A sleek record player shelf is the ideal complement to your record player. Whether you’ve been collecting records since childhood or are new to the past owing to the big vinyl resurgence, one thing LP collectors quickly discover is the essence of a good record player shelf.

There are several record storage options available, ranging from shelving that converts your treasured songs into art to the iconic wooden boxes that every vinyl enthusiast has had at some time.

Our favorite method to arrange music is with a sleek storage cabinet, and with vinyl’s revival in popularity, there’s more choice than ever before.

Our List Of Best 21 Record Player Shelf

We explored our favorite stores for the greatest vinyl record storage cabinets and discovered 21 record player shelves you’re sure to adore.

1. Winsome Leo Shelving


Without being expressly built for our needs, the Winsome Leo Shelving is a good match for most record players. A really good choice for a record player shelf.

It also features a lot of additional space for your awesome record collection. On top, you also can fit a tiny amplifier.

This stand adds a distinctive aspect to your home’s decor with its contemporary wood finish and appealing modern design.

If you’re looking for multi-purpose home decor, you’ll appreciate how nicely this can keep your music equipment as well as photographs, trinkets, books, or whatever else you choose.

2. Victrola Wooden Stand For Wooden Music Centers


If you need a record player shelf for your music center, records, or other items but don’t like the concept of MDF or laminate wood, this may be of interest. It is made entirely of real wood and has a style and beauty that readily identifies it as such.

This will improve the ambiance of any room in which it is placed. This is especially true in the living area, where it may become a focal point.

Real wood furniture is becoming increasingly rare, so it will stick out. It arrives flat-packed, as do all of these goods, but it is quite simple to build.

Wood has a strong structural foundation, and the wood grain that shows through in most of the available hues adds to its visual appeal.

3. Crosley Furniture Everett


The Crosley Furniture Everett turntable cabinet is a classic mid-century modern look that is not only appropriate for the era but also highly flexible as a record player shelf.

The complete door is the most noticeable of its primary characteristics, providing sun and dust protection while integrating it with your other home items.

Inside, there are separators and shelves large enough to hold up to 75 vinyl records as well as other belongings. You have plenty of room up top to reach and play your turntable.

Finally, this record player shelf is available in acorn, mahogany, and matte black finishes, allowing you to create the ideal centerpiece for your home.

4. Sauder Nova Loft Accent Storage 


Whether you’re a new or experienced vinyl collector, this Sauder Nova Loft accent shelf can let you arrange your collection perfectly. It features two named open shelves with metal dividers that let you conveniently arrange your collection of long plays (LPs) and extended plays (EPs).

The large top surface is also excellent for storing any size record player. This record player shelf features a solid metal frame in addition to being small and capacious. When assembled it will have dimensions of approximately ‎(25.12  x 18.50 x 36.81 inches). So, it may appear a bit bigger than you expect.

You can store up to 150 vinyl albums. It has a lovely walnut hue and wood texture that will add warmth to industrial, rustic, and bohemian environments.

5. Pangea Audio Vulcan TT Turntable Stand


This record player shelf is a three-tiered platform designed to hold turntables and other audio equipment.

The height of the top shelf is suitable for a turntable. A second shelf for an amp or other piece of gear, but most importantly, the third shelf for up to 100 pieces of vinyl.

The current rebirth of vinyl has made these types of storage cabinets vital, but they must also be capable of supporting the weight of the turntable and amps, as well as the record itself.

For these reasons, one can say it is a heck of a record player shelf.

6. Way Basics Modular Media Console


This large Way Basics record player shelf is free of carcinogens like formaldehyde and composed of ZBoard recycled paperboard rather than particle board – a material that is substantially lighter while being remarkably durable.

The device can support up to 60 pounds while weighing just 17 pounds. Four open compartments contain a large number of recordings on full display, and two units may even be stacked for additional storage.

The installation is the simplest of the lot, requiring only inserting and attaching each piece together with the accompanying industrial 3M strips, with no drilling or tools required.

There’s also a lifetime guarantee and speedy customer service.

7. Monoprice Monolith 32in Cherry Wood Stand


Monoprice produces some of the greatest low-cost audio equipment available, and this record player shelf is excellent for any media setup.

The changeable top plate allows you to configure it exactly as you want it, and the cherry wood finish on the legs isn’t just for looks; it’s also scratch-resistant and can withstand minor damage.

The item also includes floor spikes to help anchor it to a carpet and reduce vibrations, resonances, and unpleasant buzzing. With just a screwdriver, the device can sustain up to 75 pounds when fully assembled.

There’s also an 18-inch version along with other sizes to finish out your surround arrangement with speakers all around you.

8. Ameriwood Home Southlander Turntable Stand


The Ameriwood Home Southlander Turntable Stand features lots of storage space for your record player, vinyl records, and other accessories. The Ameriwood record player shelf is one of the best record player stands to consider if you have a large record collection.

From the ground up, you’ll discover a purpose-built design geared for record collectors. To begin, there are spaced slats for simply organizing your vinyl recordings. The utility draw above is also useful for storing headphones, replacement needles, and other accessories. Then there are adjustable shelves with enough storage for a variety of extra products.

Of course, your turntable is in the center, with a wire cutout behind it that makes arranging and connecting line phono plugs a snap.

9. Crosley Manchester Entertainment Center Stand 


Mid-century modern stylish record player shelf, the Crosley Manchester Entertainment Center Stand with its towering legs will definitely capture your attention.

It combines all of the essential elements of a good record stand, including robust hardwood construction and an appealing glossy veneer. The stand includes two wire record slots that provide an old school ambiance while also storing up to 20 vinyl records.

Unlike other stands with more complex designs, this model shines in simplicity, making it a versatile solution for both your living space and record storage needs.

10. Modway Render Mid-Century Modern Record Player Storage Cabinet


The Modway Render is another mid-century piece of furniture that may improve your music-listening experience while also adding a rustic touch to your decor.

This record player shelf and cabinet, made of high-quality particleboard, can house your turntable as well as its preamplifier, receiver, and powered speakers.

Metal dividers are also put within the two bottom shelves to help you organize your documents correctly. It’s fun to use due to the aesthetically appealing slatted sliding door. This type of functionality is not only user-friendly, but it also demonstrates clean lines.

With exquisite walnut grain laminate and tapering legs, this cabinet will bring charm to your home office and living area.

11. Iyrany Record Player Stand Cabinet


A walk down memory lane through your favorite music is more pleasurable with a dependable record player shelf, such as this one by Iyrany. And, like the preceding piece, it has two large open shelves.

However, instead of metal brackets, its bottom shelf is split by wooden planks. As a result, you may fill these compartments with any album you desire while reserving the upper shelf and top surface for your turntable and speakers.

Furthermore, with its hairpin metal legs and brown finish, this storage cabinet is both solid and elegant.

12. Walker Edison Modern Record Player Cabinet


You can never have too much audio gear, and this Walker Edison record player shelf will fulfill all of your storage needs.

It is multifunctional and comparable to the Everett Console Cabinet in design, notably with its turntable section, open lid, and dark finish. However, this record player shelf has more to offer. This cabinet includes a sliding open shelf beneath the turntable section for storing your vinyl records.

This piece of furniture is the perfect listening station and storage unit for all audiophiles, with two more shelves on the other side and one on the bottom.

13. Bush Furniture Somerset Media Accent Cabinet


This accent cabinet by Bush Furniture is a fantastic alternative for a record player shelf that will enhance your minimalist house. Unlike its siblings, this one has an ash-gray finish.

As a result, it may enhance the quiet and relaxing environment in your house, as well as in homes that integrate Japandi and Scandinavian interior ideas.

With its hardwood construction, four shelves, and top surface, this cabinet is very sturdy and capacious.

It has a gorgeous glass door, tapering legs, and wire slots, and it is also a useful addition to your room, allowing you to play jazz and psychedelic music anytime you like.

14. Novogratz concord Turntable Stand 


A record player shelf stand with a durable upper side and a large shelf is ideal for a small vinyl record collection, but not so much for a large one.

Instead, you’ll need something that can hold your entire collection, such as Novogratz’s Concord Turntable Stand.

It looks like a combination of two separate cabinets fused, resulting in ample storage compartments for you to use. The lowest cubes are great for displaying LPs, while the upper drawers may be used to store other audio equipment and knickknacks.

Its warm brown tone will also make your bedroom cozier and more pleasant. Aside from walnut, this piece is also available in white and brown oak.

15. LumiWood Record Player Stand


A record player shelf with a distinct appearance and a sturdy construction is LumiWood. The LumiWood handcrafted stand offers a modern appearance.

The stand elegantly exhibits record players and vinyl albums wherever it is put. This stand is composed of ash wood, which gives it a distinct appearance.

It’s also useful because it can hold numerous vinyl records. The hairpin legs save room, making it excellent for tiny apartments. The distinctive placement of the vinyl record rack adds to the charm of the basic design.

16. BnE Studio Record Player Stand


A well-made and long-lasting record player shelf. It catches your attention due to its simplicity. 

This stand features a simple design with a range of finishing options to match your home decor and record player. The BnE Studio Record Player Stand is constructed of birch plywood and can hold about 70 vinyl LPs.

The best part is that this stand is both strong and functional. The shelves are extra-thick, so you won’t have to worry about putting a heavy turntable on top.

17. FuliaDesign Record Player Stand


This record player shelf is well-made and has a contemporary appearance. In comparison to other stands, the FuliaDesign stand is composed of wood and has less vinyl record space.

The construction is sturdy, and the hairpin legs provide a sophisticated touch to the look. This stand is ideal for persons who want to properly store a record player, amplifier, and vinyl records. In conclusion, this stand nails the aesthetic and efficiency while keeping everything orderly.

18. Nexera 101012 Jasper Audio Tower


The next record player shelf is a captivating one. Nexera’s Jasper Audio Tower 101012 is composed of high-quality CARB II/FSC Certified particle board and MDF components. It includes four shelves.

Vinyl records will not fit if all four shelves are evenly spaced in the unit. Fortunately, the shelves are movable and may be removed totally. The electronics were considered when designing the Jasper.

It is open in three places for simple cable access and to promote ventilation to protect your devices from overheating. This audio tower comes in two colors: truffle and biscotti and black. It was developed and constructed in Canada.

19. Darla’Studio 66 Antique Gray Stained Turntable Stand


The Darla’Studio 66 Antique Gray Stained Turntable Stand offers a distinct appearance.

This record player shelf looks like a box, with slats spaced slightly apart. It not only allows for ventilation, but it also provides space for a chord to run into the device.

Both are necessary if you intend to store electronic components on the bottom or middle shelves. Most people, though, will retain their turntable on the top shelf and their record collection on the bottom two.

Each shelf may accommodate around 60 discs. This record player cabinet is shown in a gorgeous gray stain, but it is also available in medium brown and in a greater frame with a third rack for more vinyl storage.

20. Line Phono Turntable Station


This record player shelf is handcrafted in the United States from 13-ply baltic birch for a sturdy structure and a work-bench look.

It’s surprisingly small for a machine that can hold up to 200 LPs and has a convenient shelf for accessories or a small amplifier, taking up only 2.6 square feet of floor space.

Record players or turntable stands are more compact than record cabinets or massive record player shelves, and this design is one of the more thoughtful methods we’ve seen on the market.

The side-access headphone hook is a useful space-saving feature.

21. Ryan Rove Hamlin Glass Component Stand


This record player shelf is a storage device that is intended to be versatile. It allows you to modify it to your own needs. Shelves may be rearranged or removed entirely.

They also have the option of adjusting the space between the shelves from 3 to 33 inches. It is built of strong metal tubing and thick tempered glass, and each shelf can hold 75 pounds.

It is created with an open space vibe in mind, which is ideal for storing amplifiers and other items.

They may get quite hot, which can be an issue in enclosed settings. All of the glass shelves have bevel edges.

Final Words

There are several options on the market for storing your record player. Which one is ideal for you is determined by your unique preferences and needs.

But, before you buy anything else consider our list of record player shelves as these are well crafted, stylish, and long-lasting products.

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