Last season, in 2018, Rick was missing from the TV series “The Walking Dead” and fans were left wondering what had happened to him. He was presumed dead then found alive in rampant speculations. Are we going to see Rick again? What happened to Rick Grimes exactly? Let’s see, shall we?

What Happened To Rick Grimes? Uncovering The Truth

Rick Grimes and Michonne both make an appearance in the movie’s last seconds in AMC’s The Walking Dead season finale, confirming widespread predictions. We all know that Rick Grimes has been appearing on The Walking Dead since 2010. However, Andrew Lincoln left the show in season 9. He was playing the role of Rick Grimes and his fans mistook him for dead after he gave his life to obliterate an advancing zombie horde. However, the viewers are still excited about what happened to Rick Grimes and want to see him in season 11.

In episode 10 of The Walking Dead, Danai Gurira escaped on her own when Michonne found hints of Rick’s survival and went in search of him. They both have previously been confirmed for a Walking Dead spinoff series. But it was unclear if they would appear in the finale of The Walking Dead.

Is Rick Grimes Dead? What Will Happen If The News Of Rick Grimes Death Comes Out To Be Untrue?

After the latest clues, there is a chance that Rick Grimes will be back. It simply means he is not dead. The whole scene shows the next season will be more exciting.

Establishing his upcoming standalone with Michonne is the main goal of Rick’s reappearance in The Walking Dead. The new show will follow Rick and Michonne on their journey as they try to stay alive while also trying to survive the zombie apocalypse.

If we look back to Season 9, Episode 6, we can see that the CRM that Anne phoned was taken away by a chopper. The CRM was not yet a key narrative device in the world of The Walking Dead, therefore, not until the spinoff series World Beyond. Nobody knew what CRM was going to accomplish. The enigma surrounding CRM was the focus of a whole episode, although nothing conclusive could be predicted. So, it’s safe to conclude that Rick Grimes joined the secret community as well.

Is Rick Grimes Coming Back?

When Rick appeared in the final seconds of “Rest in Peace,” the entire tension was built up. The moment that caught viewers’ attention featured both Rick and Michonne. Both of them were sending hopeful messages of encouragement to their loved ones. They led the populace to believe that an unusual and thrilling event would soon occur. Rick was clearly not wearing any shoes, slippers, or similar footwear. We can imagine that he has a condition of the feet. His appearance with boots and a bag has generated more questions because it is unclear what caused his foot to break.

Confirmed: The Walking Dead Rick is in CRM

The situation is not 100% clear. We can say that Rest In Peace is a total surprise till now. Just like there was uncertainty in Fear The Walking Dead and World Beyond.

Two things are totally clear till now. The first thing is that the CRM is involved in it and Rick is there on his own will. According to the scenario, Rick is a “consignee” of the CRM, which justifies the CRM’s preoccupation with assigning individuals the letters “A” and “B.” In order to remove a lot of pedestrians, Rick was also employing a customized form of the trap pole that Silas used in World Beyond when operating at a purification facility. Rick must be employed by one of these centers based on his ownership of the weapon.

Will Rick Grimes Return In Season 11?

Rick’s participation in the 11th and last Season is still uncertain. The enthusiasm has, nevertheless, grown as a result of the sporadic rumors. He might definitely make an appearance during the Eleventh season. The intriguing development is that this is how his tale will be continued. After he was believed to be dead, many are curious as to what would happen. Nobody is currently aware of what happened to Rick Grimes following his departure or the location where the helicopter took him.

His reappearance on the screen will serve as confirmation that disclosure is necessary. As a result, in the most recent season, viewers were also anticipating Rick and Michonne’s reunion. When both parties find each other and the love tale is effectively concluded, it will make for a really pleasant finale.

What Happened To Rick Grimes?

On The Walking Dead, Rick Grimes did not pass away, so there is no need to worry about it. He’s healthy and living (or we should at least be hopeful about it). No one is aware of what is going to happen in the end of the program.

Rick was caught in the explosion, which led his friends and family to believe he had also passed away. However, Anne (also known as Jadis) discovered him just as she was about to board a strange helicopter for which she had to exchange an asset. Ann handed Rick up as a deal in an effort to save the buddy who had previously saved her, and the helicopter picked up the two of them, saving Rick’s life.

Nothing is clear for what exactly will happen in season 11 and what happened to Rick Grimes.

What do you think about what happened to Rick Grimes?

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