Today, we are hereby listing some of the best songs about snow. You can’t help but smile when the snow falls and the roads get treacherous.

Nothing beats a new coat of white to make everything appear brighter.

Snow can be lovely when viewed through the window from the comfort and warmth of your own home.

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to spend this great season with the people you care about, and the appropriate music may help you get into the holiday spirit.

If you’re expecting a blizzard or are already stranded at home due to one, it’s time to put down your shovel and listen to a playlist of snow-themed songs.

These songs, whether happy or sad, will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside! Lets jump to our list of best songs about snow.

24 best songs about snow

SnowRed hot chilli peppers

Let’s start with a very obvious song about snow to include in  this list. Despite the fact that the song title does not contain the word “snow,” this is terrific music for drifting away in your winter paradise.

And if that isn’t reason enough to include it on this list, Anthony Kiedis’ breathy vocals on this track are, to say the least, tempting!

It’s also a great song to listen to while hurling snowballs at random strangers during a snowball fight.

Fifteen feet of pure white snowNick cave and the bad seeds

This doomy blues elegy appears to be about more than simply a cold spell; we’re talking nuclear winter.

All of Nick’s friends, it seems, forgot their mittens and are now buried alive beneath the white stuff—no big issue.

This is one to listen to while staring out the window at the accumulation with a drink of whiskey in hand.

“It’s getting too quiet in here, and I’m starting to freeze 

I’ve got icicles hanging from my knees 

 Under 15 feet of pristine white snow”

I’ve got my love to keep me warmBillie holiday

It doesn’t always matter how filthy the weather is outside:

You’ll be OK as long as you have a few key things on hand—a lovely pot of soup, some whiskey, maybe a really fantastic book—you’ll be fine.

This Irving Berlin song about snow highlights what may be the most vital thing to have on hand during a blizzard: another warm person to cozy up to.

“What does it matter how much it rains?

 I’ve got my love to keep me warm.”

Winter in AmericaGil scott-heron

As wretched as you may feel while sloshing around the streets or snowed in at home, it pales in comparison to the despair Gil must have felt in 1974 while writing this bleakest of national images, which equates the failures of the civil-rights and peace movements to an endless deep freeze.

“And no one’s battling 

 ‘Cause no one understands what to save.”

White winter hymnalFleet foxes

Growing up and going through the adolescent years teach you a lot of lessons that are never easy.

The theme of ‘White Winter Hymnal’ is wanting to fit in.

This ostensibly morbid song about snow is about the singer’s youth.

He used to hang out with a bunch of buddies who went on to do some questionable things as they grew older.

The singer struggled to adjust to their new lifestyles when they parted ways.

Some of the catchy lyrics to me goes-

“I was following the pack

All swallowed in their coats

With scarves of red tied ’round their throats

To keep their little heads

From fallin’ in the snow

And I turned ’round and there you go

And Michael, you would fall and,

turn the white snow red as strawberries

In the summertime”

Fifty words for snowKate bush

It’s not only wonderful to watch snow, but it’s also pretty fascinating.

Each snowflake is one-of-a-kind, and each one is exceptional.

What’s the point of not writing a song about it?

The singer was intrigued by the idea that Inuit Eskimos have 50 phrases for snow, so she made her own list.

It includes some true synonyms as well as others of her own invention.

Velvet snowKings of leon

If you want to feel a blizzard in the shape of a song, ‘Velvet Snow’ is your best bet.

When it gets too chilly, the best thing you can do is keep your blood moving and your body warm.

Is there anything better than dancing for that?

This music will jolt you awake and make you giddy with delight.

SnowblindBlack Sabbath

Ozzy isn’t singing about photokeratitis, but rather a condition induced by another type of fluffy white powder (the moment where he exclaims “Cocaine!” is a dead giveaway).

Nonetheless, head pounding to Tony Iommi’s big riff should keep you warm no matter how cold it gets.

“My eyes are blind, yet I can see 

 Snowflakes sparkle on the tree.”

While i shovel the snowThe walkmen

The thing about snow in New York City is this:

Within a day of a storm passing through, it becomes unpleasant and mushy.

But what about the first several hours, when the snow is falling and gently settling onto the ground?

We doubt you’ll find a more magnificent sight.

The Walkmen masterfully capture this in the video for this single from their 2010 album Lisbon, in which the band meanders through Brooklyn Bridge Park during one of those beautiful NYC snowstorms.

This song about snow itself has a chilly air to it, with only a sparse guitar line propelling it along.

A hazy shade of winterSimon & garfunkel

“Time, time, look what’s become of me,” Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel lament in the first stanza of this 1966 song.

Winter, in this scenario, serves as an analogy for the loss of youth and the hope it represents.

Winter is a season when hope is lost; spring, with its promise of renewal, is when you may be able to sense a glimpse of happiness once more.

“Look around 

 The leaves are brown 

 And the sky is a hazy winter shade”

The ice of bostonDismemberment plan

Winter stinks, but being alone in a city you don’t know on New Year’s Eve?

That’s a tremendous bummer.

Love lost appears to be a popular theme for snow songs, and this song by the Washington, D.C., indie-rockers brilliantly captures those feelings of rejection and loneliness (and how cold exacerbates them a thousand times).


 The ice in Boston is dirty and does not reflect light 

 Day or night 

 And I slip on it every time.”

Snow (bombs over Baghdad)Outkast

This song, as the title suggests, employs snow as a metaphor for bombs falling from the sky.

This makes it an excellent sound to listen to while you prepare to go outdoors and construct a snowman.

Or go sledding at your favorite ski resort!

Whatever makes your heart sing.

Guest vocalist Sleepy Brown contributes calm vocals to the tune, which adds to the chill element.

This makes it ideal for securing your snowshoes.

Roses from snowEmmylou harris

This is a bittersweet song about snow because it is about love, yet the beloved has died away.

It was primarily memories that gave them the impression that they had plenty of sun in December.

It extols the reassuring power of pure, innocent love.

She has memories to cherish after her boyfriend has passed away.

Lyrics in the chorus goes as

“Our love was like a burning ember

It warmed us as a golden glow

We had sunshine in December

And threw our roses in the snow”

Angels in the snowElliot smith

Is there anything more enticing than a winter romance?

Winter is the most romantic season, and the fortunate among us will be able to enjoy it with the person we love.

This lovely acoustic song is about lying down in the snow near your loved one.

Everything tends to feel good when it happens with the right person, even if it’s laying on a bed of ice.

Fox in the snowBelle & sebastian

Winter can be lonely because of the cold, darkness, and long evenings.

The themes of loneliness and missed opportunities are explored in this song.

The song is about a hungry and chilly fox, a girl who finds refuge in literature, and a kid who rides his bicycle till his legs hurt.

Finally, they present a ray of optimism with a child playing in the snow, making the most of the opportunity he has.

Let it snow! Let it snow! – Frank sinatra

One of the most well-known snow songs, and the first one most of us will listen to when the weather turns cold.

Despite the fact that there is no mention of Christmas in the song, Frank Sinatra’s masterpiece has become an anthem for our beloved holiday season.

It commemorates snowfall and all of the delight it offers.

It makes you want to curl up with a cup of hot chocolate and watch a snow blizzard.

White wonderlandRed Garland

Although this song isn’t necessarily about snow, it does have a “bright white world” vibe to it.

In other words, even on the darkest winter day, you’ll be bopping along to this peppy melody.

This makes it ideal for your daily drive to work or school when the skies are grey.

There is a sort of  guarantee it will make you happy!

It’s also worth noting that the song is full of excitement and mischief, making it ideal for playing when you want to channel your inner child and spend the day building an enormous snow fort.

In the bleak midwinterGustav holst

This musical arrangement is based on a traditional Christmas carol written by Gustav Holst in 1901.

It has a mournful melody and lyrics that depict the winter season wonderfully.

The song expresses how dreary and dark everything appears at this time of year, yet it also conveys a message of optimism for the future.

The song is slow and gloomy, making it ideal for curling up by the fire on a cold winter night.

Frosty the snowmanRay conniff

This is one of the most popular Christmas songs written by Steve Nelson and Walter Rollins in 1950.

It tells the narrative of Frosty, the snowman, who comes to life one day and has a great time before melting away.

The song is bright and joyful, ideal for getting you in the festive spirit.

It’s also simple to sing along to, which is always a plus.

Winter wonderlandElla fitzgerald

“Winter Wonderland” shows us how winter may be chilly but lovely at times, with snowflakes falling all around us. We shouldn’t let our spirits dwindle simply because there isn’t much sun outdoors.

Instead of dreading what is ahead, we should embrace this time of year as one filled with wonder:

 “In here there’ll always be laughter

And love will never fade…”

Winter soundsOf monsters and men

Winter noises, in this scenario, represent the narrator’s mental health problems.

The lyrics describe a cycle of tension and frigid comfort.

It’s already been established that winter makes the majority of individuals feel down and melancholy at some time.

The lyrics also contain hints of a codependent relationship.

Let it goIdina menzel

Elsa, the snow and ice princess from Disney’s Frozen, embraces her potentially hazardous powers in this 2013 power ballad rather than hiding them.

“Let It Go” is a self-acceptance song in which Elsa abandons the shackles of being the perfect girl in favor of becoming a stronger, more true person as it goes in the song- 

“The cold never bothered me anyway”.

ThIS song about snow was nominated for both a Grammy and an Oscar for Best Original Song.

If we make it through decemberMerle haggard

It’s difficult to be optimistic while the wolf howls outside your door.

The lonely, desperate man in this country crossover song from 1973, on the other hand, fights for what little hope he can find.

He was put off from his industrial job during the “coldest period of winter,” and Christmas is quickly approaching.

The narrator chills from the falling snow and apologizes to his small daughter for not like this time of year.

As he does so, you have to wonder what difficult financial decisions he is facing.

December is a low time for the family, and he believes that if they can make it through the bitterly cold month, a brighter future awaits them.

Snowstorm AgainPolina gagarina

In this list so far, we have talked about some of the wonderful English songs about snow and winter. Just to get a different flavour of snow, I want to include a song in a different language.

This is a song by a Russian singer by the name of Polina Gagarina. This song mainly focuses on the yearning of a beloved one. The separated pair’s love reignites on a day when a snowstorm occurs when their past sufferings come flooding. Even on a brief snowy day the moment of love feels elongated . As the lyrics point out something like-

“Snowstorm again

And the past suffers in darkness

Snowstorm again

Two eternals connected in one short day”

Final Thoughts

White is the color of purity or innocence. Whenever it snows the nature turn its color into white and claim its innocence. No wonder snow brings calmness and plots the light of hope to our mind with its appealing brightness.

Let us know in the comment section which of the songs about snow has touched your mind the most. Also, let us know about your favourite songs about snow that might not present in this list. We would love to hear them also.

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