If a platform has one of the best movies ever created, it surely will also have some of the bottom list – not so good – movies. Netflix, home to many of the great movies ever created, has laughably bad movies.

With the abundance of titles available on Netflix, some aren’t worth watching; and while we always highlight the best, today we will show you what not to watch on Netflix.

10 Movies not to Watch on Netflix

We are listing below our picks for the worst movies on Netflix so you can avoid ruining your movie night watching them. 

1. Marmaduke (2022)

We open the list of worst movies on Netflix with Marmaduke (2022), a family comedy film that runs for 1h 28m. This movie is an animated adaptation of 2010’s Marmaduke. Both of those movies got bad reviews due to their lackluster animation, plot, and comedy.

Marmaduke is also unpleasant on the visual level, confusing on the narrative level, and devoid of comedy. Many people went as far as to call it one of the worst animated films of all time.

2. The Last Days Of American Crime (2020)

The Last Days of American Crime is a very lengthy 2h 28m movie. Before diving into the details, the length of the movie is the first reason why it’s on a list of the worst movies on Netflix. Despite having a good concept, the film has the worst pacing for its length.

Directed by Oliver Megaton and starring Neels Clasen, Rick Remender, and Tony Caprari. The movie shows a career criminal teaming up with a gangster and a black-market hacker to pull off the last crime and biggest heist in the history of America. In the movie, the government broadcasts signals making it impossible for anyone to commit unlawful acts and the team must complete their mission before the signal goes off eradicating criminal behavior forever.

The Last Days Of American Crime was heavily criticized where most people found the script weak, the movie too slow and extra-long, the story is shallow with no substance or justification, and finally the acting and film execution was not attractive.

3. Oh, Ramona! (2019)

Oh, Ramona! is a romantic comedy movie, directed by Cristina Jacob based on the novel “Suck It, Ramona”. The movie shows a high school virgin Andrei besotted with his classmate Ramona. Ramona tries hooking up with Andrei, while he was only looking for a serious committed relationship, resulting in him rejecting her. Andrei later travels on holiday and meets an attractive hotel clerk who gives him a different outlook on his life.

The movie is mainly criticized for its themes of sexual assault, fat shaming/bullying and homophobia, which are all used as jokes and overlooked just because the receiving end is male. Lastly, even though it’s a comedy movie, the jokes are very lame and the storyline doesn’t lead anywhere.

4. Outside the Wire (2021)

Even a decent cast of actors can’t save a disastrous movie sometimes. Outside the Wire is the next entry on our list of the worst movies on Netflix. In this movie, a drone pilot dispatched into a combat zone is teamed with a top-secret android officer on a mission to prevent a nuclear blast.

You know the movie is badly written when a character has to explain the plot every few minutes. Despite a thrilling concept, the movie is full of plot holes and predictable twists. Overall, Outside the Wire is a mediocre and generic sci-fi movie that you should steer clear of.

5. Enter The Anime (2019)

Enter The Anime is a documentary made to introduce newcomers to anime and advertise Netflix as a home to anime movies/series. The documentary features Tania Nolan interviewing some of the biggest Anime creators such as Shinji Aramaki, Yoko Takahashi, and Kôzô Morishita. This documentary did not add any value to viewers as it was supposed to. Watchers found Enter The Anime, a boring and uninformative documentary.

6. A Fall From Grace (2020)

A Fall from Grace is a 2 hour long Netflix thriller movie. The main character, Grace Waters a sad and divorced old woman who goes out searching for someone new to love. After being disheartened by her ex-husband’s adultery, Grace is refreshed with her new love and marriage to a young man (Shannon). Grace then murders Shannon coldheartedly after he steals money from her and the bank she works at.

The movie is said to be poorly produced on many levels. Watchers mentioned the storyline is poorly written and the events don’t always make sense, the movie looks to be shot in the same building for all the scenes and shot from not so good angles. 

7. The Outsider (2018)

Set in post-WWII Japan an American Prisoner of War works his way up through the yakuza’s rites and tribulations to become a member of the Yakuza criminal organization.

The Outsider is better than most movies on this list yet it remains super unrealistic, boring, and hard to relate to. It was described as a very gloomy looking crime thriller that feels more like a drama and the biggest critique people had about this film was its slow pacing that took away the overall experience.

8. Sextuplets (2019)

Sometimes filmmakers go over-the-top with comedy and fall face-first onto the ground. Sextuplets is a prime example of such movies. In this movie, Alan realizes he he is a sextuplet and has five other siblings. He goes out to find and reunite with all of them before his kid is born.

Sextuplets follow a filmmaking formula that has been long forgotten. This film is dull because of its weak writing. Overall, this movie is easily one of the worst movies on Netflix. If you are looking to watch a comedy movie, then pick anything other than this movie.

9. Mercy (2016)

Mercy is a Thriller movie revolving around Grace, a dying mother, her husband who is trying to take care of her and her four sons. The family find themselves in a terrifying position being attacked by masked figures and are forced to battle for their lives over and over again as the day keeps repeating itself.

In a nutshell, Mercy is an extremely disappointing movie, as in the end everyone dies except Grace herself. There were some interesting aspects here, but they were severely underserved by the film’s careless, uninspired execution. The plot is too complicated, and the storyline is unclear.

10. Game Over, Man (2018)

The last entry on our list of the worst movies on Netflix is Game Over, Man. In this movie, three nobodies are caught up in a hostage crisis in a Los Angeles hotel and must join together to save the day.

Game Over, Man is so bad that it is actually good. At one point, the film becomes so laughably bad that you start having a good time. So do yourself a favor by steering clear of this movie unless you need some guilty pleasure.


This is our list of the worst movies on Netflix to help you determine whether you want to watch these or steer clear of them.

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