It is hard to believe that December is upon us already. This means it is time to get into the holiday spirit, and what better way than to watch the best Christmas movies on Netflix? Since it is the most used streaming service worldwide, more people will find this list useful.

We know we have already covered our favorite Christmas movies, but we will be specifically focusing on movies on Netflix this time. You will be surprised to know that Netflix actually has a really huge collection of Christmas movies.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your eggnog and get comfy to watch our favorite top 15 best Christmas movies on Netflix. 

Best Christmas Movies On Netflix

In addition to the traditional family-friendly and heartwarming Christmas movies, we have also included some alternative options on this list of the best Christmas movies on Netflix. 

Moreover, we are aware that these movies aren’t masterpieces, but it doesn’t really matter during the Christmas season. Let’s jump right into it.

15. Elf (2003)

We are starting off our list of the best Christmas movies on Netflix with Elf. You’re surely missing out if you haven’t watched Elf at least once on Christmas. This movie is a nostalgic comfort film for many people.

In this movie, Buddy, a human, is raised at the North Pole alongside elves. However, once he grows up, he realizes that he is not an elf, and he heads to New York to look for his biological father. It turns out his father is really grumpy and is definitely against the Christmas spirit.

Elf retells the classic story of A Christmas Carol in its own way. Sure the plot is predictable if you have seen other similar movies. However, you will be laughing hysterically throughout the movie.  This movie might not be available in the US, but you can change your Netflix region and enjoy it.

14. The Polar Express (2004)

The Polar Express is another timeless classic when it comes to the best Christmas movies on Netflix. This animated adventure movie revolves around a teenager who gets on the Polar Express to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.

It is quite beautiful to see as he learns about friendship, bravery, and the true meaning of the holiday and its spirit. Polar Express uses a unique art style that was quite popular during that era of animated movies. The visuals are simply stunning.

Aside from the art style, you will instantly fall in love with all the characters in this film. Director Robert Zemeckis manages to create the perfect Christmas atmosphere throughout this film. It is definitely one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix.

13. Holidate (2020)

Holidate is the perfect romantic movie for couples. In this movie, Sloane and Jackson meet by chance at a store return counter. Tired of nightmarish dates and intrusive relatives throughout the holidays, they agree to meet as a couple during the holidays to make life bearable.

However, despite scoffing at romantic cliches, their relationship gradually develops into something more than just platonic friends. Watching their relationship grow throughout the movie is really wholesome and heartwarming.

Christmas is the time to relax and enjoy something easy to watch. Holidate is not a masterpiece by all means, but it is really funny, enjoyable, and quite romantic. All these elements make it one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix.

12. Let It Snow (2019)

Let It Snow is the next entry on our list of the best Christmas movies on Netflix. This movie takes place on Christmas Eve when a snowfall strikes a tiny midwestern town. It brings together a group of high school kids.

As the story progresses, their friendships and love lives eventually collide, and nothing will be the same on Christmas morning. Even though this film has all the elements of a cliche rom-com, it is actually entertaining. 

The film is worth seeing for the performances and feel-good moments. Let It Snow has the potential to be the perfect comfort movie for you, so don’t miss out on it.

11. The Holiday Calendar (2018)

Let’s take a little break from simple rom-com movies for now. The next entry on this list of the best Christmas movies on Netflix is The Holiday Calendar. It incorporates elements of fantasy and drama alongside romance.

In this movie, a struggling but talented photographer receives an antique holiday advent calendar, the contents of which appear to predict the future. However, this amazing calendar might be the key for her to fall in love with the festive season.

The Holiday Calendar is a cute movie. It has many heartwarming moments and a decent enough storyline to keep you hooked. You can definitely enjoy this flick with your family over Christmas Eve, and you won’t regret it.

10. The Knight Before Christmas (2019)

Another fantasy movie is making its way to our list of the best Christmas movies on Netflix. The Knight Before Christmas tells the story of a medieval knight who is teleported to the modern timeline and falls in love with a high school science teacher who has lost her faith in love.

This movie has a very unique narrative in terms of Christmas movies. It might not be free from cheesy romance, but at least it is a unique cheesy romance. The Knight Before Christmas doesn’t take itself too seriously, and neither should you.

Overall, it is a genuinely charming and fun movie to watch. You should definitely add it to your list of the best Christmas movies on Netflix during this holiday season.

9. Operation Christmas Drop (2020)

Now we are truly taking a break from traditional rom-com movies. Operation Christmas Drop revolves around Erica, who is entrusted with closing the US Air Force base in Guam, while Andrew, the Air Force captain, tries to persuade her not to.

Operation Christmas Drop is based on some true events, but the movie tells these events from a fictional account. It is quite refreshing to watch a new kind of Christmas movie that also depicts what happens in real life.

Moreover, the on-screen chemistry of Kat and Alexanders (playing Erica and Andrew, respectively) is simply breathtaking. So if you’re looking for something different, then Operation Christmas Drop is one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix.

8. Midnight at the Magnolia (2020)

Midnight at the Magnolia is a very sweet and warming movie. It is the type of movie that you might overlook, but it is definitely worth a watch. The plot of this movie revolves around two friends, Maggie and Jack, who are local radio broadcasters. 

Maggie and Jack are both dropped just before a big event, so Jack recommends they pretend to be a couple and reveal the news to their listeners during a midnight kiss on New Year’s Eve.

Midnight at the Magnolia is cute, fun, and really entertaining. The acting performances are charming, and the story is really interesting. The movie lacks some direction, but overall it will keep you entertained.

7. Deliver By Christmas (2020)

Deliver By Christmas is a comedy movie. In this film, Josh, a single father with a small boy, has recently come to town. He meets Molly, a local bakery owner. However, Molly is captivated by a mystery client of her bakery whom she has never met in person. 

The story of two strangers slowly falling in love isn’t original, but how this trope is portrayed in this movie makes it quite magical. This movie is really funny and uplifting in many ways.

If you are in the mood to watch something light and enjoyable, then Deliver By Christmas is one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix for your taste.

6. Pottersville (2017)

Pottersville is a comedy movie with a unique concept. It tells the story of a local businessman named Maynard. During a drunken joyride around town in a handmade gorilla suit, he is mistaken for the famous Bigfoot.

The sightings sparked an international Bigfoot media frenzy and a flood of tourism cash for a struggling little American community. It’s a strange storyline, but if you’re prepared to jump on board and go for the trip, it’s a lot of fun.

Pottersville features a lot of dumb humor, and that is what makes it stand out. It embraces its uniqueness and gives us a really good experience. 

5. The Christmas Chronicles (2019)

The Christmas Chronicles is a fantasy adventure movie. If you have ever wanted to see Kurt Russel as a badass Santa Claus, then this is the movie for you. 

This film tells the story of two siblings, Kate and Teddy Pierce, who planned to film Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. However, their innocent plan turns into an unexpected adventure that most youngsters can only dream of.

You probably wouldn’t have many expectations while watching this movie, but it will exceed whatever small expectations you had. It features one of the best portrayals of Santa. Moreover, it contains enough comedy for both children and adults.

4. Love Hard (2021)

Love Hard is a love story with a twist. In this movie, an unfortunate Los Angeles lady meets an East Coast guy on a dating service and resolves to surprise him for the holidays, only to find out she’s been catfished. This fun romantic comedy follows her attempts to find love.

The concept of this film is quite enjoyable. If you thought your online dating experience was wild, you’d actually feel better about yourself after watching this movie. It’s a pleasant, enjoyable film with terrific performances by Nina Dobrev and Jimmy O. Yang.

Overall, Love Hard is definitely one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix. It is a one-of-a-kind rom-com with really lovable characters.

3. Klaus (2019)

In terms of animated movies, nothing embraces the Christmas spirit more than Klaus. This beautifully animated movie revolves around Jesper, a self-centered postman who is compelled by his father to relocate to Smeerensburg.

In this town, Jesper befriends toymaker Klaus, and their presents reconcile an age-old quarrel while delivering a sled full of seasonal traditions.

Klaus is a delightfully fresh take on an old story. It’s a touching story with a positive message about generosity, with gorgeously distinctive animation, engaging characters, and a brilliant narrative. Klaus is a must-watch because it is definitely one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix.

2. Violent Night (2022)

Violent Night was released just a while ago and has the potential to become one of the best Christmas movies on Netflix. This is quite a different Christmas movie than all the others on this list. If you thought Kurt Russel’s Santa was badass, then make way for David Harbour’s take on Santa.

On Christmas Eve, a squad of skilled mercenaries bursts into a rich family estate and holds the family hostage. However, the squad isn’t expecting who’s about to put their names on the naughty list. Santa Claus has arrived at the scene and must save the day.

I never expected to say this about a Christmas movie, but the fighting sequences in this movie are simply amazing. As Santa, David Harbour gives an outstanding performance. Overall, it is a solid and quirky Christmas movie to enhance your evening. 

Even though this movie isn’t currently released on Netflix but it is set to be released on the platform very soon.

1. A Very Murray Christmas (2015)

When you think of Sofia Coppola, jolly Christmas specials don’t really come to your mind. However, she teamed up with Bill Murray to bring us this genius Christmas special. Bill plays himself and is concerned that no one will attend his TV show because of a massive snowstorm in New York City.

A Very Murray Christmas is extremely impactful despite being barely an hour long. It has the perfect blend of emotions, comedy, and warm, cozy feelings associated with Christmas movies.

If you look at the cast of this Christmas special, it will be easy for you to understand why it is ranked among the best Christmas movies on Netflix. You should definitely watch this gem, and you won’t be disappointed.


So this concludes our list of the best Christmas movies on Netflix. We hope you have a blast on your holidays, and if you incorporate these Christmas movies, then it’ll just get enhanced.

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