A dystopia is often a fictional setting where a cruel society is in charge and causes widespread misery. Most dystopian films depict either a thoroughly disorganized post-apocalyptic world or a highly organized authoritarian society. They disengage from the present and thereby stimulate the imagination. But unlike fantasy, dystopias have a strange quality that makes them alarmingly familiar. Contemporary reality serves as the basis for these fictitious horrors. We can acknowledge that a quasi-dystopia may be just a few technical advancements, authoritarian regimes, or catastrophic disasters away. Recently, dystopian films have become quite popular. These dystopian movies on Netflix are fascinating to watch because they offer a peek at a possible world that we would never choose to live in.

Recently, a wide range of dystopian movies have been produced, which may reflect contemporary concern about the direction the world could be headed. Here are 10 excellent dystopian films available on Netflix right now, some of which are brand-new:

Top 10 Dystopian Movies on Netflix That You Will Love

Here is our list of dystopian movies on Netflix. We have also explained why you will love these dystopian movies on Netflix.

1. Mad Max & Mad Max 2 (1981)

The first two movies in George Miller’s hugely popular Mad Max series were these ones. You will find them the most interesting dystopian movies on Netflix. They are renowned dystopian action thrillers where both the plot and the action are thrilling. The first movie takes place in Australia shortly after the 1973 oil crisis. It envisions a dystopian society that disintegrates due to a severe lack of resources. In the second movie, the old society has entirely collapsed, leaving behind a post-apocalyptic world.

As Max (Mel Gibson) makes his way through a society where brutality has taken over, we follow his deadly exploits. This hypothetical future is just as dismal as the wasteland where Mad Max takes place. The horrific action scenes and performances are mostly what keep the movies alive. But the clever concept that gives the movie its weird and frightening mood is also a fantastic component. It takes creativity to make a movie that conveys so much via such a minimal story. Once you will watch these, you will feel they are the best dystopian movies on Netflix.

2. 2049 Blade Runner (2017)

The follow-up to the revolutionary Blade Runner (1982) film, whose director is Denis Villeneuve, is nothing short of a masterpiece. It deserves to be in the list of top dystopian movies on Netflix. While staying true to the older film’s ideas and tones, it advances, broadens, explores, and even alters it. It takes place in 2049, 30 years after the first movie. K (Ryan Gosling) is a “blade runner”—an officer who murders errant “replicants,” or bioengineered people. He discovers a significant secret on a mission that might undermine civilization.

The plot’s unpredictable nature and the scope of its concepts are mind-boggling. Blade Runner 2049 is magnificent in every way, from the directing, editing, and acting to the production design and cinematography. The visual creativity is very interesting; each frame has a profound psychological impact and is immersive. The apocalyptic setting, the surrealistic aesthetic, and the moving musical score make this movie more than simply a terrific experience to see. It is a very philosophical sci-fi movie that examines what it means to be a real person. If you are planning to watch dystopian movies on Netflix, it should be your preference.

3. Okja (2017)

Okja, Bong Joon-dystopian ho’s vision, is more unsettling since it seems more like the present than it does the future. Putting aside absurd comedic exaggerations and successfully transformed monsters, we could already be there. The movie employs a unique strategy to raise important issues on the ethics of business organizations and the welfare of animals. It centers on a little girl named Mija (Seo-Hyun Ahn) and her best friend, Okja, a “super-pig” created in a lab. Mija sets out to save Okja after the evil business that produced the super-pigs for public consumption snatches her away.

The conflict between corporate greed, animal rights activists, and scientific ethics then ensnares Mija and Okja. Like various dystopian movies on Netflix, the problematic aspect of seeing animals just from a simple utilitarian perspective is present in the movie. The affectionate relationship between Mija and Okja stands in stark contrast to the chilly commercial society. Moreover, film’s comic comedy counterbalances its somber topic. It is surprising and fascinating due to the genre-blending.

4. The Platform (2019)

Hard-hitting and terrifying, this sociological sci-fi horror film by filmmaker Galder Gaztelu-Urrutia. It is a well-conceptualized dystopian nightmare that provides an insightful analysis of society, class dynamics, and human nature. Two prisoners are housed on each of the building’s several levels, which are in a tower-high prison-like structure. They are fed by way of a platform that drops from the top level to the bottom holding food. The amount of food gets smaller as you go up the floors.

The film’s depiction of class structure is horrifying and merciless. The idea that people don’t change, but hierarchy roles do is where the genius lies. In addition, the juxtaposition between elitism and savage savagery offers a biting indictment of the present through grim humor. This shocking movie depicting the atrocities of society’s failings may be too graphic for some viewers, but it conveys a crucial point.

5. Watchmen (2009)

Instead of the typical dystopian future, this special superhero movie depicts a dismal history. It takes place in a different America in 1985, where Nixon is still in office. It exposes the weaknesses and mental struggles of the superheroes via a gloomy deconstruction of the genre. After one of their own is killed, they band together. The probe uncovers a potentially harmful plot.

It has a sophisticated plot and a menacing mood. The illustrations are unusual and stunning in a way that captures the spirit of the graphic book it is based on. The characters are genuinely engaging and don’t conform to stereotypes. It provokes contemplation because of the sociopolitical topics and the hazy distinctions between good and evil. The nuance of the original comic book isn’t perfectly captured in the movie, which isn’t great either. However, the film’s aesthetic does allude to its inspiration, and it is still enjoyable on its own.

6. Edge of Tomorrow (2014)

This sci-fi dystopian action movie offers a startlingly new perspective on the tired time-loop and alien invasion clichés. It takes place in the not-too-distant future when an extraterrestrial race has conquered most of Europe. They have forced Major William Cage (Tom Cruise), a public relations officer who is unprepared for combat, to take part in the struggle against them. Soon, he discovers that he is trapped in a time loop and needs the assistance of Sergeant Rita Vrataski (Emily Blunt) to figure out how to exterminate the aliens.

This movie cleverly flips the script on its head and is full of unexpected turns. It moves at an exhilarating pace, and the handling of time is impressive. Despite being a massive, commercial film, it manages to provide us with something unique without dumbing down complex themes. It offers clever science fiction, exhilarating action, and tasteful humor. The fighting scenes and the war-torn environment are brutally outstanding. The movie is both thought-provoking and incredibly entertaining. If you are looking for dystopian movies on Netflix that have moral and fun at the same time, it should be your preference.

7. Time to hunt (2020)

This dystopian action thriller on Netflix is from South Korea and is one of the great dystopian movies on Netflix. It takes place in a near-future South Korea where the economy has entirely collapsed and a dystopian society has developed as a result. To leave this terrible situation and find better living conditions, a group of buddies commits a robbery. However, they wind up robbing some deadly gangsters. They, then, dispatch a terrible murderer to hunt them down. The result is a bloody chase with a lethal, relentless assassin and lots of flying bullets.

In all honesty, the dystopian setting doesn’t provide much in the way of an idea. We can consider this as a flaw in dystopian movies on Netflix. There are hints of the socio economic collapse’s effects, but they are not central to the story. The film’s technical mastery is what makes it worthwhile. Although it works on a predictable concept, the eye-catching aesthetics and fast-paced action make it fascinating. The assassin, Han (Park Hae-soo), is a terrifying, spine-chilling figure, and the background conjures up an apocalyptic blackness. Even if the movie isn’t excellent, it is surely entertaining. You will love to have this in the list of dystopian movies on Netflix.

8. Space Sweepers (2021)

The first space blockbuster in South Korea is reportedly this space opera. It takes place in a dystopian future in which life on Earth is all but impossible. Only a select few are permitted in an orbiting mansion developed by the mega-corporation UTS. The remainder leads dismal lives, and some are employed as space sweepers who gather space junk. Dark truths are revealed and their lives are altered when a ragtag group of such Sweepers comes upon a humanoid robot sought by the UTS.

By emphasizing the oppressed, this movie deftly undercuts the splendor of the space opera. Despite being on a spacecraft, the protagonists barely have enough money to buy a new pair of socks. However, this strategy does not result in a dull-looking movie. Instead, it is a stunning visual extravaganza with excellent cinematography. After a while, the movie does start to get fairly predictable. However, it is still really enjoyable and offers a novel perspective on the subject.

9. Blame! (2017)

The popular manga series of the same name served as the inspiration for this action-packed sci-fi anime film from Japan. It takes place in a dystopian far-off future when everything has altered and deadly dangers are always around the corner. It depicts a scenario where cyber technology and humanity have fully merged to build automated cities. The automatons take on a life of their own and try to wipe out humans as a virus breaks down this system. Out of all dystopian movies on Netflix, it carries the most interesting idea.

When the creation rebels against its creator, the movie paints a terrifying vision of what occurs. The world-building is excellent. Brilliantly brought to life is the immense expanse of the endlessly repeating multi-level city structure.

Instead of attempting to condense the whole manga into one film, the movie, in a clever move, concentrates on a certain plot arc. It seems well-rounded because of this. The action scenes are exciting, and the graphics are breathtaking. It is a fantastic survival tale with a healthy serving of intrigue and futuristic technology.

10. Oxygen (2021)

The most recent addition to this list is this Alexandre Aja-directed Netflix film. It is a dystopian sci-fi thriller with a lofty idea and deserves to be in the list of dystopian movies on Netflix. The fact that it only has one legitimate character and one decent locale set it apart from other dystopian novels in the genre. Mélanie Laurent portrays a lady who awakens in a cryogenic cell with no recollection of who she is or how she got there. She now needs to find a way out before her oxygen supply runs out. A sophisticated computer dubbed MILO is the only friend she has and might serve as her helper (voiced by Mathieu Amalric). However, MILO can only assist if she makes the correct inquiries.

Laurent offers us a stunning performance in this picture, admirably bearing the whole of the movie on her shoulders. MILO has a startling resemblance to HAL from 2001. The enclosed location in the thrilling, quick-paced thriller Oxygen gives off a claustrophobic feeling. Utilizing cutting-edge technology and sci-fi themes that heighten the mystery of the scenario, it revives the survival drama genre. It is a very intriguing and unsettling film.


Well, now you have read about the top 10 dystopian movies on Netflix, which one do you want to watch? Note that all these dystopian movies on Netflix are fascinating and people have rated them for being the most mind-blowing ones.

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