Even if “Saw” has lost a portion of its iconic impact after nine films. We saw them over a period of 17 years. When Saw movies ranked, we realized that horror aficionados still enjoy it as a wonderful party franchise. The main plot has gotten more and more complicated to preserve the work of the aging adversary by surviving and dying by Jigsaw’s horrifying traps.

The Jigsaw series features John Kramer (Tobin Bell), a serial killer who used homicidal games that needed sacrifice to try to make his victims value their lives. However, the series quickly expanded and became more sophisticated. In the third movie, Kramer passed away, making room for Mark Hoffman (Costas Mandylor), a new Jigsaw who never quite lived up to the role.


Variety has graded the movies and Saw movies ranked. This ranking focuses decapitations, gaming, acting, narrative, and fun, to honor the franchise’s ninth entry, the unexpectedly star-studded “Spiral: From the Book of Saw”. It is starring Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson and directed by series vet Darren Lynn Bousman.

9. Saw 3D: The Final Chapter (2010)

Saw movies ranked and we have started from bottom to top. The final installment in the Hoffman tale, “Saw 3D,” although having a few clever murders, disintegrates as a cheap imitation of its predecessors.

In the game, a guy who exaggerated his escape from Jigsaw’s traps. He must pay for his conceit in order to save his wife. In the first chapter Lawrence Gordon, by Cary Elwes, finally captures Hoffman in the same predicament when he was tied to a saw, providing some fan service.

The remainder of the movie is cliché FBI cat and mouse, with some decent traps here and there. There’s a crazy glue-filled garage setpiece, a great opening scene with two men fighting over a lady in broad daylight, and a cow-shaped oven.

8. Saw V (2008)

“Saw V” departs from the show’s beginnings by delving deeply into the mind of the new Hoffman. He struggles to keep his identity a secret from everyone, notably the tenacious Agent Peter Strahm (Scott Patterson). Mandylor is willing to portray a psychopath.

It’s clear that he lacks Bell’s magnetism, especially when the audience begins to support Strahm in bringing Hoffman to justice and putting the story to a close. However, there are several entertaining traps. They spice up an otherwise uninteresting affair, from a pendulum blade in the opening scene.

It leads to an ’80s-style gory ending to a closing sequence that squashes Strahm as well as the trash compactor from “Star Wars.” When Saw movies ranked, this one occupied the eighth position.

7. Saw IV (2007)

Timelines become convoluted in “Saw IV,”. This is because the main game occurs simultaneously with “Saw III,” except for an intro and a coda that depict Hoffman’s coronation as Jigsaw’s successor. In Bousman’s third outing as a filmmaker, the pace and trappings regrettably appear a little slow.

Apart from a scalping chair and a knife face apparatus that is…exactly what they sound like, the gears and limits that the unending victims attempt to escape from start to resemble past adventures in the series. The fourth chapter is mainly successful in setting down the next group of puzzle pieces for the rest of the series. 

Albeit missing the spark that creates excellent editions intriguing, we love it. When Saw movies ranked, this one got the seventh position. It is undoubtedly a big achievement of this movie.

6. Saw VI (2009)

“Saw VI” posed the ideal scenario. What if the participants in the game worked for a sketchy insurance firm? They faced it at a deserted zoo. There is a showman’s flare in this chapter that was lacking in the fourth and fifth ones. Along with an entertaining location, there were people who viewers might support killing.

Series editor Kevin Greuter may have given it a better pace and overall vision than its mediocre predecessors. The traps are also inventive. Moreover, the creativity keeps the pleasure in the pitch-black going. Changes occur from the horrible funhouse prank of a fatal carousel to clever scenarios using oxygen, steam, and acid.

The satisfying conclusion of “Saw VI” shows Hoffman confronting a trap that has become a series staple. It occupies 6th position among all Saw movies ranked.

5. Saw III (2006)

The character arcs haven’t fully gotten muddled by the time of “Saw III,” but they are obviously at their breaking point. Fortunately, Bousman is back in front of the camera and has gotten showier with the games.

The “oh shit” moments are heightened, with everything from a legendary ribcage-bursting machine to a lady being frozen alive, a man drowning in pig intestines, and loads of gore in between.

According to the plot, Shawnee Smith’s Amanda, who is continuing her more mustache-twirling evil role as a Jigsaw follower who, unfortunately, can’t follow his rules, kidnaps the doctor (Bahar Soomekh) who is keeping Kramer alive. At the same time, a desperate father (Angus Macfadyen) engages in a dangerous game to purge his heart of resentment.

It’s better to relax in the grand Guignol and refrain from asking too many questions to avoid damaging your brain by overanalyzing all of the “lessons” imparted or the relationships and motives of the characters. When Saw movies ranked, it occupied the 5th position.

4. Jigsaw (2017)

“Jigsaw,” which debuted seven years after the last episode, was advertised as a gentle reboot for the series. It was gratifying to watch a (a little) younger Kramer on his first journey. Wwe love it despite the closing twist dabbling once more in the convoluted history.

The normal gang of jerks might be caught in the barn setting as a good change of pace. They could be eliminated one by one utilizing farm machinery. The Spierig Brothers also served as the franchise’s directors. They infuse the series with an ambitious intensity and clean aesthetic. Moreover, they also add tiny details like a trailer-ready scene of a runner passing a body that no one else can see but her.

The last sequence, in which a detective’s head is chopped off by lasers before a smash cut to titles, is a repulsive thrill, even though the following few moments are inevitably steamy in determining the inspiration for a new Jigsaw copycat. It satisfies the most fundamental needs of each “Saw” movie in equal measure by being disgusting and funny. When Saw movies ranked, Jigsaw movie showed that it deserved 4th position in the ranking.

3. Saw II (2005)

When Bousman’s scriptedd “The Desperate”, it attracted the attention of Lionsgate Film executives. It became a “Saw” sequel, though he was a scrappy 25-year-old with very no filmmaking experience. Following the success of the first movie, Bousman was promptly given the opportunity to helm the sequel. It casts a cast of ethically questionable jerks as Jigsaw’s captives.

Everything is greater in a sequel, including the number of individuals confined, the torture equipment that resembles Rube Goldberg’s inventions, the blood, and the hysterical acting. Some of the setpieces have a dark humor to them for a show that regularly veers into self-seriousness, from a surprise pistol in the peephole scene to a pompous player being burned alive.

However, the chef’s kiss—which undoubtedly approved of a second installment—was really a nasty needle hole that series star Amanda (Smith) had to roll about in and dig in. Even though it only appears on screen for a short while, it endures long beyond the final credits. A franchise highlight is created when some good last-minute twists are added, along with Donnie Wahlberg’s compelling portrayal as the investigator who must shoot Kramer, or his child will die. When Saw movies ranked, this one got the position in top 3.

2. Spiral (2021)

Chris Rock claims that “Spiral” came about by happenstance when he met the chairman of Lionsgate at a wedding and offered his own “Saw” movie. This is a tale that can only be found in Hollywood.

Thinking about starting narrative that diverges from the Jigsaw murders, there are lots of games and gore, but with novel twists like the creepy voice this time being modulated differently and the puppet this time being a pig.

Rock’s disturbed detective takes center stage among a cast of supporting characters, including those portrayed by Max Minghella, Marisol Nichols, and Samuel L. Jackson, but eventually good acting lifts the situation. Outside of John Kramer, Rock’s character is unquestionably the most developed in the series. He adds some fun and lightness to it.

Returning to direct the proceedings, Bousman gives his fourth film greater texture and depth by bathing scenes with golds, greens, reds, and blues. Despite these changes, there are still crude traps, with the opening scene’s tongue trauma and another’s progressively detaching fingers serving as highlights. In the end, “Spiral” is a fantastic entry point for newcomers to the franchise that will also satiate bloodhounds.

Spiral is a sensation. When Saw movies ranked, people thought it will get first position. However, this is also fine to keep it on second.

1. Saw (2004)

The first “Saw,” a chic indie mystery that rocked Sundance, is far more inventive than the “torture porn” moniker that was attached to it. James Wan and Leigh Whannell, two ambitious young Australians, came up with the deceptively straightforward concept together: what if two guys woke up chained in a room, had no knowledge how they got there, but had to plan their way out?

Danny Glover and Cary Elwes were recruited to be the cast’s leading actors, and Wan directed the film while Whannell wrote the screenplay and played a significant part. Wild rumor promised an outrageous night at the movies, driven by a brilliant teaser line from Elwes (“He doesn’t want us to break through our chains…he expects us to break through our ankles”).

An unexpected turn of events (Jigsaw was still alive on the floor the entire time!) also astounded the audience. It’s hardly surprising that the movie became a series that haunted theaters each Halloween for years to come since it’s so efficiently filmed, has excellent shocks, and has squirmy gore. Among all the Saw movies ranked, Saw 2004 is the best one.

Wrapping up: 9 Saw Movies Ranked!

It is not a big deal that Saw movies ranked. But the great thing is that all Saw movies ranked according to the positions they deserved. This ranking is helpful for anyone who is eager to know where to start.

Although all these Saw movies ranked from bottom to top, all are great. We hope that this guide has everything about Saw movies ranked.

If you have suggestions about how Saw movies ranked, you should share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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