There are many easy country songs on guitar for beginners to play and have fun. Even many popular country songs are composed with easy guitar chords, rhythm, and finger plucking styles which are ideal for beginner guitarists to learn.

You probably just have started playing guitar for a couple of weeks, know how to tune a guitar, and how to play basic guitar chords. That would be enough to give a shot to our list of easy country songs on guitar.

Our Top 24 Easy Country Songs On Guitar

Learning to play guitar can be intimidating, especially if you’re just starting out! There are so many different chords and so many different scales, and it’s hard to know where to start. If you want a few easy country songs that’ll get you started on your way to becoming a country star, check out this list of our top 24 favorite easy country songs on guitar.

1. Achy Breaky Heart – Bill Ray Cyrus

Source: Good Guitarist

Many people think this one may not be a country song but it is. There is plenty of rock elements present in this track that gives a danceable groove. However, the song is the top charted country song in 1992.

To enjoy and benefit from playing the guitar, you only need to use strong strumming and precise fretting of the strings. Learning this track will improve your guitar playing skill for sure.

2. Jambalaya – Hank Williams

Source: JustinGuitar Songs

Jambalaya is one of those easy country songs on guitar that keeps the same rhythm all the time. It has just two chords played throughout the whole song.

Jambalaya is a solid choice for beginners and also a great song to keep in the memory repertoire for country musicians.

3. Ring Of Fire – Johnny Cash

Source: Song Notes by David Pots

Johnny Cash is one of the greatest country song artists. Cash had a broad audience in his time and still, people know his classic country songs and sing along whenever they get the chance.

The song “Ring of Fire” is hilarious because it invents a metaphor for love as fire. In this timeless song from 1963, Johnny Cash talks of getting caught in the web of love.

As the song has only three chords, (all are in open fret positions) it is perfect for beginners. However, the strumming might seem a bit quicker which should not be a trouble if you put your mind to it.

4. I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash

Source: Marty Music

The guitar entrance to this song is among the most cheerful. It demonstrates Johnny Cash’s proficiency in his primary musical instrument.

Even while newbies can always perform this 1956 country hit with a looser strumming style, the song’s explosive basslines can only be obtained by modifying an arpeggio. You can anticipate that playing this country tune will help you improve your fingerpicking abilities.

5. I Will Always Love You – Dolly Parton

Source: Marty Music

The pop version of this track from Whitney Houston is placed on our list of 100+ songs everyone knows. However, the track was first recorded by country singer Dolly Parton in 1974.

No matter whatever version of the song you choose to play, the chord sequence and pattern will remain the same. Its slow speed should make it simple for guitarists just to learn the instrument to execute the strumming with accuracy. If there is one, I urge you to learn the simple arpeggio in the intro.

6. Jolene – Dolly Parton

Source: Marty Music

Another Dolly Parton easy country song on guitar is Jolene which is also a 1974 hit. Choose this song if you want a melancholy, poetic song that isn’t too difficult to learn.

The song has just three chords in open fret positions which are very easy to shift from one to another. Even if you play the song in a slow tempo it sounds cool.

7. Take Me Home, Country Roads – John Denver

Source: Marty Music

This one is one of all time best country songs and my favorite. It is instantly recognizable, even to fans outside of the country music world. You can get to the West Virginia mountains by way of scenic country roads in this sentimental tune.

The song has four chords but all can be played in open fret positions. There is greater precision in the strumming. You’ll strum more forcefully on some beats than others, but that’s what gives the song its dramatic ambiance.

8. You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift

Source: Andy Guitar

This song is a crucial component of Taylor Swift’s immensely successful Fearless album, which navigates the difficulties of high school romance and popularity contests.

The song’s music is filled with banjos and new wave electrics, and Swift’s vocals are twangy. “You Belong with Me” is a straight-up country pop song. It is better suited for playing for a sizable, musically diversified crowd than for true-blue country fans.

Perhaps the simplest Taylor Swift song to play on a guitar. You’re good to go if you know the chords for D, A, E minor, and G.

9. On The Road Again – Willie Nelson

Source: Marty Music

One of the easiest country songs on guitar is Willie Nelson’s this track. The song was written for the soundtrack of the movie Honeysuckle Rose.

This song employs a number of simple chords, including E, A, B7, and B, as well as two slightly more difficult chords, G#7, and F#m. It has a rhythm that sounds like a train. However, once you understand the chords, the remainder of the song will come easily to you.

Since the song is fairly rapid, you might begin by playing it at a lesser pace and gradually increase it.

10. Tennesse Whiskey – Chris Stapleton

Source: Marty Music

Tennessee Whiskey was first performed by David Allan Coe in 1981. However, you may be familiar with Chris Stapleton’s arrangement, which incorporates R&B musical elements.

A and Bm serve as the song’s primary chords. You may play it with G and Am if you place a capo on the second fret.

The tune contains a few strum-inducing passages. However, the continuous tempo gives the music a beat without having to play it quickly.

11. Blown Away – Carrie Underwood

Source: PapastachePop

Carrie Underwood is called the Queen of Country in the modern country music world. Blown Away is a grammy award winning track that has just simple three chords with the same chord progression all over the track.

Simple down, down-up, up, and down-up patterns can be used to play this song by aspiring country guitarists. Since the chords are no longer an issue, this ought to be simple enough to learn. Also excellent would be fingerpicking.

12. When You Say Nothing At All – Keith Whitney

Source: Learn Guitar Favorites

This beautiful lovely easy country song on guitar was written by Don Schiltz and Paul Overstreet in 1988. Keith Whitney took this track on the top charts of country songs.

It has just three guitar chords which sound great in open fret positions, a perfect song for beginners. Also, it should be incredibly enjoyable to play because of its catchy melody.

13. Hurricane – Luke Combs

Source: Marty Music

The composition of many modern country songs already incorporates elements from other musical genres. This is more appealing to a modern audience. Take Hurricane as a reference.

The chord progression of this easy country song on guitar can also easily be memorized. It’s simple to understand. The rhythm’s timing needs to be perfected, and that is the only thing you need to worry about. A few bass notes will also aid to enhance the song’s overall harmonic qualities.

14. Somebody Like You – Keith Urban


Australian country music artist Keith Urban co-wrote and recorded the song “Somebody Like You.” This catchy country song is beginner friendly and easy to play on guitar.

Although it is a little quick, this will help you develop your rhythm. You can attempt it with an arpeggio once you grasp the smoothness of playing it.

15. Cruise – Florida Georgia Line

Source: Learn Guitar Favorites

You’ll undoubtedly feel the temptation to play Florida Georgia Line’s “Cruise” constantly once you learn how to play it. The song is really simple to learn and is a great energy booster. It’s a nice song to play for leisurely outdoor or social gatherings.

It has a simple, slow strumming pattern and four chords that repeat. As a result, many newcomers to country guitar like playing it.

16. You Are My Sunshine – Jimmy Davies

Source: Simplified Guitar

This song is so well-known and well-loved that Louisiana declared it to be the state’s official anthem. If Jimmie’s rendition isn’t the one you’ve previously heard, you’ve probably heard one of its other iterations. Over 350 artists have performed covers of You Are My Sunshine in over 30 different languages.

This song’s guitar parts are played at a beautiful, relaxed pace, making it one of the easiest country songs on guitar. You have a fantastic opportunity to practice playing a bassline and melody simultaneously.

17. The Gambler – Kenny Roger

Source: Marty Music

This easy country song on guitar got released in 1978. It has a strong message and a catchy melody that listeners can swing to. Due to Kenny Rogers’ soothing voice, it provides an even more calming impact.

The Gambler’s strumming style is nothing to be concerned about. You can easily nail the piece with a little practice. The timing of each strum is what you should pay attention to, though. The tune might then easily be improved further by incorporating a couple of different guitar playing approaches.

18. Wagon Wheel – Darus Rucker

Source: Marty Music

The history of this song’s creation is quite fascinating. The lyrics and melody to Wagon Wheel were created by Bob Dylan, who also recorded them. Ketch Secor of Old Crow Medicine added the verses a quarter-century later. As the song’s popularity grew at the time, various country musicians recorded their own arrangements of it.

This featured Darius Rucker in 2013 and Nathan Carter in 2012. Surprisingly, Rucker’s arrangement was what gave the eclectic country song the praise it truly deserved.

When played on the guitar, the song’s interesting background lends it a unique edge. Playing it is so much pleasure, especially when other musical instruments are present. Your guitar will do for the time being.

19. The Dance – Girth Brook

Source: Learn Guitar Favorites

This 1990 country song’s lyrics can be read in one of two ways. The song offers solace to individuals who are grieving a breakup by acting as a heartfelt love ballad. The Dance is a fascinating work that honors the things in life that are worth dying for those who desire to be more poetic. 

However, this easy song on guitar is an absolute beginner song. As the song is played on a relaxing beat, playing it is never a concern. It’s an excellent song to improve your fundamental fingerpicking skills. The result is a song with excellent harmonic and melodic qualities.

20. Everything Has Changed – Taylor Swift Ed Sheeran

Source: GuitarZero2Hero

Although she has largely shifted to a more pop-oriented approach, Taylor Swift is no stranger to the genre. She does a terrific job of incorporating a little of that country flair into some of her vocal phrases and melodies.

As you might expect, a song featuring two of the most well-known musicians ever was a huge success. In fact, you can watch Taylor play the song live with Ed Sheeran in 2013 on the hit TV program Britain’s Got Talent.

The main thing to focus on while you are practicing the song is to follow the strumming pattern. Once you grab the picking hand technique, the song will not be a challenge anymore.

21. You Are Still The One – Shania Twain

Source: GuitarZero2Hero

Shania Twain has always done a terrific job of fusing her pop sensibility with her rural origins. With its contagious melodies and rural inflections, this song exemplifies that point perfectly.

It was released as the lead single from her third studio album, “Come On Over,” and it received a record-breaking 4 Grammy nominations, winning two of them!

This easy country song on guitar has four chords which you will play with a constant flow of rhythm throughout the whole song.

22. El Paso – Marty Robbins

Source: Jason Read – Guitar Lessons

A Texan cowboy who gets forced to leave his house after a gunfight is the subject of the Western ballad “El Paso.” But as the years pass, he increasingly travels back home because he misses Feleena, a girl he loved.

The chord transition of this easy country song on guitar is slow and you will hold on to each chord for a bit of time. However, you start out with a fast transition through A, D, F sharp, A, and D at the very beginning. It’s simple to learn and distinctive enough that you’ll feel satisfied when you’re done.

23. Guitars, Cadillacs – Dwight Yoakam

Source: Learn Guitar Favorites

Dwight Yoakam’s “Guitars, Cadillacs” contains a number of traditional country guitar styles that date back to the genre’s earliest beginnings, including fingerpicking and that distinctive, locomotive country strum sound. Its introduction, according to guitarist Eugene Edwards, is “the history of country music all in one extremely catchy riff.”

“Guitars, Cadillacs,” a study of various picking techniques, tests beginning guitarists with 16th note picking, down picking, and hammer-ons. It’s a great tune to play because it makes use of both chords and rhythm in addition to some hearty country riffs that can be achieved by string-bending.

24. He Didn’t Have To Be – Brad Paisley

Source: George Possley

I suppose that’s the beauty of country music—Brad Paisley has this amazing capacity to express deeply personal and relevant human tales via his songs in such an approachable way. In addition to being a lovely song with lovely lyrics and melody, it’s also really simple to play on the guitar.

Using the basic chords G, C, D, Am, and Em, Paisley worked absolute songwriting magic. This charming easy country song on guitar is simple to learn and play, demonstrating once more that some of the most memorable songs may also be simple to play. It also has a laid-back, smooth strumming rhythm to match.

Final Thoughts

After overcoming the primary stages of learning guitar you can reward yourself by playing these easy country songs on guitar.

Don’t give up if some of these songs appear overly difficult. Some strumming patterns could be challenging for brand-new learners, but there won’t be any problems if you play it slowly at first!

Keep in mind that slow practice gives you time to think and place the fingers at the right chord shape. So approach slowly and then gradually speed it up to the original song that you like to play.

Let us know in the comment which easy country songs on guitar you would like to learn.

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