Some people prefer to watch movies and tv shows online without any cost. Many websites allow you to do that. One of them is M4uFree. Sometimes M4uFree gets down, and you’d like to know some M4uFree alternatives to watch movies and TV shows.

Online streaming is very popular these days. Many online streaming platforms include Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu. However, all these platforms are paid and require a monthly subscription. Whereas sites like M4uFree allow you to watch movies for free.

So, in today’s article, we will be telling you the top 30 M4uFree alternatives to watch movies & TV Shows in 2022.

About M4uFree

M4ufree is a website where you can get free movie downloads. M4ufree not only allows you to download movies, but it also allows you to download popular TV episodes and web series directly to your devices.

If you don’t want to pay for streaming services, you may use the M4UFree site to watch free full movies, TV shows, and episodes online. Moreover, you do not need to register or sign up to use M4UFree.

M4uFree contains a seemingly infinite number of moves and shows without any cost. You can watch the latest episode of your favorite show no matter which streaming service it originally airs on. These are some of the reasons which make sites like M4uFree very popular.

M4uFree Proxy & Mirrors


Sometimes the server of M4uFree is down, or the domain itself is being restricted. In these situations, you can visit some of the proxy links for M4uFree or one of this website’s mirror links.

A list of M4uFree proxies and mirrors is given below:


Free M4uFree Alternatives To Watch Movies & TV Shows

If the M4uFree website isn’t working or isn’t loading the content you want, then you might want to check one of the third-party mirrors. However, suppose none of the mirrors are working, and you’re looking for a different website with similar features to M4uFree. In that case, luckily, there are a lot of free alternatives available.

1. ZMovies


It is a top-rated video streaming website that provides high-definition Bollywood and Hollywood movies. Zmovie, like M4uFree, is a fantastic service that allows its users to view content in high quality with no interruptions.

Just like M4uFree, you don’t need to sign up for ZMovies. You can simply visit the website, choose whatever you want to watch, and click play. You will see some ads pop up here and there, but that is common on every free streaming website.

In addition, it includes films of many genres such as fantasy, crime, animation, comedy, documentary, horror, family, musical, mystery, history, romance, biography, adventure, war, action, and so on. You don’t have to worry about any monthly subscription to enjoy these movies.

2. BobMovies


BovMovies features a very fun interface. It is free to use, and you can watch most of the movies and shows here. You can easily sort movies and TV Shows by selecting the genre and country. You can watch horror, comedy, action, romance, etc.

Like other M4ufree alternatives, BobMovies allow you to watch a plethora of content from any device without any download or registration. Moreover, you can also watch animated shows like children’s cartoons or even anime.

BobMovies is a great choice. You should try using it. The features it offers are quite unmatched. Plus, it gets additional points for its pretty interface.

3. XMovies8


Another M4uFree alternative is XMovies8. This website is quite similar to many other free streaming websites in terms of interface. Moreover, you can watch a huge collection of shows and movies, no matter where you live.

XMovies8 does show you a lot of ads, but if you’re familiar with an AdBlocker, you can easily bypass these ads and enjoy your favorite shows and movies. Furthermore, it also features a Top IMDB selection of movies.

4. EuropixHD


EuropixHD has been active for a long time. This website has a very sleek and premium-looking interface. However, it is completely free to use. Though, there’s a catch: EuropixHD’s main niche is all about offering HD content with subtitles.

That niche somewhat limits it since it only offers HD movies so most of the latest releases won’t be available on this website for quite some time. If you have a stable and fast internet connection, then EuropixHD is definitely a great choice.

EuropixHD is one of the best M4uFree alternatives with HD and popular content only.

5. Primewire


Primewire is another alternative to M4uMovies. This website offers viewers the most recent movies in high quality. These saves time as well. The more users roll, the more they understand how vast the movie library is.

Users may browse their favorite content and enjoy it for as long as they like. Primewire enables users to browse through all the categories of movies and shows. Moreover, your selected titles will also include comments and voting on the website.

Overall, Primewire is a very solid option with a sleek interface and a responsive design. You should check this one out.

6. CONtv


This entry on our list of M4uFree alternatives is quite different from the rest. CONtv is a free-to-watch website but it mostly offers a selected range of content. This content can be described as “Indie” movies and shows.

So, if you’re in the mood to watch something different and unique for once, then CONtv is the place to be. You can find all sorts of bizarre movie titles, but there are certain hidden gems among these.

You can play any of the movies, and either have a good time or a good laugh. You’ll be entertained, nonetheless.

7. GoMovies


GoMovies is another free alternative to M4uFree. It is quite well-known, and chances are that you might’ve used it already once or twice. The website provides all of the required information about the movies, such as the duration, genre, quality, and more, for the ease of its users.

This is a great option if you’re looking for something easy to use and familiar. However, there might be many ads, but you can easily get past them. Moreover, GoMovies also offers a lot of international content.

8. Popcorn Time


Popcorn Time takes a different approach to online streaming. This website searches the web for the best torrent of a specific movie or episode and then streams it to you without downloading. This may be a little laggy at times, but the overall quality is simply amazing.

A unique aspect of Popcorn Time is that this website also has apps for Android, Apple, and even Linux. So, you don’t have to open the website every time to watch it. You can simply download the app and use it on your TV or phone.

9.  Putlocker


Putlocker is one of the world’s most well-known free online movie streaming services. Though the original project is no longer active, the site remains operational through a network of mirrors and clones.

This website is particularly famous due to its ridiculously large selection of movies. If you can’t find a particular movie anywhere on the internet, there’s a high chance that you’ll easily find it on Putlocker.

However, since Putlocker only exists in the form of mirrors, users may occasionally find the wrong site and infect their computer with malware. Plus, the visual quality of movies can usually be subpar, and you’ll rarely find any HD option.

10. YifyTV


YifyTV is an excellent M4uFree alternative. This website offers a huge number of shows and movies instantly. It is very similar to other free streaming websites and has great servers. Plus, Yify TV gives the best user experience.

However, there’s really one big downside of using YifyTV. It is a mess in terms of pop-up ads. Every single click will take you to an ad or another website. So, you’ve to be careful with that.

11. Rainierland


Rainierland is a sleek-looking website for streaming your favorite movies and TV shows. This website has multiple servers for most things. Moreover, it is more focused on TV Shows, but the collection of movies is also quite good.

You might find it a little hard to use at first, but you’ll eventually get the hang of it. It is one of the most sleek-looking alternatives to M4uFree. Plus, this website’s interface will entice you if you are an avid binge-watch fan.

12. BMovies


BMovies has been around for many years. This website is very well-polished and has a huge collection of movies and shows. Since the website has been around for so long, it is understandable that it features so many movies and has a huge user base.

With an easy-to-use interface and fast servers, BMovies can be considered one of the best M4uFree alternatives. It may be like other streaming websites, but it stands its own ground.

13. Cineb


Cineb is a relatively new free streaming site that is attempting to establish itself in this market. It has a simple design and reasonable video quality, making it an excellent M4UFree alternative for watching free movies.

Furthermore, it offers a “Trending” area on the main page and a lot of categories, albeit sparsely filled. Cineb’s content personalization aims to attract new viewers. Furthermore, it is always on top of new releases, publishing content as soon as it can get its hands on it.

All in all, Cineb is a fast and reliable streaming website that should be in your bookmarks.

14. AZ Movies


AZMovies is the next entry on our list of M4uFree alternatives. AZMovies is one of the most popular free streaming services, and it has been operating for a long time. It includes thousands of movies and has a large monthly audience.

However, there’s a downside to this website. It only features movies and has no options in terms of TV Shows. You’re better off using M4uFree if you plan to watch TV shows as well. AZ Movies does offer you a Top 10 list when you visit the website. This list contains all the trending movies.

15. YesMovies


YesMovies provides a user-friendly design, easy navigation, and a massive library of thousands of free movies and TV shows. It’s a popular free movie streaming service with customizable features like a favorite list.

The only drawback is that YesMovies’ advertisements are highly invasive. Before you can watch your favorite TV or movie on it, you’ll have to close pop-ups left and right. This seems to be a very common problem with all these websites.

16. 123Movies


Next entry on our list of M4uFree alternatives, we have 123Movies. This is an incredibly popular website. So much so that if you ask someone for a recommendation, then it is highly likely that they will tell you about 123Movies.

In addition to regular content, they’ve even leaked stuff that hasn’t yet been released. This vast library is a critical thing. It also boasts an easy-to-use interface and a clean design, and the video content is of reasonable quality.

17. Afdah


Afdah is one of the most popular free online movies streaming services, continuing the low ad incursion trend. It boasts a large collection, offers high-definition resolution for all its movies and TV series, and only infrequently displays a pop-up ad.

While the name is more difficult to remember, the platform’s experience is not. It is a solid alternative to M4uFree.

18. GoStream


GoStream is mainly focused on movies, so you won’t be finding any TV Shows here. So, if you’re only interested in watching movies, then GoStream is the right choice for you. Otherwise, it isn’t that helpful and useful for you.

Other than that aspect, it is similar to other streaming websites. It features a lot of movies, has ads, and requires no fees or subscription. It is a very good website and can be used to watch hundreds of movies.

19. XumoTV


Xumo TV is another legal streaming site. However, it has far less content. Xumo struggles to acquire a large audience because a large business does not back it. Nonetheless, it provides both VODs and live content and is available on a variety of devices.

Just don’t anticipate much diversity in terms of material. In addition, first-time users may find the UI difficult. When you visit Xumo, it will automatically display the live material that is now streaming. Xumo is only available from the United States, so you’ll need a VPN to use it.

20. PopcornFlix


Do not confuse PopcornFlix with Popcorn Time. Both are very different from each other. PopcornFlix is indeed a free streaming site with a user-friendly interface. It’s also quite simple to use on a multitude of devices.

However, It is mostly focused on TV series. Therefore, movie fans will be disappointed. Moreover, it isn’t overly saturated with ads, making it an appealing option for consumers who want to catch up on the newest episodes of their favorite series.

21. VexMovies


This is probably the most bizarre entry on this list. VexMovies is a free-to-use streaming platform with hundreds of movies. These movies can range from blockbusters to indie movies. Moreover, these services are offered free of cost and without any ads.

But there’s a catch. VexMovies only offers movies that were released before 2019. The reason behind that is unknown, but it is likely that the developers simply abandoned this project after 2018. So, if you’re looking for a pre-2018 movie, then VexMovies is a solid M4uFree alternative.

22. MoviesFoundOnline


MoviesFoundOnline works on a unique concept. This website provides a good selection of free movies ranging from cult classics to current indie flicks. Even animated shorts and films, documentaries, stand-up comedy, and TV programs are available on the site.

It is kind of a useless website as the content available here is also available on other M4uFree alternatives, but their content isn’t available here. It has a very small collection, but it doesn’t have pop-up ads, so that’s a plus point.

23. VidCloud


VidCloud is frequently updated with new episodes of popular series, although its archive isn’t very spectacular. VidCloud isn’t the first choice for users seeking a timeless classic. VidCloud is also very barebones in terms of the overall design.

Nonetheless, it makes our list of streaming site alternatives due to its non-intrusive advertising. Moreover, it is quite easy to use, even for new users, and the simple UI is beneficial for them.

24. MoviesJoy


MoviesJoy is the ideal choice if you want a basic free movie streaming website with an outstanding collection of content. The site features a basic look like other streaming websites.

On the website, you may find both the current blockbusters and classics. HD movie streaming is also accessible. Moreover, the site does not employ pop-ups and instead hosts adverts on the homepage, so it isn’t too jarring to use.

25.  StreamLord


Another excellent free movie streaming service is StreamLord. It offers recent high-quality movies and TV episodes. The website is simple to use, although it does not organize movies by genre or year of release.

The major advantage of StreamLord is that it is nearly ad-free. However, you do need to sign up before using it. I’d advise you to use an email specifically for this website to avoid any malicious activity.

26. MyFlixer


MyFlixer is one of the greatest free movie sites. On this free movie site, you can also select from a variety of resolutions, and the user interface is rather smooth. Aside from free movies, they also provide a plethora of TV series to select from.

On the other hand, this movie streaming site relies heavily on advertisements to fund itself. However, it is a very solid option if you’re planning to watch movies and TV Shows of good quality.

27. Internet Archive


Internet Archive is basically a database of everything that is in the public domain. So, it does have several movies too. All the information on the site is lawful, including classic films in the public domain.

However, if you’re seeking the newest summer hit, the Internet Archive has nothing for you. On the other hand, if you enjoy vintage films, give it a go. Plus, the Internet Archive has no advertisements and is free to use.

28. Pluto TV


PlutoTV is yet another legally owned and run platform. It is part of the ViacomCBS family and allows you to view the finest movies and TV shows from MTV, Nickelodeon, and Comedy Central.

PlutoTV does not have a subscription plan. Thus, you may only watch it for free. The good news is that it has extremely few advertisements. You will have to endure the odd pause in your content, but there will be no pop-ups or banners.

29. FMovies


Probably the most popular entry on this list is FMovies. This website offers a lot of content ranging from blockbuster movies to anime. It has over a million monthly users and allows you to play everything in excellent quality and for free.

However, there are a few disadvantages to utilizing FMovies. The first is that you’ll have to wade through a few advertisements before you can watch your movie. Secondly, the website has a huge user base, and the servers can experience a lot of downtimes. If you can get past that, FMovies is a great alternative to M4uFree.

30. Tiny Zone


Tiny Zone is probably the best streaming website on this list. It has everything you could ever ask for, a beautiful yet simple UI, a huge collection of content, and minimal and non-interrupting ads. In my opinion, Tiny Zone is a great replacement for M4uFree.

It features a quick loading time and little to no buffering, even on slow networks. It’s easy to understand why it’s still regarded as one of the finest free movie streaming sites. You should also try it if you are not interested in spending your money on a subscription-based platform.

Legal M4uFree Alternatives

So far, we have only talked about the free alternatives to M4uFree that host content through piracy. However, there are some free and legal alternatives to watching your favorite movies and TV Shows as well. Let’s look at them.



Crackle is a relatively new free streaming service. It is not very well-known mainly because it is only available in the United States. It offers free movies and TV shows from well-known studios such as Lionsgate, MGM, Sony Pictures, and DreamWorks.

Sony Crackle looks fantastic and is simple to use when it comes to free movie streaming services. However, the collection of movies offered by Crackle is very limited, but you will find many good and popular movies on it.

One downside to Crackle is that it is only available in the United States and its territories which means you do need a good VPN to operate it.



Peacock is another great option if you’re planning to watch content legally. You may watch Peacock TV for free if you subscribe to the service’s basic package, which includes hundreds of hours of programming.

With a free Peacock TV package, you may watch early seasons of “The Office,” as well as daily news and sports. Even if you decide to get a subscription, it isn’t that expensive. However, as is the case with many of these services, it is not available outside of the US.



Tubi is another free movie streaming service that owns the broadcasting rights to all its material, making it a genuine streaming service. Tubi allows you to view free movies without breaking the law.

Fox Corporation owns this platform, which has been in operation since 2014. It includes media from major entertainment companies such as Paramount, MGM, and Warner Bros. However, it is a little heavy on ads as compared to other similar services.



If you’re a student, then Kanopy is a great platform for you. You’ll need a library card to see the movies on this website. This might be a library card from your institution or a public library. When you sign up with the card, you gain free access to some of the most recent movie titles.

The nicest thing about Kanopy is that it is fully legitimate and ad-free. It also works outside of the United States, so you may use it if your library or university card is approved by the site. However, keep in mind that the total collection of movies is very restricted, but if you’re a movie buff, you’ll manage to dig up some classics.



Vudu is an excellent alternative to M4uFree. It remains one of the top free streaming sites that solely display freely available content. Moreover, you have the option to rent 4k movies through Vudu at a very reasonable cost.

However, it does not have a large collection, and you are unlikely to find the most recent releases here as soon as they are available on other streaming services. Plus, it is limited to the US like some other services that we have mentioned before.

The Roku Channel


The Roku Channel is another great option in terms of free legitimate streaming services. This platform is ad-supported, but you won’t face them very often. You may use your web browser to visit the website, or you can add The Roku Channel to your streaming device.

It is obvious that you won’t get all the content for free. There is a payment barrier between you and unlimited content on The Roku Channel. However, even the free version will get you a lot of entertaining movies and TV Shows.

Should You Use Free Streaming Websites?

M4uFree is a free streaming website like the others we have listed in this article. However, is it recommended? There can be multiple answers, and the answer may vary depending on who you ask.

Suppose you’re watching free content on a legitimate website such as Vudu or TubiTV. In that case, there’s no problem except that the content limits you.

So, if you want to remove that limitation without spending any money, then you can delve into something a little shadier like M4uFree and Tiny Zone, etc. These websites will offer all sorts of free content, but you’ll have to sit through many ads and deal with some lag.

In the end, it all depends on personal preference. If you don’t mind the content limitation, then simply don’t visit illegitimate content websites, but if you want to watch something specific, then those websites are your only way.


So, these were some of the best M4uFree alternatives to watch movies and TV Shows in 2022. You can check every website out and decide which one is best for you. We have described the pros and cons of almost all of them. Hence, it is up to your decision now.

You can also share this list with your friends so they can decide which streaming website is best for them.

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