Breaking Bad is the best show to be ever produced. There’s no debate about it. However, there’s a debate about which are the best Breaking Bad episodes. There aren’t any truly bad episodes of Breaking Bad, but some are exceptionally better than others.

Not many shows are able to achieve the success and fanbase that Breaking Bad achieved. The show’s biggest strength is its genius writing. This writing is what makes this show so special and engaging. Combine the writing with neat acting, and you have the best show on the planet.

But even if the show is good, there must be some episodes that are considered the best. That’s what we are going to find out today. We will discuss the top 10 best Breaking Bad episodes.

Series Overview

Breaking Bad premiered in 2008 on AMC. The show has a total of 62 episodes that have been divided across five seasons. 

It is a crime thriller show, and the story revolves around a chemistry teacher, Walter White, and his student, Jesse Pinkman. When Walter is diagnosed with cancer, he begins manufacturing and selling methamphetamine alongside Jesse to support his family financially.

Breaking Bad aired its last episode in 2013, and over 10 million people on TV watched it.

Best 10 Breaking Bad Episodes

Now that we have gone through the basic overview, let’s look at the best Breaking Bad episodes.

10. Season 4, Episode 10


The 4th season of Breaking Bad is where things really got serious for Walter and Jesse as Gus was introduced into their lives. The 10th episode of this season is titled “Salud.” It is one of the best Breaking Bad episodes due to the high stakes and satisfying payoff.

In this episode, Jesse, Gus, and Mike fly all the way to Mexico to cook their finest batch for Don Eladio’s cartel. However, the cartel is a little too impressed with Jesse’s skills, and they want him to stay there forever, which raises tension among them.

9. Season 3, Episode 7


The next entry on our list of the best Breaking Bad episodes comes from season 3 of the show. “One Minute” is the seventh episode of season 3. This episode centers around Jesse, and watching his side of the story is always a treat.

The episode revolves around Jesse, who is now in the hospital after Hank gave him a beating. He is now threatening to file charges against the DEA. To stop him, Walt intends to bring Jesse back as his partner.

8. Season 3, Episode 13


Another episode from season 3 has made its way to our list of the best Breaking Bad episodes. This time, it is the 13th episode which is titled “Full Measure.” This episode features Gus trying to invoke fear into Walt’s mind so he can keep him under his thumb.

Giancarlo Esposito as Gustavo Fring is irreplaceable. His performance is simply brilliant and unpredictable. Even you will feel intimidated by his deadly stare yet calm composure. His performance has so many layers, and this episode is one of its finest examples.

7. Season 5, Episode 5


“Dead Freight” is the 5th episode of season 5 of Breaking Bad. In this episode, Walt, Mike, and Jesse initiate their scheme to steal a rail car full of methylamine. However, they must acquire Todd’s help to achieve this feat.

This episode’s entire train heist sequence is really iconic. Apart from the thrilling and suspenseful robbery, the shock factor comes after the robbery is done. A young kid sees the crew as they collect their loot, but Todd remorselessly shoots him. This unexpected moment is the reason why this episode is considered one of the best Breaking Bad episodes.

6. Season 5, Episode 15


The penultimate episode of Breaking Bad’s final season is titled “Granite State.” This episode basically set up everything for the show’s finale. It provides us with a slow, gradual build-up toward the finale. It can be better described as “the calm before the storm.”

In this episode, we see that Walt has now assumed a new identity and is living all by himself. However, he needs Saul’s help to get his money back from Todd’s uncle. Meanwhile, Todd’s gang has imprisoned Jesse, who’s planning to break free from this living hell. 

5. Season 4, Episode 11


“Crawl Space” is the 11th episode of season 4 of Breaking Bad. This episode features one of the most iconic shots of the entire show, in which Walt is cynically laughing, which is quite unsettling to watch. This is why it is featured on this list of the best Breaking Bad episodes.

The episode revolves around Gus kidnapping Walt. He takes him to the middle of a desert and fires him. Not only that, but he also threatens to kill Walt and his family. This prompts Walter to consider Saul’s offer to change his identity and disappear. 

4. Season 5, Episode 13


The next entry on our list of the best Breaking Bad episodes is the 13th episode of season 5. “To’hajiilee” shows us an unlikely alliance between Jesse and Hank, who team up to take down Walt. However, Walt has also devised a plan to kill Jesse.

This entire episode will have you on the edge of your seat. There’s just so much going on, and the episode gets better as it progresses. Overall, it is indeed worthy of being included on this list of the best Breaking Bad episodes. 

3. Season 4, Episode 13


Breaking Bad’s season four finale takes the next spot on our list of the best Breaking Bad episodes. In this episode, Jesse is in trouble while the FBI interrogates him. Meanwhile, Walter begins his plan to take Gus down once and for all.

“Face Off” proves to be the perfect conclusion for Gustavo Fring. This episode is extremely iconic due to multiple reasons. The biggest reason is Gus Fring’s death sequence. It is so iconic and is also one of the most paused moments in the history of television. 

2. Season 5, Episode 16


“Felina” is the last episode of Breaking Bad. A show’s finale can be extremely tricky to pull off. There are a lot of expectations associated with it, and it must deliver a satisfying conclusion to years of story and character development.

Thankfully, Vince Gilligan made sure to deliver the best season finale of any show out there. The episode sees Walt returning to his hometown to exact revenge on Todd’s gang. He also frees Jesse during this effort, which shows that he never thought any less of him. This episode is simply phenomenal. 

1. Season 5, Episode 14


Another episode from season 5 concludes our list of the best Breaking Bad episodes. In this episode, Jesse gets kidnapped while Walt is on the run. Marie persuades Skyler to tell Walter Jr. the truth. 

This episode is simply a masterpiece. The character development, the suspense, and the intense storyline combine together to deliver a powerful and emotional punch. This is not only the best Breaking Bad episode but the best episode of any TV show to ever air.


There can’t be another show like Breaking Bad. Every little detail about this show is worth discussing and talking about. So, if you’re planning to rewatch the show at its peak, then watch all of these best Breaking Bad episodes.

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