Halloween season means a whole host of horrifyingly fun gatherings, all of which need a mood-setting soundtrack of the best Halloween party songs to really lean into the vibe. As you ready your costumes for this year’s festivities, you need a great stockpile of hits to make the atmosphere as haunting as possible.

You’ve completed your DIY decorations, planned your dinner menu, and have plenty of candy ready to distribute.

All that remains is to compile the best spooky playlist of Halloween party songs for your monster bash.

Rock, hip hop, or pop fans will find the perfect Halloween party songs in our extensive collection. Look no further than our large library of holiday carols, newer tunes, spooky sounds from your favorite horror films and TV shows. We have classics a plenty!

But, to be honest, most of these songs are so wonderful that you’ll want to listen to them after the pumpkins have vanished.

There are even a few songs that may be set up for karaoke if your Halloween party requires a Halloween game to play.

The most crucial thing to consider when creating a Halloween playlist is your visitors.

Some of these Halloween party songs contain explicit lyrics, so keep them for your adults-only party and opt for a more kid-friendly playlist while celebrating with children.

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Top 100+ Halloween Party Songs

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s time to start planning your party playlist. We’ve put together a list of over a 100 of the best Halloween party songs to get you started. Whether you’re looking for classics like “Monster Mash” or something a little more modern, we’ve got you covered. So turn up the volume and get ready to dance the night away!

1. Alice Cooper – Ballad Of Dwight Fry

Let’s get into our first Halloween party song. Ballad of Dwight Fry, a song about a disturbed man’s admission to a psychiatric facility, is also a tribute (kind of) to the actor of the same name, who played Renfield in the first Dracula picture. It’s twice as bad.

2. Sufjan Stevens – John Wayne Gacy, Jr

Is it possible for a song to cause you nightmares?

When it comes to the life of one of America’s most known serial killers, the answer is yes.

That is one of the greatest Halloween party songs.

3. The Killing Moon – Echo & The Bunnymen

Another classic from 1984, makes its way into our list of Halloween party songs. This timeless song peaked at #9 on the UK charts at the time of its release.

It was published as part of Echo & The Bunnymen’s album Ocean Rain and was included in the 2001 film Donnie Darko. It is both romantic and frightening.

4. Zombie Zoo – Tom Petty

Petty penned this song after attending a downtown Los Angeles nightclub.

While it’s a fun party song, the lyrics about impulsive conduct and the “living dead” make it a great zombified Halloween party song.

5. Hungry Like The Wolf – Duran Duran

This massive Duran Duran song is ideal for any werewolf fans out there.

It was Duran Duran’s breakout smash in the United States and Canada after they had stable success in the United Kingdom. It was energetic, playful, and utterly 80s.

The song’s characteristic groove is due to the use of a Roland 808 and a Jupiter 8 piano.

This music will have you dancing…and possibly licking your teeth in hunger while being at a Halloween party.

6. Halloween – Siouxsie & The Banshees

If you’re going to play 80s Halloween party songs, you should also include some tracks from the burgeoning punk scene.

This Siouxsie and The Banshees classic is appropriately titled, produced, and mixed for Halloween.

Treat or trick!

7. Teenage Frankenstein – Alice Cooper

“Teenage Frankenstein” is a monstrous track excellent for groaning and headbanging for hardcore rock fans. And, there will be some at your Halloween party.

It was the first track on Cooper’s 1986 album Constrictor, and it was featured prominently in Friday the 13th Part 6.

8. Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo

 Can you remember Danny Elfman’s Oingo Boingo days?

We certainly do, and this upbeat piece is regarded as one of the band’s best hits. And, almost certain for any Halloween party song. 

Its music video was very popular on MTV.

After dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, the lines “all suited up with nowhere to go” hit too close to home.

9. A Nightmare On My Street – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince

A Fresh Prince song that isn’t about Bel-Air!

Will Smith lays down some verses on his experience with Freddy Krueger and goes into depth to tie it with the legendary Nightmare on Elm Street film series over a horror-type beat provided by DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Smith, like the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, demonstrates his ability as a talented storyteller in this composition.

10. Goodbye Horses – Q Lazzarus

“Goodbye Horses” has nothing to do with Halloween or frightening things.

In actuality, this Halloween party song is about Hindu philosophy and transcendence.

However, due to its inclusion in Silence of the Lambs, eerie keyboard riff, and the singer’s inexplicable absence from the public eye (the last anyone heard, she worked as a Staten Island bus driver in 2018), it’s been connected with scary seasons since the late 1980s.

11. Ghostbusters – Ray Parker Jr.

The 1980s film Ghostbusters might not have been as successful without Ray Parker Jr.’s renowned theme song to back it up.

In the summer of 1984, “Ghostbusters” debuted at number one in the United States and also topped charts in Belgium, Canada, France, and other countries.

To the consternation of some listeners, it was all over the radio. So, it is an easy pick for your Halloween party. 

Whether you like it or not, this dance song about not being afraid of ghosts is a Halloween party favorite.

12. Bark At The Moon – Ozzy Osbourne

Following the unexpected loss of Randy Rhoads, this is the first Ozzy Osbourne track with Jake E. Lee on guitar that the world has heard.

The lyrics are about a monstrous creature that previously plagued a hamlet, was slaughtered, and then inexplicably revived to wreak havoc on the residents of the village.

“Bark at the Moon” is a roaring good time and another lupine-themed tune.

13. Maneater – Hall & Oates

While this groovy song is actually about sleazy New Yorkers in the 1980s, it fits nicely with Halloween playlists because of the lethal “man-eating” woman Hall & Oates describe.

Is she a vampire or not?

What is a succubus?

Nobody knows.

In any case, this song from H20 never loses its allure.

14. Spellbound – Siouxsie & The Banshees

Siouxsie and The Banshees have returned with yet another wonderful Halloween party song for our consideration.

The lyrics of “Spellbound,” a fable about a hypnotic love spell, discuss scary toys, laughter through the walls, and even throwing seniors down the stairs.

The loud drum beat and witchy, powerful voice of Siouxsie is ideal for your next coven gathering in the woods.

15. Weird Science – Oingo Boingo

With this fun tune about zombie inventions, you’ll be ready to work it like Dr. Frankenstein.

We couldn’t limit ourselves to just one Oingo Boingo tune!

“Weird Science,” which was utilized for the film of the same name, is a pity for Oingo Boingo because an incomplete demo of the song was used for the film.

The band wanted to polish it, but their label went behind their back and gave them the unfinished version.

Fortunately, Oingo Boingo included a superior version of the song on their 1985 album Dead Man’s Party.

16. Twilight Zone – Golden Earring

No, not the renowned TV show The Twilight Zone.

Golden Earring’s George Kooymans is actually quoting a sentence from the then-obscure novel The Bourne Identity.

Bourne mentions in the book that Conklin stopped drinking, to which Conklin responds: “I might not have died if I could have managed better in that twilight zone.

On numerous occasions, the grape has much to offer.”

Despite the fact that this song has nothing to do with the 1950s horror TV show, it is played in every Halloween because of the association – as well as the unsettling lyrics about sirens in the speaker’s brain, a “madhouse” environment, and the sensation of being cloned.

If you ask us, it’s rather otherworldly. And, ready to go in your Halloween party tracklist.

17. I Want Candy – Bow Wow Wow

This very charming 1982 hit is the official theme music of trick-or-treating youngsters everywhere, and it’s maybe the least spooky song on our Halloween party playlist!

The Strangeloves wrote “I Want Candy” in 1965, and Bow Wow Wow turned it into a beachy romp suitable for chowing down too.

You’ll get a sugar rush listening to this song since it’s cool, sunny, and oh-so-tasty!

18. Dance In The Graveyards – Delta Rae

Delta Rae is a Durham, North Carolina-based folk band made up of three siblings: Ian, Eric, and Brittany Holljes.

The siblings’ band also includes three additional members.

“Dance in the Graveyards” is a song about honoring the life of someone who has died rather than mourning their loss, similar to the Mexican holiday Dia de Los Muertos, which is also celebrated in the video. Another sure pick for your Halloween party tracklist.

19. Bottom Of The River – Delta Rae

Another Delta Rae song is “The Bottom of the River.” It’s really eerie, from the lyrics to the video.

In terms of lyrics, “I Will Never Die” is about as spooky as it gets.

These songs, along with many others, contributed to the band’s distinct sound. One that is bluesy, folky, and yet decidedly modern.

According to the trio, they grew up hearing folklore and strange stories. They also frequently heard their mother’s improvised songs as she read these stories to them.

They were profoundly impacted by the tunes and storylines. In truth, their name is derived from a fictional narrative that their mother planned to create.

Delta Rae, the primary character, has the ability to summon the Greek gods to Earth.

20. Two Black Cadillacs – Carrie Underwood

The song “Two Black Cadillacs” is a touch spooky in that we never find out exactly what the two women did to their betrayer, only that it cost him his life in some way.

The video, however, is what elevates this song to Halloween status.

A spooky song makes a nice catch for Halloween parties.

21. Blown Away – Carrie Underwood

“Blown Away” is simply a twisted revenge story.

As if a twister wasn’t frightening enough, the song’s lyrics reveal further deeper overtones.

But one thing Carrie excels at is bringing a tale to life through video.

22. Goodbye Earl – Dixie Chicks

“Goodbye Earl” is recounted in a lighthearted manner, but no one who hears it will ever look at black-eyed peas the same way again.

It is said, however, to be an attempt by its writer, Dennis Linde, to kill off the Earl character he used in other songs he wrote.

Play this as a Halloween party song without any hesitation.

23. The Thunder Rolls – Garth Brooks

It adds so much depth that it was judged excessively graphic when the video was published in the 1990s.

The movie was banned for insinuating domestic violence to such an extent, despite the fact that it does not depict it directly.

24. Riding With Private Malone – David Ball

The song “Riding with Private Malone” is not your ordinary Halloween tune.

It carries a message that is anything but frightening, albeit a little eerie.

But it’s not your usual ghost story.

True stories motivated composers Wood Newton and Thom Shepherd to write this melancholy tune.

25. Beaches Of Cheyenne – Garth Brooks

Garth Brooks gives this song well, however, I couldn’t find the official video of “Beaches of Cheyenne” on YouTube. I couldn’t even find a video of him singing it live.

Instead, I discovered someone covering it.

If you listen to the cover version, you will realize that some aspects of the song are simply haunting.

One, it’s a song about a man who is killed while riding a bull and the grief his wife feels afterward.

They parted ways for his final rodeo trip with heated comments in which she declared she didn’t care whether he ever returned from Cheyenne.

26. Whiskey Lullaby – Brad Paisley & Alison Krauss

“Whiskey Lullaby” is about memories that become too hard to bear.

The film depicts two people who are finally able to reconcile after their deaths when the sorrow of memory no longer accompanies them.

“Whiskey Lullaby” is about memories that become too hard to bear.

The film depicts two people who are finally able to reconcile after their deaths when the sorrow of memory no longer accompanies them.

27. Walking In Memphis – Marc Cohn

Who can say no to a classic?

And, musically, what could be a better Halloween party song than a song about witnessing Elvis’ ghost in Memphis?

Furthermore, it may be a factual story. The song is said to be about Cohn’s vacation to Memphis in 1986.

Do you think he actually saw Elvis’ ghost?

28. Come Next Monday – K. T. Oslin

This song is not a stand-alone Halloween party song.

After all, the words are simply about giving up on loving someone who refuses to accept the narrator’s point of view.

The video, on the other hand, is an old-fashioned horror story starring the Bride of Frankenstein or a replica of her.

29. I Can Still Feel You – Collin Raye

Some folks appear to linger in the heart long after they’ve passed away.

This song and video are dedicated to such types of ghosts.

Lines like “I can still feel you all by myself, in a crowded room, on my empty bed” and “it’s that feeling that someone is standing behind me, but when I turn around, there’s no one there” reflect the intensity of sorrow caused by this kind of emptiness.

30. Night Terror – Laura Marling

I’m not sure what this song is supposed to be about, other than what the title implies.

The video, on the other hand, has a creepy vibe to it.

What are those clowns?

Clowns are often frightening, aren’t they?


Okay, these clowns may definitely give you nightmares.

“If you want him, you’re going to have to battle me,” this woman’s nightmare is telling her.

31. Midnight In Montgomery- Alan Jackson

Hank Williams’ ghost is a familiar motif in a country song, but Alan Jackson’s account is particularly frightening.

It recalls the narrative of a New Year’s Eve visit to Hank’s cemetery while traveling through Montgomery.

(Hank Williams died on New Year’s Day, 1953, of heart failure caused by his alcohol and drug abuse.)

The ghost himself does not appear to be particularly frightening, but the song and video are chilling.

32. Better Dig Two – The Band Perry

The Band Perry, which consists of three siblings, has a flair for selecting songs that stand out lyrically and set them apart from the crowd.

Brandy Clark and Shane McAnally’s “Better Dig Two” does not disappoint.

On first listen, the song appears to be nothing more than a proclamation of how much the primary singer adores her husband.

However, it is a step backward since it goes a step further than that.

33. Marie Laveau – Bobby Bare

This ghostly Halloween party song about voodoo queen Marie Laveau is based on a real person who became famed in mythology.

She was born in New Orleans in September 1801, and she is said to have been the Voodoo Queen of New Orleans from at least 1820 to 1860, though there is no evidence that she practiced voodoo in her earlier life, and there is little physical evidence to suggest that she was all that folklore has her to be.

In any case, this song is loosely based on her notoriety. And it works in a halloween party.

34. Delia’s Gone – Johnny Cash

Johnny Cash was not the first to record this song, but his video makes it feel like something out of a horror tale.

This song is about a true-life murder that occurred on Christmas Eve, 1900. Cooney Houston murdered Delia Green in Savannah, Georgia, that night.

Unfortunately, they were both fourteen-year-old youngsters.

The occasion was commemorated in a folk song that found its way to the Bahamas. It stayed there for a while until returning to the United States in the 1950s when folk music was gaining popularity.

35. Sitting Up With The Dead – Ray Stevens

Ray Stevens is well-known for his comic take on ordinary life.

While sitting up with the dead is not a common practice nowadays, the song and video make fun of the melancholy event as the narrator in the story state that he is no longer sitting up with the dead.

He is unable.

He’s too scared because the dead have begun to rise!

36. Jeanie’s Afraid Of The Dark – Dolly Parton & Porter Wagoner

This song-based narrative is as spooky as they come.

Dolly composed the song especially for her and Porter to perform together.

Thankfully, Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner were simply duet partners rather than a couple. They had no biological children together.

The terrifying narrative of Jeannie’s fear of the dark is entirely made up. This story is both painful and disturbing. And, spooky is good for your Halloween party.

37. Tornado – Little Big Town

“Tornado” is an ideal song since tornadoes are terrible at any time of year and, according to a few country songs, fit in with a revengeful theme.

Moreover, despite the anti-climatic ending, the entire film has a highly ominous aspect that is easily appreciated for Halloween.

It’s still creepy enough to recommend as a Halloween party song.

38. Ghost Town – Jake Owen

Another terrible recollection is the subject of this song.

However, the notion as a whole is more original. It is not just a memory that appears as a ghost in the heart and head, but a memory that turns the entire town into a ghost town.

This technique goes a step further than other songs with the ghost memory concept of seeing someone who is missed everywhere but where they actually are.

The video enhances the song’s melancholy quality.

39. The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia – Reba McEntire

“The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia” was recorded before Reba, but she is the master of visual storytelling as well as vocal storytelling.

The movie, a typical country murder story, hauntingly mimics the night the tragedy occurred.

It recounts the vivid memories of the sister who murdered her brother’s best friend and wife and then blamed her brother.

40. Gravedigger – Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson is pretty creepy in this video as if the song wasn’t morbid enough.

All of the people he plays are simply frightening. 

41. Ghost – Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s divorce from Russell Brand is thought to be the inspiration for this song.

The piercing words in this song make a ghost appear less frightening and more like an enraged spirit.

Perhaps it’s the way the words are placed to music that does it.

In any case, it’s a perfect song for Halloween parties.

42. The Devil Went Down To Georgia – Charlie Daniels Band

Of course, this popular Charlie Daniels classic is heard all year, but a song about the devil seeking to steal a soul is… well, diabolical… and it deserves to be on the list of Halloween party songs.

Who can resist watching Charlie tear up his bow as he gets into character?

He doesn’t seem to do that in this particular performance, but there are videos where he does.

43. Hotel California – The Eagles

“Hotel California” is another great song that most people would not associate with Halloween.

However, the lyrics do mention a hotel where customers can check out at any time but never leave.

“It’s basically a song about the dark underbelly of the American dream and about excess in America, which is something we knew a lot about,” Don Henley explained.

But it almost sounds like a song about a mental institution.

44. Zombie – The Cranberries

The ’90s classic is a perennial favorite, with over one billion views on YouTube (yes, billion).

45. Bones – Imagine Dragons

We’ve got this feeling, you know, that we’re losing all control when listening to “Bones” by Imagine Dragons. And, it easily makes its way into the Halloween party song list.

This earworm will stick with you long after you’ve heard it.

46. Every Day Is Halloween – The Ministry

In this subversive tune, The Ministry wonderfully captures the ’80s synth mood.

Turn it up during your vintage-themed Halloween party to really get into the spirit.

47. Monster – Reckless Love

If you’re searching for something edgy to add to your Halloween party songs playlist, this one will do the trick.

Reckless Love’s “Monster” is a high-octane addition.

48. Hells Bells – AC/DC

“Hells Bells” pays homage to all things dark and demonic, making this classic rock tune a must-have for any Halloween party songs playlist.

49. FrankensteinEdgar Winter

This one is self-explanatory. The instrumental rock jam was a nightmare to edit, hence its moniker.

Drummer Chuck Ruff likened it to Frankenstein, and the rest, as they say, is history.

50. DisturbiaRihanna

Rihanna’s hit single is not only a tremendous chart-topper, but its unnatural dance tempo makes it ideal for Halloween parties.

51. Spooky, Scary SkeletonsAndrew Gold

Andrew Gold published this catchy (and perhaps unnerving) earworm in 1996, and it went on to become a viral success on TikTok. Surely you can play this among other songs at your Halloween party.

52. Stranger ThingsKyle Dixon & Michael Stein

If you’ve already decided on your “Stranger Things” Halloween costume (because let’s be honest, who hasn’t?)

You should probably include the show’s theme music on your Halloween party songs playlist.

53. Heads Will Roll – A-Trak RemixThe Yeah Yeah Yeahs 

The Project X soundtrack remains a menacing presence on party playlists to this day.

And the most ghastly party ever is this Frankenstein reincarnation of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ original hit.

54. Somebody’s Watching MeRockwell 

Rockwell (the stage name of Kennedy William Gordy, son of Motown founder Berry Gordy) released a 1984 one-hit wonder that holds up well, especially for Halloween.

The song, about a man who has odd, ghostly visions, does rock well (bad pun intended) and is boosted significantly by its chorus, which features Gordy’s childhood friend Michael Jackson.

55. Season Of The WitchDonovan

Jimmy Page, then a session guitarist, plays a scary guitar part on Donovan’s laid-back, psychedelic 1966 jam.

The song’s silky, autumnal vibe can serve as a wonderful wind-down to the evening’s festivities.

56. MonsterKanye West (Feat. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj & Bon Iver) 

This feature-heavy tune from Kanye’s 2010 album “My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy” relies heavily on its guests.

While Jay-Z does us a favor and runs down the list of great monsters (Sasquatch, Godzilla, King Kong, and Loch Ness, to name a few), it’s Nicki Minaj’s praised verse that really lifts this too, ahem, monstrous levels.

57. Freaks Come Out At NightWhodini

This synthesizer-heavy single from Whodini is virtually forgotten now, despite being a masterpiece from hip-early hop’s ’80s heyday.

The frequently repeated chorus conveys the message ostensibly about New York City nightlife.

58. My Old FlameSpike Jones

This wartime satire song begins with a sugary big-band piece crooned softly through its first verse and refrain before giving way to a spot-on Peter Lorre imitation that subverts the original lyrics into something blackly funny and in accordance with the Lorre image.

Even though it was a throwback during the “Monster Mash” period, it still holds up now.

59. Werewolves Of LondonWarren Zevon

Warren Zevon’s London-based werewolf begins innocently enough, hunting out beef chow mein in Soho (menu in hand), but its baser instincts finally triumph at the expense of a little elderly lady.

This witty 1978 piece rides its three-chord progression like a fun little rocker – extra points if you have a pianist on hand to pound it out and get everyone singing. This one is a great one to include in your Halloween party songs playlist.

60. Goblin GirlFrank Zappa

Frank Zappa wrote a lot of strange songs over the course of his long and illustrious career, but “Goblin Girl” is undoubtedly at the top of the list.

Like most Zappa songs, it’s a tongue-in-cheek and chuckle-worthy track, but this one is great song for your Halloween party.

After all, he mentions the festival several times!

61. Please, Mr. GravediggerDavid Bowie

This is possibly the scariest track on the list.

David Bowie chose to croon a charming, haunting track that begins as a tribute to a gravedigger but takes a really shocking turn midway through his eponymous debut album.

It’s a simple song with no instruments, just rain, thunder, birds, and the occasional sneeze from a congested David Bowie.

Put this on your Halloween party songs playlist if you truly want to scare yourself.

62. Car Chase Terror!M83  

You’ll want to read the room for this one.

Despite M83’s pleasant and pillowy synths, “Car Chase Terror!” is a very tense and really scary track.

The song is mixed with ominous and eerie voice-overs, and the whole thing conjures up images of dark roadways at 4 a.m. when any kind of awful monster lurks just beyond the glimmer of lamps.

63. Creepy DollJonathan Coulton 

Jonathan Coulton (or JoCo, as his fans call him) may be unknown to you, yet he’s a maestro of infectious pop-rock tunes.

This one, in particular, is a hilarious earworm about a spooky doll in a new house.

“When you return home late, the doll is waiting up for you/When you cook a snack, the doll says it would like one too,” JoCo writes.

64. GodzillaBlue Oyster Cult

We get what you’re saying: “Godzilla?”

What’s on your Halloween party songs playlist?

Yes, indeed!

After all, Godzilla is the King of the Monsters.

Furthermore, the song is a Blue Oyster Cult classic that, in our opinion, is vastly underappreciated.

65. Pet SemataryThe Ramones

The story behind this Halloween party song is fantastic.

Stephen King was apparently a major fan of the Ramones, and while working on the horror classic “Pet Sematary,” he invited them to his house while they were touring New England.

He gave Dee Dee Ramone a copy of the book there.

According to reports, Dee Dee just spent an hour creating the song’s lyrics.

66. I Put A Spell On YouScreamin’ Jay Hawkins

In 1956, Screamin’ Jay Hawkins performed the original version of this song.

While his diverse rendition — complete with screams, grunts, and moans — remains the ultimate version, the original or any of the numerous versions — particularly Nina Simone’s or Creedence Clearwater Revival’s — are hard to beat.

67. Bury A FriendBillie Eilish

Looking for something more contemporary to add to your Halloween party songs playlist?

Billie Eilish’s recent hit is the perfect dark pop melody that is both catchy and disturbing.

68. “The Phantom Of The Opera” Overture Andrew Lloyd Webber

This is certainly a must-listen for any musical theater aficionado, but anybody and everyone will appreciate that massive, instantly identifiable organ intro.

69. Highway To HellAC/DC

“Highway to Hell,” from AC/final DC’s album with Bon Scott on vocals, sees Scott romanticizing hell as the ultimate rock-and-roll promised land.

“My buddies will be there, too,” the singer exclaims joyfully.

Of course, he had no idea he was about to die.

But, odds are, he’d have sung about a “season ticket on a one-way voyage” anyhow.

The guitar riff is among the best AC/DC has ever delivered, and the solo uses the raunchier side of the Chuck Berry pattern more than any lead guitar break since the early Kinks.

70. Lies Of The Living DeadThe Minus 5

The Minus 5 lean into yet another less-than-subtle variant on the three-chord stomp of “Gloria” in this garage-punk classic from Scott McCaughey’s desk, as McCaughey calls the living dead out on the falsehoods they’ve been feeding him, all that talk about elevator clouds and bugs that braid your hair.

71. Black SabbathBlack Sabbath

Church bells ringing in the middle of a thunderstorm?

They’ve built the horror-movie ambiance long before the band emerges from the mud with the world’s scariest, most devilish riff.

This is all before the singing begins.

“What is this that stands before me?” asks Ozzy Osbourne.

“Is that a figure in black pointing at me?”

It turns out to be Satan, and despite his undeserved reputation as Satan’s longhaired friend, Ozzy is running afraid and pleading with God for help before the track is through.

An absolutely horrific epic.

72. Shout At The DevilMotley Crue

In which the members of Motley Crue advise you to yell at the devil, who is alternately portrayed as “the wolf crying lonely in the night,” “the blood stain on the stage,” “the tear in your eye,” “the dagger in your back,” and “anger.”

And that’s just the first verse.

But it takes a lot more than that to frighten Vince Neil.

“We’ll stand and deliver, be strong and grin,” he sings as the chorus begins.

“And curse the devil.”

73. Hang You From the HeavensThe Dead Weather

This first-album standout features Alison Mosshart of the Kills, who follows “I like to grab you by the hair and hang you up from the sky” with “I like to grab you by the hair and drag you to the devil” in one of her hottest vocal performances yet, which is saying a lot.

Alison is more terrifying than the groove.

Terrify people at your yard with this Halloween party song.

74. Sympathy For The DevilThe Rolling Stones

Most adults at the time were already casting Mick Jagger as the devil. So why not cast him in the greatest Rolling Stones song of all time?

The lyrics are brilliant, putting Jagger’s Satan in the middle of several pivotal historical events. He was present when Jesus Christ experienced doubt and pain.

During the Russian Revolution, he is in St. Petersburg, killing the Czar and his ministers.

When the Blitzkrieg raged and the dead stank, he was in a tank with a general’s rank.

75. ThrillerMichael Jackson

Alice Cooper made excellent use of Vincent Price in a similar circumstance in “Welcome to My Nightmare.”

But the price is also really good.

And, while it may work better as a soundtrack to a legendary music video than as a song in its own right, it is still a terrific tune.

And the beat is unmistakable.

76. This Is HalloweenDanny Elfman

You can’t go wrong with Danny Elfman’s “This is Halloween,” as played by the people of Halloween Town in Tim Burton’s holiday classic “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” but it’s creepier when performed by Marilyn Manson.

And, unexpectedly, his vocal treatment is the more cartoonish of the two.

77. SkullsThe Misfits

The Misfits are without a doubt the best Halloween band in punk history. They even have a “Halloween” tune.

However, “Skulls” is their gloomy masterwork.

Glenn Danzig begins the song with corpses hanging limp and decapitated on his wall, blood pouring down like devil’s rain.

And it just gets sicker from there, like a really fantastic episode of “Criminal Minds” written by Ramones fans with a warped sense of humor.

78. Release The BatsThe Birthday Party 

This Shockabilly classic features an out-of-control Nick Cave voice yelping, “Bite! and “Release the bats!” before telling the story of his offspring, a cool machine that doesn’t mind a little dirt and says things like “Damn that damn that horror bat sex vampire.”

She’s a wild one, as is Cave, who appears to take a great sick delight in repeating the sentence “Sex vampire.”

79. Jack The RipperThe Horrors

They’re known as the Horrors. And Jack the Ripper was a well-known serial killer.

There are also a lot of anguished cries and a bassline that sounds like the B-52s’ “Planet Claire” (or possibly the “Peter Gunn” theme) performed by someone fleeing along empty alleys for their lives.

And it helps that the vocalist simply gets more insane as it goes on, especially when he claims he’s “walking around the streets of London late at night” the second time.

80. ManeaterNelly Furtado

Because Nelly Furtado really gave us a step-by-step guide to identifying man eaters in the event of a zombie apocalypse.

They make you work hard, spend hard, and look nothing like the extras from The Walking Dead.

81. SuperstitionStevie Wonder

Simply hearing the bassline of this classic will make you appear like you’re condemned to dance for the rest of your life.

82. Psycho Killer – Talking Heads

The lyrics of this Halloween party song is a real turnover. Just follow the first verse and you will understand.

I can’t seem to face up to the facts

I’m tense and nervous and I can’t relax

I can’t sleep ’cause my bed’s on fire

Don’t touch me, I’m a real live wire

83. The Purple People EaterSheb Wooley

This one is for the children (and the kids at heart). 

In case you forgot, Sheb Wooley’s 1950s song tells the story of a one-eyed, one-horned, purple-people-eating alien who comes to Earth to join a rock band.

84. Hedwig’s ThemeJohn Williams

“Harry Potter” enthusiasts, unite!

This “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” classic will instantly change your home into Hogwarts – at least for a few minutes. So, consider this theme on your Halloween party song list.

85. Clap For The WolfmanThe Guess Who

This charming tune by The Guess Who will have everyone singing and applauding along.

It’s actually a tribute to radio DJ Wolfman Jack, and his voice can be heard multiple times during the song.

86. Wolves – Selena Gomez

American singer Selena Gomez and music producer Marshmello collaborated on the song “Wolves.” Gomez, Ali Tamposi, Louis Bell, Brian Lee, and its producers Marshmello and Andrew Watt all contributed to the song’s composition. On October 25, 2017, Interscope Records made the song available.

87. People Are StrangeEcho & The Bunnymen

If you haven’t seen “The Lost Boys,” this Doors song will help you understand what the cult classic vampire thriller is about.

Press the play button to be transported to Santa Carla, the “World’s Murder Capital.”

88. Witchy WomanThe Eagles 

According to the Eagles’ Don Henley, this vintage Eagles song was inspired by Stevie Nicks, but it’s actually about ladies practising white witchcraft in the 1970s.

In any case, this song will enchant you.

89. WitchcraftFrank Sinatra

It all comes down to witchcraft, horrible witchcraft!

Though it wasn’t intended to be a Halloween party song, Frank Sinatra’s hit has become a fan favorite during the spookiest time of year.

90. Wicked AnnabellaThe Kinks

It tells the story of a witch named Annabella who is mixing a brew that no one has ever seen in a dark and misty house where no Christian man has ever been. It’s an uncharacteristically spooky highlight of the greatest album in the history of rock and roll (“The Kinks are the Village Green Preservation Society”).

“Her relatives will not even greet her.

That’s how terrifying she is.

And it only gets better when it’s turned into a children’s cautionary tale.

“Because nasty Annabella is up in the sky / Hopin’ they’ll open their eyes,” Dave Davies advises, “little youngsters who are good should always go to sleep at night.”

91. Theme From HalloweenJohn Carpenter

John Carpenter’s “Halloween” maintains the gold standard for slasher flicks more than 30 years after its release.

Increase the volume of the film’s theme in anticipation of the franchise’s next installment, which is set to be released in October 2022.

92. Bad Moon RisingCreedence Clearwater Revival

This classic by Creedence Clearwater Revival captures the appropriate gloomy tone, which means it won’t dampen everyone’s mood at the gathering.

93. O FortunaCarl Orff

This strong, operatic piece of classical music will undoubtedly add drama to your Halloween party song list.

Play it on loop to make your trick-or-treaters feel like they’ve walked into a movie.

94. Myer’s HouseJohn Carpenter

Nothing says “Help!

“On Halloween, I’m being stalked by a lunatic serial killer,” as in this song from the original “Halloween” album.

This one will have you searching under the bed before bed.

95. In The Midnight HourWilson Pickett

Everyone knows that as the clock strikes midnight, ghosts and goblins emerge.

This Halloween party song honors witching hour and will have everyone dancing.

96. Toccata & Fugue In D MinorJohann Sebastian Bach

This centuries-old masterpiece is actually the musical rendition of a Transylvanian castle during a thunderstorm, making it yet another Halloween classic.

97. Full MoonThe Black Ghosts

If you’re planning a “Twilight” movie marathon for Halloween, this should be on the list.

We can all agree that “Full Moon” is as creepy as it gets, whether you’re Team Edward or Team Jacob (obviously, the winner is obvious).

98. Friends On The Other Side – Randy Newman

This song from Disney’s “The Princess and the Frog” is deliciously dark and kid-friendly, with lyrics about voodoo and eerie forebodings.

99. Red Right HandNick Cave & The Bad Seeds

“Fans of “Peaky Blinders,” this one’s for you.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to watch the British drama to understand the dark, evil tone of “Red Right Hand, Red Left Hand.” “a song about blood revenge.

100. Cry Little Sister – Gerard McMann 

The theme tune from the popular vampire film “The Lost Boys” is dark, scary, and ideal for encountering a group of bloodsucking vampires.

101. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) – David Bowie

David Bowie, an English singer-songwriter, recorded the song “Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)” for his 1980 album of the same name. Robert Fripp’s lead guitar work and the track’s unusual synthesized percussion made it stand out musically. Bowie sang the lines with a Cockney accent and created a perfect Halloween party song.

102. Black Magic Woman – Fleetwood Mac

British songwriter Peter Green’s song “Black Magic Woman” was initially released by Fleetwood Mac as a single in 1968. If you want to give your party an antique vibe consider this song ob=n your Halloween party song list.

103. The Monster – Eminem

If you are a fan of rapper Eminem then his Halloween party song “The Monster” will keep your party alive for a long time. 

104. Monster – Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga was inspired to write this song by her “Fear of Attachment Monster”. According to Gaga, the song “Monster” is about her phobia of sex and relationships.

The lyrics speak about someone who is constantly in love with a horrible boy but who chooses to stay with him rather than leaving him.

105. She Wolf – Shakira

What could be a better metaphor than Shakira’s She wolf to rock as a Halloween party song.

She associates hunting with looking for guys, just like a wolf. Simply put, the song expresses that she prefers to be wild and free without being in a relationship rather than “domestic.”

Final Thoughts

We hope you enjoyed our list of the best 100 Halloween party songs! There’s something for everyone on this list, from classic Halloween tunes to more modern hits. No matter what your taste in music is, you’re sure to find a song on this list that will get you in the Halloween spirit.

We tried to make a list of environment changing, horrifying, strange, and dreadful sounding songs that will spice your Halloween party. Let us know in the comment, which Halloween party songs are your favorite. Thanks for reading this far.

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