In this article, we are going to talk about how you can play music on discord. With our discussion, you will find everything you need to know on how to play music in discord.

What is Discord and How Does it Work?

Discord is a free chat service that allows gamers to connect with each other. People can also use it for music, as it has a built-in voice chat service and an app for music streaming.

For many PC gamers, Ventrilo and TeamSpeak are their go-to choices for chatting during multiplayer matches. Unfortunately, these solutions require paying a subscription fee—or at least having enough cash to fork over for an expensive headset/microphone combo where Discord is absolutely free.

It also works on Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, Linux, and even Chrome OS. That means no matter what kind of computer you use to play games or where you might play from (your home desktop or laptop versus someone else’s house), everyone will hear everyone else clearly. Today, Discord has become the hottest gaming application nowadays. Millions of people are using this app daily to stay connected with their friends while they are having fun in their favorite games.

There are some things you should know about playing music in this way, which we will discuss below.

What do I need to play music in Discord?

First, we’ll need a computer. Second, a good mic that can pick up your voice. Third, a headset with a mic on it. We’re also going to need an account on Discord and some songs that you want to play while you talk. That’s it! If you have those things ready, then you can play music on Discord!

How Do I Play Music on Discord?

If you’re looking for a comprehensive guide on how to play music on Discord, look no further. Here we will walk you through every step of getting music playing.

First up is installing a bot. Next, we will make sure your music files are properly set up so they work with Discord.

After that, we will walk you through multiple methods of playing songs via your voice command or GUI interface. Lastly, we discuss various methods of organizing your songs by genre or artist, depending on your needs. So let’s get started!

Setting Up Discord

Launching Discord for Windows is as simple as downloading it from their website. Then double-clicking on its executable file.

The program starts with a wizard guiding you through your setup.

First, select which type of account you’re creating (i.e., individual or business).

Then, provide an email address and password to create your account.

Once your account is set up, it’s time to log in and start using Discord.

Creating a Bot for Music Playback

A bot is a software that can automate certain tasks. It can be programmed to perform a variety of tasks, such as playing music in Discord, managing tasks, and more. Creating a bot for Discord is easy and you don’t need any programming skills to do so. All you need is a text editor and a terminal application. Downloading both tools is free and should only take about five minutes of your time
How to Play Music in Discord on different Platforms?

How to Play Music in Discord on Android

If you are looking for a way to play music in Discord on Android, there is a plethora of ways. Let’s follow the popular way below.

  • If your exploitation associate degree Android device, you’ll be able to choose a Discord larva from the website.
  • Once you’re there, here’s what you wish to try to next: Hit the “Music” tab to find out the list of accessible music bots. several foremost widespread choices area unit Sinon, MedalBot, and Astolfo.
  • Press “View” to search out a lot of a few specific larva and faucet the “Invite” button on the larva you would like to feature.
  • Log in to your Discord account. this may direct you to the bot’s website wherever you’ll got to choose a server wherever you would like to play music.
  • Tap “Authorize” and therefore the “I’m not a robot” box, that installs the larva to your Discord account.
  • Choose the server on which you are attracting the larva from the list of servers in Discord.
  • Join a voice channel and enter the command that tells the larva to play the music. You’ll be able to notice the commands on the bot’s website.

How to Play Music in Discord on iPhone

Yes, you can play music in Discord on your iPhone and it’s actually really easy to do. The only catch is that your iPhone needs to be connected via Wi-Fi, not cellular data. To get started, tap on your profile picture at the top of a chat window. From there, tap on Playing Music and choose a song from your library or search for new music using Shazam!

Let’s see another way,

  1. The MEE6 larva is a superb selection for taking part in music in Discord on your iPhone. to line it up, take the subsequent steps:
  2. Go to MEE6’s web site and log in to your Discord account. Authorize the larva to enter your account.
  3. Choose the server to that you would like to feature the larva Tap “Plugins” and press “Music.” If this operate was antecedently disabled, faucet on “Add.”
  4. Launch Discord and be a part of a voice channel. Type “!search” and enter the song or creative person. The larva can list the results.
  5. Enter the quantity of the song and add it to your list. Type “!play” to start out paying attention to music.

Playing music using a Discord Web App

Discord offers a web app and desktop client you can use to play music on your server. The web app is more limited, but it’s still fairly easy to figure out how playlists and songs work together. If you want more control over how music plays through Discord, you will need to set up a bot using a custom server or by using an existing service like SoundCloud.

Playing music on Discord Mobile App

You can play music on mobile while browsing through your friends’ profiles, or while talking with friends. The app will let you choose between 2 different music services: Deezer and Spotify. With Deezer, you can also choose to add a specific album from your account library, but it won’t let you search for anything else.

Playing music through Discord Desktop app

How you play music through a Discord desktop app? It is easy just to click and play! There are two methods for playing music through Discord. The easiest way is using a program called AutoVoice. It will read whatever you type into Discord. The second method is by connecting SoundCloud, Spotify, or any other online player to your Discord channel.

Google Chrome extension for playing music in Discord

Using a free Google Chrome extension called Streamus, you can play music from YouTube or SoundCloud right within your Discord chat. It’s perfect for listening to music with friends while gaming or chatting! Streamus is extremely easy to use and works on any PC that runs Google Chrome. Once you’ve added it, just visit its website and look for a Discord icon where you can enable audio from YouTube or SoundCloud. Then go back into your Discord server, find yourself a new room, and get ready for some tunes!

How to play music in Discord Using a Microphone

Discord is an app for voice and text chats among gamers. Users can use Discord to speak to other gamers that are on the same server as them. It is possible to play music in Discord through a mic if you have a set of headphones with a mic built into them or if you have an external microphone. To play music in Discord in your mic, follow these steps:

1) Make sure the volume on your computer and on your headset is turned up so that you can hear it.

2) Press the “Play” button on the left side of the top bar.

3) Choose which song you want to listen to by clicking on it and then press “Play.”

4) Press “Play” again when you’re done listening to music.

Playing music in a Discord call, Possible!

Discord is a communication platform that are used for gamers to chat and play together. It’s pretty easy to play music while on a call with friends on Discord.

First, start playing some tunes on your favorite music player or streaming service.

Then jump into a Discord voice channel with your friends and use one of these nifty commands: !start, !pause, or !stop. That’s it! Enjoy your tunes while you chat away.

Keep in mind that some music services may not work with these commands. Because of distinct features on each service (for example, YouTube videos will start playing automatically). If you’re having trouble getting it working on a certain service, try using their own app for playing music instead.

Most FAQs about Paying Music in Discord:

Is it legal to play music through Discord?

As long as you do not violate copyright laws, playing music in Discord is legal. Playing your own music or that of a friend for friends and family is allowed under fair use rights.

For example, if your family member has a birthday party on Discord and you play their favorite song over voice chat, you will not be breaking any laws. Keep in mind though that playing copyrighted music without permission can get you into trouble.

Is it possible for a bot to play music in a group or private chat?

This is a trickier question. It’s entirely dependent on your goal. If you want to play music in a group or private call, there are bots that can help facilitate that action—but if you’re looking for a bot that can give you music without asking, then things get pretty complicated. In truth, not even your friends have a bot that can spontaneously pop on with music and serenade everyone in its ear.

How to play Spotify playlist on Discord groovy?

You can play music in Discord using your personal playlists from Spotify or SoundCloud. The method below will work for both of these services and is available across multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux). Using other music services such as Google Play Music may require different instructions. Note: Your song file needs to be named correctly before you add it here; try a Google search like ‘how do I rename a file’ if you don’t know how.

How to invite someone to listen to Spotify on Discord?

Inviting friends on Discord is super easy! On your Friends list, you can click on your friend’s profile picture and choose Invite to listen together with them from Spotify. Select a song from your library, or play a playlist you’ve created. Then boom! You are now listening together. This feature is available for free accounts and premium subscribers.

How to Add a Music Bot to Discord?

If you want to add music bot to Discord, there are a few steps you need to follow.

1. The first thing you need to do is install Discord music bot on your PC or Mac.

2. You then need to install the bot on your server by going into the server settings and adding the bot as an app.

3. You then need to set up the bot by following these steps: -Find a song that you want played in Discord

-Type in “!song” followed by the song’s name.

-Type in “!play” followed by the name of the song.

Playing Voice Manipulated Song in the Chat, possible?

Discord is a good example, as it allows you to use voice manipulator with its platform. You can either download a voice altering software for mac and host it on your personal server, or find someone who already did it and add them as a friend. Once you’ve downloaded one of these voice manipulators (or both), open up Discord and enter into a voice chat room, but before you hit that big giant open mic button, set some basic settings.

Playing music with mee6

Mee6 is a free service that lets you communicate with people all over the world. You can play games, chat and listen to music together. You can also meet new friends, become part of outstanding communities or just have fun and relax.

Mee6 has several voice channels for each topic you like, where thousands of members are waiting for you. So what are you waiting for? Join mee6 now!

Using Dyno bot in Discord, how do you play music?

Discord is a great tool that allows you play music from various sources such as youtube and soundcloud. we will show you how to use Dyno bot on your Discord server for your custom music, or even youtube and soundcloud links! all you need is a bot account (Discord’s version of a facebook page) dyno bot (available on github), and some cool music links. so let’s get started!

How to play music in Discord with Probot?

While there’s no dedicated music bot, you can play music on a dedicated channel by adding a ProBoards bot and linking it to an external player like YouTube or SoundCloud. To set up your channel for this feature, follow these steps

How to play music in Discord with Hydra?

If you don’t know, Hydra is a music bot for Discord. But, one of its features is that it plays songs from your local library so you don’t have to use YouTube. This can be done by doing two things. The first thing is to get Hydra up and run on your computer. The second thing is getting your music onto hydra.

How to Play Music in Discord Without a Bot?

If you just want a simple way to play music in your voice channels, there are a couple of native options. Just head into your settings > permissions and check off Playback under Voice Setting and click save. From then on, you can search for any YouTube video or audio file on Google Drive and add it to a voice channel by clicking on Add Media > Audio. You can also embed Spotify links directly from Spotify’s website into voice channels by adding them as Playable Links from within your player account settings. It’s not quite as easy as using a bot, but it gets the job done if you don’t have access to one.

What is the story behind the Discord platform?

The developers initially created discord at Hammer & Chisel in May 2015 and has since grown to become one of the most popular gaming platforms out there. Microsoft later gained the company in 2017, which is why you may have heard of Discord as Xbox Live’s official text and voice chat client. People mainly used discord for gaming purposes, but we can also use it for music streaming.

What are the best voice channels for music?

Playing music over voice chat is a great way to add ambiance or provide some background entertainment during your video game sessions. You might want high-quality audio for an online radio station, or maybe you prefer a simple jukebox. Either way, there are multiple channels available on Discord. Here are our picks.

Are there any extra options available on Discord?

There are a variety of add-ons for specific purposes, including commands for playing music. With these add-ons, you can choose a song from your personal collection and have it played over voice chat channels within your guild or server. Sometimes, these will even play across multiple servers at once. If you’re looking for an easy way to play music through your Discord chat channel, consider installing one of these on each of your devices.

Can you add tracks from SoundCloud, YouTube or Spotify?

Yes. All you need is a URL of a YouTube or Spotify song and it will appear on your channel. To play SoundCloud songs, you must have a SoundCloud account, but if you don’t, create one for free. There are also links available to download music directly onto your computer and add them manually to your channel using the Add Files section of your server settings. You can only upload five files at a time with one GB limit per file, however.

Can I play Pandora on Discord?

Yes, you can play Pandora on Discord. In fact, you can play any music in Discord with a little of extra work. Simply paste one of our Spotify or YouTube URLs into your favorite media player, add some search terms and enjoy! (Another option is to use an app that integrates directly with Discord.)

What happened to Groovy and Rythm?

Groovy and Rythm area unit widespread bots that allow users hear music on their servers. Sadly, as of Gregorian calendar month of 2022, each bots aren’t any longer operational. You’ll still add them to your servers, however the music functions area unit disabled. At this point there’s no word whether the 2 widespread bots can create a comeback. But you’ll add them to your servers and keep checking for practicality sporadically.


Discord’s not just for gaming. It can also be used as a music-streaming tool by finding and joining an existing server or creating your own. You can create playlists on sites like SoundCloud, use apps like 8tracks, or stream from Spotify. The choice is yours!

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