Today, we will present a list of new album releases in August 2023. Many new albums get released each month, which is also true for August this year.

Music fans like you worldwide always look forward to listening to new records from their favorite and new artists. Many highly anticipated albums will drop this month from various genres and artists. Whether you’re a fan of pop, rock, country, or something else entirely, there is certainly something new to check out in August.

Best New Album Releases in August

In this article, we have a collection of new albums from different genres released in August of this year. Without any further adieu, let’s dive into it.

1. Mammoth WVH – Mammoth II (BMG)

Mammoth II is the second studio album by American rock band Mammoth WVH, fronted by Wolfgang Van Halen, son of the legendary rock guitarist Eddie Van Halen. One of the album’s themes is “his grief of losing his father.”

Wolfgang Van Halen did all the writing, vocals, and instruments, just like the first album. This album is generally better than the debut album because it has more diversity in terms of sound and songwriting. Wolfgang solidified his place in the rock music scene with this new album release.

The album’s single ‘I’m Alright’ climbed to number 19 in “Top 20 Debut on the Hard Rock Digital Song Sales chart.”

2. Alice Cooper – Road

The Road is a solo album by American rock musician Alice Cooper with his touring band. This is one of the highly anticipated albums among new album releases.

Cooper recorded this album live in the studio without overdubs to showcase the compatibility of the band for live performances.

Being a “concept album,” this album revolves around the things that happen on the road. The tracks have multi-layered guitars and powerful riffs full of vigor. According to critics, the album might not be Cooper’s masterpiece, but it is still worthy enough to call it “one of his bests.”

It was released on August 25, 2023, and recorded with guitarists Nita Strauss, Ryan Roxie, Tommy Henriksen, bassist Chuck Garric, and drummer Glen Sobel.

3. Asking Alexandra – Where Do We Go From Here?

Where Do We Go From Here? It is the eighth studio album by the English rock band Asking Alexandria. This album is one of their heavier works, and the listeners are going to be enthralled by quite surprises in many or all of the songs.

With this album, the band showcases their ability to produce a coherent, well-received album by critics and fans alike. They have infused ideas from their previous records while creating this energetic, dynamic, and high-powered album.

If you are not a fan of Asking Alexandra, this new album release by this band is sure to get you interested in them.

4. DEVIN TOWNSEND – Devolution Series #3 (Empath Live in America)

The Third installment in the Devolution Series is the collection of tracks performed live in America with Townsend on vocals, guitar, and keyboards, along with Mike St. Jean on bass and Francesco Artusato on guitar.

With this new album released, Davin has another outstanding album. Devolution Series 3 is one of his finest live releases. Townsend describes the songs as “free-form” versions of the materials. There were no backing tracks, click tracks, or even a setlist, so the performances were unique and unrepeatable for the audiences.

Davin has a quirky approach to making music; this live album has all that, paired with perfect playing by other artists. This album will be a treat for avid prog fans.

5. Turnstile & BADBADNOTGOOD – New Heart Designs

This collaboration between American hardcore punk band Turnstile and  Canadian instrumental band BadBadNotGood is a surprise. Among the new album releases of August, this will blow your mind if you are a fan of either or both bands. 

This album features reimagined versions of songs from Turnstile’s 2021 album, Glow On. The jazzy and hip-hop-adjacent style of BadBadNotGood sounds stunning with Brendan Yates’ voice, especially in the opening song “Mystery.”

This EP veers away from Turnstile’s typical “hardcore” sound and pushes the boundaries of both bands. BADBADNOTGOOD’s drummer, Leland Whitty, has done an excellent job in producing this EP. 

6. Hozier – Unreal Unearth

Unreal Unearth is the third studio album by Irish singer and songwriter Hozier. He has collaborated with a humongous number of artists on this album. The album received positive reviews from critics and debuted at number one on the Irish and UK charts.

Dante’s famous work Inferno has been cited by Hozier as his inspiration for this album. So, it does not come as a surprise when mythological figures and concepts are referenced in many of the songs.

Collaborating with other artists is an integral part of an artist’s journey, but, according to some critics, Unreal Unearth suffers from the collaboration of “too many” artists. Still, this album has quite a captivating charm to it, and you will like it in no time.

7. Margaret Glaspy – Echo the Diamond

Echo the Diamond is the third studio album by American musician Margaret Glaspy.  Glaspy produced it with her partner, a contemporary guitarist and composer, Julian Lage.

A conversation between Glaspy and Lage inspired the title track. She also mentioned that this album signifies the attempt to stop looking for a happy ending in everything and meet life on life’s terms. 

Among the new album releases, Echo the Diamond is an album that portrays the artist’s struggle with the dark times in her life and how she pieced together the wisdom of life itself into a coherent philosophy.

On this album, Glaspy recorded with bassist Chris Morrissey and percussionist David King of The Bad Plus. This album has received high praise and acclamations from critics and fans.

8. Joe Alterman Plays Les McCann – Big Mo & Little Joe

In this list of new album releases in August, we have a tribute album by Pianist Joe Alterman and his trio named Joe Alterman Plays Les McCann: Big Mo & Little Joe. This album pays tribute to American jazz pianist and vocalist Les McCann.

Alterman’s special friendship with McCann is what fueled the idea of recording the legendary McCann’s compositions and releasing them in a single album. Alterman was already an admirer of McCann’s music, and McCann has also highly praised all aspects of Alterman’s playing.

Moreover, Alterman is a technically proficient pianist possessing a wide range of skills on the keys; and he always makes sure that, along with his masterful playing, his compositions and performances convey emotions with utmost ingenuity and soulfulness. This album will give you all of that.

For this reason, I would recommend you give this album a chance, and I am confident this album will be one of your favorite newly released albums.

Final Words

This concludes my list of new album releases in August 2023. I hope I have introduced you to some contemporary artists, bands, or albums. 

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