal relic that has managed to survive. This Savitar claims that they “reject” him because they don’t believe he is the real Barry Allen. The temporal remnant is aware that God does not experience any suffering and makes the decision to join them. He transforms into Savitar.

Wrapping Up: Who Is Savitar In The Flash?

Savitar is the main villain of The Flash’s third season. He is a mysterious speedster who claims to be the “God of Motion” and has the power to manipulate time and space. Are you still wondering, “who is Savitar in The Flash?”. Well, we can also describe him as a “genius-level strategist” and his powers are on par with those of Barry Allen. It has proven himself to be a formidable foe for Team Flash, forcing them into some tough spots. His motivations remain unknown, but he may have an agenda that could have dire consequences for both Central City and the entire world.

Where will Barry get so much energy? It probably has something to do with the red glowing orb at the end of the episode. Till now, we have revealed all about who is Savitar in The Flash. If you have any questions regarding “who is Savitar in The Flash?”, feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

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