Today, we will talk about some of the best karaoke songs for women. We’ve all done karaoke at some time in our lives, whether we like it or not. Karaoke, which originated in Japan in the 1960s and 1970s, has become a global phenomenon and still going strong today.

Karaoke is an excellent method to break the ice and enhance your stage confidence. So many of us get cold feet at the prospect of stepping on stage. and performing in front of a gathering gazing at us.

Alternatively, you and your female squad may unwind with a few cocktails and some sing-along songs. While we’re sure you’ve already planned the drinks, picking the music can be a little trickier.

Now that we’ve gotten our feelings about karaoke out of the way, let’s face it. No matter how inviting the setting is, there’s no ignoring the pressure of choosing the perfect song. 

Sure, karaoke generally comes with a library, but who wants to waste time looking through pages of potential songs? So instead, have a few go-to faves to hit the stage without missing a step.

1. Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

This catchy tune is likely the most popular karaoke songs for women in recent years. Moreover, you can sing it loudly or softly without a problem.

Taylor Swift’s song Shake It Off is a hit for the American singer-songwriter. Swift and its producers, Max Martin and Shellback, collaborated on the song’s writing. “Shake It Off” is a fast-paced dance-pop tune with a saxophone melody in the background.

This song expresses Taylor Swift’s disgusts with the media. She is sick of hearing stories about herself. She wants everyone to know that her personal life is hers, not theirs. Everyone should mind their own business as life moves on.

2. Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) – Beyoncé

Beyoncé’s song Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It) is taken from her third studio album, I Am… Sasha Fierce (2008).

Single Ladies is a song with dancehall and disco overtones that is uptempo dance-pop, bounce, and R&B.

Beyoncé and Jay Z married in 2008, but no one knew. So “Single Ladies” got release as the couple’s announcement, despite it being about being alone. In 2010, producer Tricky Stewart told People, “It was the only strong signal they ever made about marriage.”

3. Chasing Pavements – Adele

Chasing Pavements is a song by English singer-songwriter Adele that appears on her debut studio album, 19. (2008). Adele wrote the song with producer Eg White.

After a six-month relationship, Adele wrote the song based on the incident with her ex-boyfriend. She discovered that her boyfriend cheated on her. Later, she went to the pub where he was and struck him in the face.

Adele walked along the street alone. And at that time she found the following words: “What is it you’re chasing? You’re chasing an empty pavement.” At the same time, she sang and recorded it on her phone. Later, she adjusted the chords when she arrived home.

4. Just Dance – Lady Gaga

“Just Dance” is American singer Lady Gaga’s first hit. She collaborated on the song’s writing alongside Akon and his producer RedOne. It got release as the lead single from Gaga’s debut studio album, The Fame, on April 8, 2008, and features vocals by Colby O’Donis.

The day after she arrived in Los Angeles from New York, Lady Gaga wrote this karaoke song for women. The singer-songwriter told HX Magazine, “I was taken very quickly out of my party lifestyle. So I wrote it instantly – like it flew out of my body.” 

She also explained in the same interview the meaning of the song. “If you’ve ever been so high that it’s, like, scary, the only way you can deal with it is not deal with it, so you just kind of dance through the intoxication.”

5. It’s Raining Men – The Weather Girls

“It’s Raining Men” is one of the best karaoke songs for women by the Weather Girls from their third studio album, Success (1983). The song is Hi-NRG and post-disco in style, with elements of R&B, soul, and 1970s-era electronic dance music. Its lyrics express the exhilaration and satisfaction of a wide range of people.

This song was written exclusively for the LGBT community and was soon adopted in gay dance clubs. As soon as the song came out, the LGTBQ community adopted it as the classic camp song.

6. Roar – Katy Perry

Katy Perry’s fourth studio album, Prism, includes the song “Roar” (2013). On August 10, 2013, this karaoke song for women got release as the album’s lead single. It’s a power-pop song with arena rock influences and lyrics about standing up for oneself and self-empowerment.

The song is about the development of a character. She transitions from being meek and subservient to speaking out and advocating for herself. Perry’s triumphant declaration of moving ahead into the next stage of her life following the heartbreaking end of her marriage to Russell Brand.

7. Wannabe – Spice Girls

Wannabe is one of the best karaoke songs for women by the British girl group Spice Girls. It was the lead song from their debut album Spice, released in 1996. Moreover, the girls collaborated on the song with Richard Stannard and Matt Rowe, who they met at the band’s first professional songwriting session.

In short, the lyrics of Wannabe emphasize the importance of female friendship over a female-male connection. Certainly, it quickly became a symbol of female empowerment and one of the band’s most successful songs.

8. You Belong With Me – Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift’s You Belong with Me is a song from her second studio album Fearless (2008). This karaoke song for women is a country-pop song with mainstream pop crossover. It’s about an insecure protagonist’s unrequited desire for a love interest that is out of reach. To clarify, Swift wrote “You Belong with Me” after overhearing a fight between a male friend and his girlfriend over the phone.

This karaoke song for women is basically about wanting someone with a girl who doesn’t appreciate him at all. But there is another girl who liked this guy her whole life. However, she understands him better than the girl he is with and accepts him the way he is.

9. Who Says – Selena Gomez

One of the best karaoke songs for women “Who Says” was performed by the American band Selena Gomez & the Scene. However, Priscilla Renea wrote the song and Emanuel Kiriakou worked as a producer. Later, the song released as the lead single from the band’s third album, When the Sun Goes Down, in March 2011. (2011).

Who Says is about those tormented at school, and it is relatable to young females. It’s also about being at ease with yourself and understanding that you don’t have to be flawless since no one else expects you to be. The essential point is that what other people say about you is meaningless since they don’t know your story.

10. If You Had My Love – Jennifer Lopez

American actress and singer Jennifer Lopez’s debut song is If You Had My Love. It was also the lead single of her debut studio album, On the 6 which got release on May 4, 1999. (1999).

It’s a mid-tempo pop and R&B song with Latin and hip hop influences. Its lyrics are about the start of a new relationship, and Lopez confronts her admirer with a set of ground rules.

This karaoke song for women addresses the problem of men playing with the hearts of women. Therefore, it is a big problem, especially from the perspective of women.

11. These Are The Times – Dru Hill

The second single from Dru Hill’s second album, Enter the Dru, is These Are the Times. The record peaked at number 21 on the Hot 100 and number 5 on the R&B chart, where it remained for 21 weeks.

A lady reflects on her relationship and realizes how horrible they were for each other. Out of love, she wants to quit the relationship. Still, after more consideration, she decides to return because he is all she has and needs him right now.

12. If I Ain’t Got You – Alicia Keys

If I Ain’t Got, You is a song by Alicia Keys from her second studio album, The Diary of Alicia Keys (2003). The song is about “how material goods don’t nourish the spirit” This karaoke song for women was inspired by the 2001 death of singer Aaliyah from the terrorist attacks on September 11, and other events in the globe and Keys’ life. In addition, the single cover features Keys in a manner comparable to Man Ray’s 1924 painting Le Violon d’Ingres.

Being on a plane and knowing she passed away after a plane crash, there was just this sentiment of being present in the moment, and nothing else matters but those you love. That feeling was present in my life and right in my face.

13. Part Of Me – Katy Perry

Part of Me is one of the best karaoke songs for women by American singer Katy Perry. The song got release as the lead single from her third studio album, Teenage Dream: The Complete Confection. It’s a dance-pop and power pop song with a distinctive house beat. Perry and Bonnie McKee authored it.

This song is likewise about a girl who was 16 when she fell in love with a male. She sings about how their relationship failed due to their age gap. But, she is still in love with him after all these years. Even though she is over him, a part of her will always be in love with him and miss what may have been.

14. A Thousand Years – Christina Perri

A Thousand Years is a song recorded by Christina Perri and written by Perri and David Hodges for the film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 1.

She has been in love with a man for a long time but has never told him. Her heart races when she’s near him. At the same time, her life becomes colorful because she wants to share this life with him. 

So many promises she wants to make, but she’s too terrified of “falling”, possibly because he doesn’t return her love or she can’t tell him. But he’s all alone, and she sees a chance. All of her doubts vanish, she must say to him. She moves a little closer to him.

15. Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding

Love Me Like You Do is a karaoke song for women by English singer Ellie Goulding for the film Fifty Shades of Grey’s soundtrack (2015).

It was released as the soundtrack’s second single on January 7, 2015. Goulding’s third studio album, Delirium, includes the song.

“Love Me Like You Do” is a mid-tempo electro pop power song with big synths and smashing rhythms.

Lyrically, the song discusses the uncontrolled sensation of falling in love. She is captivated by someone whose touch leaves her longing for more, even when it hurts, similar to the film’s premise.

16. Don’t Speak – No Doubt

Don’t Speak is a song by No Doubt from their third studio album, Tragic Kingdom (1995). On April 15, 1996, it was released as the third single from the Tragic Kingdom in the United States.

The song was written as a love ballad by lead vocalist Gwen Stefani and her brother Eric Stefani, a former member of No Doubt. Gwen turned it into a breakup song about her bandmate and ex-boyfriend Tony Kanal shortly after their seven-year relationship ended.

17. I Kissed A Girl – Katy Perry

I Kissed a Girl is Katy Perry’s debut song from her second studio album, One of the Boys (2008). On April 28, 2008, it was released. It’s a pop-rock, electropop, and disco tune with new wave influences.

This song was created while Katy Perry was on tour with Rihanna because both singers frequently kissed other girls on stage. The song is about Katy kissing a female and finding she prefers it to kissing a boy.

She sings about how she can’t help but wonder what it’s like to kiss the girl again and if her affections for girls may be more severe today.

18. Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s song Dangerous Woman was released as the lead single from her third studio album, Dangerous Woman. It is a mid-tempo pop and R&B song.

This lovely song describes how every lady feels when she’s with the perfect guy. That cute, friendly, well-behaved, and God-fearing girl will transform into this empowered Dangerous Woman. All she needs is one bad guy. Something about him compels her to do things she shouldn’t. And this isn’t to say she’s a horrible person. She is a good person by heart, and her God is aware of this.

The song also depicts the aggressive and passionate nature of girls. It demonstrates what every female is beneath the surface regarding love. 

19. Heaven – Bryan Adams

“Heaven” is a song written by Adams and Jim Vallance and recorded by Canadian singer-songwriter Bryan Adams in 1983. It initially debuted on the soundtrack album for A Night in Heaven the same year. Later, the track took place on Adams’ album Reckless in 1984.

The song is about a man who came into a woman’s life and turned everything around for him. They were away from each other. But he only wants to be with her. She is the only person he wants in his life. Moreover, when they are together, they are in heaven.

20. Tears In Heaven – Eric Clapton

Eric Clapton and Will Jennings composed this track in response to the loss of Clapton’s four-year-old son, Conor. It was included in the soundtrack of the 1991 Rush film. Clapton played the song in front of an audience at Bray Studios in Berkshire, England, in January 1992.

Clapton’s 4-year-old son Conor died on March 20, 1991, after falling from the 53rd-floor window of a New York City apartment belonging to Conor’s mother’s friend.  Clapton returned to work after a time of isolation. He coped with his son’s loss by co-writing Tears in Heaven with Will Jennings.

Final Thoughts

With so much music to pick from, it wasn’t easy to narrow it down to just ten. However, our collection will provide you with a fun-filled evening of musical delights with their energetic tracks, excellent harmonizing, and soulful themes.

Also, let us know about your list of best karaoke songs for women in the comment section. We would be happy to sing your favorite karaoke songs for women as well. Cheers!

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