Modern Family ranks among one of the most popular sitcoms of all time. This show managed to stay on the air for many seasons without losing its hype. Even though the show is considered pretty consistent, there are some best Modern Family episodes.

Comedy is subjective, and it is hard to stay relevant and make people laugh. However, Modern Family proves that good writing and an extremely talented cast can easily pull that off. It even managed to win some awards during its life.

It has been three years since Modern Family aired its final episode. However, fans can’t stop themselves from rewatching the best Modern Family episodes. So, we have made these episodes more accessible.

We have picked the top 12 best Modern Family episodes. These episodes present the show at its peak.

Series Overview

Modern Family premiered on September 22, 2010. The show ran for 11 seasons, and it concluded in 2023. 

The show’s story revolves around three completely different but related families. We follow them as they go through various life challenges throughout their day and deal with them humorously. 

Best Modern Family Episodes

Modern Family consists of 250 episodes, and we are going to pick the best Modern Family episodes among these. Let’s kick off our list.

12. Season 10, Episode 22


The season 10 finale begins this list of the best Modern Family episodes. The latter seasons of Modern Family weren’t too amusing. However, season 10 made some new changes, and it all worked, especially the finale. 

In this episode, Haley and Dylan give birth to twins. The entire episode basically recalls all the birthdays they have celebrated over the years. It is quite sweet and comforting.

11. Season 7, Episode 18


The 18th episode of season 7 of Modern Family is titled “The Party.” This episode revolves around Manny and Luke, who have to babysit Lily; meanwhile, Jay and Cameron visit the bar to witness the big fight.

This episode is called one of the best Modern Family episodes. It has so much rewatchability potential. Moreover, it features some really memorable and humorous moments throughout its runtime.

10. Season 7, Episode 7


“Phil’s Sexy, Sexy House” is the 7th episode of the 7th season of Modern Family. The episode isn’t what its name sounds like. It revolves around Haley sneaking into Phill’s fancy house for some alone time, but some other people have the same plan.

This Thanksgiving-themed episode proves to be extremely funny. Overall, the entire episode is nearly perfect and deserves a spot on this list of the best Modern Family episodes. 

9. Season 4, Episode 2


Haley is off to school in the 2nd episode of season 4. Phil and Claire are quite emotional seeing their little girl get old enough for school. On the other hand, Manny isn’t too happy with Jay and Gloria and makes them attend a parenting class.

This episode is titled “Schooled,” and it perfectly captures the struggles of parents sending their children off to a school or college. It has the perfect blend of humor and emotion so it deserves a spot on our list of the best Modern Family episodes.

8. Season 1, Episode 15


“Funky Valentine” is next on our list of the best Modern Family episodes. It is the 15th episode of the first season. 

As you might’ve guessed, this is a Valentine’s Day-themed episode. Claire and Phill try to take things up a notch when Phill introduces his alter-ego, Clive Bixby. Their session of roleplay is cut short when Claire endures a wardrobe malfunction.

7. Season 1, Episode 9


Another entry from season 1 makes its way on our list of the best Modern Family episodes. Cameron wears his favorite clown outfit in this episode to help Luke celebrate his birthday. However, a succession of mishaps ends up in an injury.

This episode is titled “Fizbo,” and it is one of the earlier episodes that helped put this show on the map. Overall, it proves to be a great episode that delivers a box full of laughter.

6. Season 11, Episode 18


The last episode of any show is quite hard to pull off. However, Modern Family’s two-part finale proved to be quite satisfying. Especially the second part of this finale. This episode aired on May 15, 2020.

In this episode, one of Phill and Claire’s kids must move out as there isn’t enough space for all of them to live freely. On the other hand, Cam finally gets an offer from his dream job. This episode proves to be an emotional rollercoaster and is considered one of the best Modern Family episodes.

5. Season 6, Episode 24


“American Skyper” is the Modern Family’s season 6 finale. This episode sees Alex graduating from high school. Meanwhile, Phil discovers Andy and Haley’s affection, but he struggles with Skype while he is stuck inside Seattle. 

Season 6 wasn’t the strongest season of the show. However, as the saying goes, all’s well that ends well. This finale episode was great and helped win over some of the fans who got disappointed with the show during season 6.

4. Season 4, Episode 13


The 13th episode of season 4 is titled “Fulgencio.” In this episode, Jay and his mother-in-law argue about the baby’s name, Phil fails to fix his children’s problems, and Mitchell and Cameron strive to control Lily’s mannerisms.

This is one of the best Modern Family episodes. It is quite iconic, thanks to the Godfather-styled format of this episode. Seeing the creators experimenting with the show’s format and style is always enjoyable. 

3. Season 2, Episode 13


“Caught in the Act” is the next entry on our list of the best Modern Family episodes. This episode focuses on any parents’ worst nightmare; kids walking in on them while they’re doing the deed. 

In this episode, Phill and Claire’s children wanted to give their parents an anniversary surprise. However, they accidentally walk in on them, which results in a lot of embarrassment. There’s not a single dull moment throughout this episode, and you’ll thoroughly enjoy it.

2. Season 5, Episode 18


The 18th episode of season 5 is titled “Vegas.” This episode revolves around the adults traveling to Vegas as Jay hooks them up with premium accommodations. Every person is busy with their own misadventures in Vegas.

Travel episodes are always a treat to watch. There’s something so exciting about seeing the cast of our beloved show out in the wild. It seems as if we are traveling with them. The creators have used this effect to its maximum potential in this episode.

1. Season 6, Episode 16

Another entry from season 6 closes this list of the best Modern Family episodes. The 16th episode is titled “Connection Lost.” After a dispute with Haley, Claire is stranded at an airport and attempts to find her online.

As you might’ve noticed, the episodes that are presented in an unconventional manner always take the cake. Such is the case with this episode. “Connection Lost” takes the mockumentary format a step as the entire episode is presented solely through the screen of Claire’s laptop. The results are nothing short of hilarious.


So this was our list of the best Modern Family episodes. As is the case with all our rankings, these are based on public ratings and opinions so you have the right to disagree. However, if you plan to rewatch the show, these episodes will suffice.

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