Here are 8 movies like Hunger Games, ranging from Logan’s Run (1976) to Battle Royale (2000) and others.

One of the few times an adaptation fulfills the promise of the original work is with The Hunger Games. The original novel series by Suzanne Collins, which was mostly written for young adults, was a worldwide bestseller. In a dystopian future, two young representatives from each district are chosen at random each year to compete in The Hunger Games, a televised event where participants battle to the death.

Although it has been suggested that Collins took inspiration for the Hunger Games from the Japanese book Battle Royale, the author says that she had already written a draft when she first learned about the book.

It’s crucial to remember that Battle Royale wasn’t the first book or narrative to tackle these issues. The notion of people hunting out fellow humans within a controlled setting was originally presented in the 1932 American film The Most Dangerous Game. Then there came Lord of the Flies, a masterpiece by William Golding. In the majority of these tales about violent human cultures, the situation is used to make a statement about contemporary youth and shifting societal mores.

Collins’ The Hunger Games examines personal concerns via fascinating characters in addition to social themes. The 16-year-old Katniss Everdeen’s perspective dominates how the plot develops. For its tone and message, the dystopian action series got significant appreciation. The way Jennifer Lawrence portrayed Katniss Everdeen won over both viewers and critics. With passionate admirers all across the world, it is presently one of the most popular series of all time.

8 Movies Like Hunger Games That Will Become Your All-time Favorite

So, if you like The Hunger Games, you might also like these movies like Hunger Games. The reason why we consider them movies like Hunger games is their similarities in plot, acting and ideas.

1. Logan’s Run (1976)

It is one of the movies like Hunger Games. The dystopian sci-fi novel of the same name by Clayton Jacobson and William Nolan served as the inspiration for Michael Anderson’s Logan’s Run. Despite not having aged well, it is a vibrant, significant, and enjoyable genre picture. The narrative takes place in the year 2274, when humanity resides in a high-tech megalopolis with domes over it. Humans only exist in this metropolis for pleasure, and they pass away by the age of 30. In that environmentally harmonious society, those who hesitate to make the ultimate sacrifice are known as Runners. The duty of finding the runners falls to an elite unit of troops known as Sandmen.

Logan’s Run and Hunger Games put young adults at risk. In the story, those who are beyond 21 years old are really given the death penalty. You will love it as one of the movies like Hunger Games.

2. Lord of the Flies (1963)

The renowned 1954 novel of the same name by William Golding served as the basis for Peter Brook’s Lord of the Flies. Various platforms have added it to the list of movies like Hunger games. The ideas of survival and dystopian society were heavily influenced by Lord of the Flies in works like Koushun Takami’s Battle Royale and Suzanne Collins’ Hunger Games novel series. Also, a group of English public school lads crash-lands on a far-off tropical island in the novel. The crash claimed no adult survivors. In order to live as a group before being rescued, it is up to the lads.

This naturally results in choosing a leader and establishing rules to keep the peace. Conflicts soon emerge in the young society. The Hunger Games builds on Golding’s ideas and offers more world-building than Lord of the Flies, which develops like an expressionistic nightmare tracing a group’s psychological decline.

3. Battle Royale (2000)

This action-thriller takes an idea from a Japanese novel by Koushun Takami. It established the guidelines for the numerous battle royale movies like Hunger Games that would come after. It depicts also the tale of a group of ninth-graders who are sent to a desolate island with maps and various weapons. Three days in a row of fighting are mandated, with one pupil remaining in the end. To track their whereabouts, they are required to wear a metal collar with radar at all times.

Additionally, Battle Royale got the attention of the critics as one of the finest movies like Hunger Games of the 2000s at the time of its first release. One of the highest-grossing Japanese-language movies was this one. It has amassed a devoted following through time and evolved into a sort of cultural phenomenon. In addition, numerous media, including movies, literature, comic books, and video games, improved the idea of the movie. That’s why we have added it to our list of movies like Hunger Games.

4. Riddick (2013)

The third novel in the well-known Riddick series introduces us to the life of a skilled mercenary. He is infamous for killing anybody who gets in his way. He is battling for his life against deadly alien predators on a planet burned by the sun; and that was after his leader betrayed him. Only by turning on an emergency beacon is there a route out. But doing that would make his existence known to a bunch of assassins. This vicious group of assassins, directed by a shadowy figure from Riddick’s past; won’t leave the planet without taking Riddick’s head as a prize. Can Riddick find a way to escape alive while time is running out and danger is closing in on him?

Even if Riddick doesn’t add much to the franchise’s own mythos, it’s nevertheless an entertaining sequel that honors the tone of the first two. The rumored existence of a Furya sequel was verified by Vin Diesel and writer-director David Twohy.

5. Hanna (2011)

Joe Wright delivers a fresh perspective on the well-known vengeance thriller with Hanna. Saoirse Ronan portrays a little girl who is being educated to be an assassin by her father, a former CIA employee. She spent her whole life in seclusion with her father and only has hazy memories of her mother. Senior agent Cate Blanchett wants to kill Hanna and her father. Can the 16-year-old muster the strength to stand her ground against the seasoned warrior in order to protect her father, who is far more important than herself?

Beautifully orchestrated action scenes and outstanding lead performances may be seen in Hanna. Saoirse Ronan plays Hanna, who exhibits both bravery and sensitivity. As she tries to comprehend the customs of the world that are different from the one she lives in, we experience the world through her eyes. Additionally, Cate Blanchett, Tom Hollander, and Eric Bana all have strong performances. However, filmmaker Joe Wright deserves praise for successfully fusing a touching coming-of-age drama with deliberate action. That’s why we have added it to the movies like Hunger Games.

6. The Divergent Series (2014-2016)

The Divergent trilogy, which consists of the movies Allegiant, Insurgent, and Divergent, is based on Veronica Roth’s best-selling young adult novels. These three films are all present in a dystopian world where people have to classify themselves into five factions depending on their moral qualities: Dauntless, Erudite, Candor, Abnegation, and Amity. Moreover, Tris Prior, the protagonist of the narrative, learns she is Divergent and will never belong to any of the factions. She becomes involved in an Erudite leader’s plot to eliminate all Divergents. After barely making it out alive, Tris joins forces with the Mysterious Four to investigate what makes the Divergents so deadly.

Tris will stretch to the edge on this voyage as she encounters several impossible obstacles. She must swiftly choose whom to trust in a deadly conflict that goes beyond the boundaries of Chicago, with the destiny of the planet in her hands.

7. The Maze Runner Series (2014-2018)

The James Dashner novel series of the same name served as the inspiration for this sci-fi dystopian movie trilogy. The first movie in the series, The Maze Runner, introduces us to Thomas, who awakens alongside a group of other youths locked in a maze. He is unable to recall anything about his prior existence and has dreams of the World Catastrophe Killzone Department, a sinister organization. He discovers a route out of the maze by putting pieces of his past together.

In The Scorch Trials, which starts up where the previous movie left off, Thomas and his friends are looking for information about the enigmatic group from his nightmares. They finally work with rebels to reveal WCKD’s covert strategies.

In The Death Cure, Thomas has to go on a risky quest to sneak into the fabled Last City and save his pals. The solutions to the queries that have troubled him ever since he entered the maze are on the other side of the ghost town. Will Thomas and his group of Gladers be able to survive? Watch it to know!

8. Tomorrowland (2015)

Disney’s Tomorrowland is a wonderful throwback sci-fi movie and is one of the movies like Hunger games. It is a movie that the entire family can enjoy in an era where dystopian futures are often available in dark, gloomy terms. Tomorrowland is a pleasant homage to the joyful adventures of the late 1980s.

High school student Casey Newton is intelligent and does not have a negative outlook on others around her. She finds an enigmatic pin that offers her glimmers of a joyous world. Then, she embarks on a mission to find the site of the future metropolis with the aid of a jaded inventor.

A quality that is uncommon in modern movies like Hunger games is the open-hearted enthusiasm with which Tomorrowland has come. Clooney, Cassidy, and Robertson, also feature fantastic acting three. They work well together, and some of the finest scenes in the movie result from their natural chemistry. The movie accomplishes its goal of flawlessly evoking the impression of limitless possibilities despite its confusing storyline.

Final Verdict: Time To Watch Movies Like Hunger Games

Despite the passage of ten years after Jennifer Lawrence’s debut as Katniss Everdeen on the big screen, The Hunger Games continues to dominate the young dystopian film genre. People are interested in movies like Hunger Games.

A new wave of YA sci-fi entertainment that would appeal to both kids and adults alike (we’re looking at you, Divergent) was launched after the original picture, which made an astounding $694.4 million, was followed by three blockbuster sequels. As a result, to commemorate the film’s significant anniversary, we’re celebrating with related films that are likely to catch your attention, ranging from spooky dystopian titles to action-packed coming-of-age movies. Thank you for reading about the best movies like Hunger Games.

By the way, which of the movies like Hunger Games has attracted you the most? What’s your plan to watch these movies like Hunger games? Feel free to share your plans and ideas. We are sure you will love these movies like Hunger games.

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