In this article, we will share the best rap songs with funny rap lyrics.

Circumstances can sometimes negatively dictate the sentences that come oozing out of our mouths.  In a lifetime filled with millions upon millions of words, humans are bound to encounter several instances of illogical nomenclature somewhere along the road.

Maybe you’re giving a speech in front of a hundred people and your nerves are getting the best of you.

Perhaps your brain malfunctions and you blend two words instead of selecting one of them. You’re aware of what’s going on, but you can’t stop it.

And you can’t stop the puzzled eyes that are staring back at you. These encounters are amplified for rappers.

Rappers, it turns out, say stuff that makes you go “uh, what?” all the time. You could construct a complete list by simply listening to Lil Wayne’s music (“Met a female dragon/Had a fire conversation”?C’mon fam).

But singling out Weezy would be unfair because popular rappers worldwide are expressing things that need to be verified.

From 2 Chainz to Drake, Tyga, and Jaden Smith, here are some funny rap lyrics that make no sense, in the same sequence as the verses.

Sugar – Flo Rida

Source: Flo Rida

On so many levels, this song is weird but has funny rap lyrics. To begin, Flo Rida emphasizes his reputation as a “lip biting beast.” Displaying your odd side is nothing wrong; lip biting can be entertaining.

When you combine the words “lip biting” and “beast,” you’ve officially passed over from the fun side of the freaky spectrum to the cannibalism side.

Add in the “42 teeth” statement and you’ve got a guaranteed mind scratcher. If you’re going to make a reference to human teeth, you should definitely start with a count of your own.

“You like my sugar, my sugar.

You so sweet, so sweet.

Like my candy, my candy

You so sweet, so sweet.

I got a good appetite with you on me, on me.

Ill wrap you out of them clothes.

You my treat, my treat.

Girl you my sugar, I call you Candy

And tonight Im gonna get me some, get me some.

Girl you my sugar, I call you Candy

And tonight Im gonna get me some, get me some sugar.”

Me & My B–ch – The Notorious B.I.G

Source: Daniel Milojevic

Yes, it was a reference to Richard Pryor and yes, it’s still bad.

Although Biggie’s beginning lines are among the best in hip-hop history, this one from “Me & My B—-h” is one of his poorer ones. Without context, it appears to an uninformed listener as an odd complement.

There’s a lot of buildup, a punchline, and a follow-up (“Is that fine enough for your ass?”), all of which are required for this line to work. Biggie’s version is merely a lousy pickup line.

However the song end with a tragic story leaving sadness to the listeners mind.  

“One day, she used my toothbrush to clean the toilet

Throwin’ my clothes out the windows, so when the wind blows

I see my Polos and Timbos

Hide my car keys so I can’t leave

A real slick bitch, keep a trick up her sleeve

And if I deceive, she won’t take it lightly

She’ll invite me, politely, to fight, G

And then we lie together, cry together

I swear to God I hope we fuckin’ die together”

Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down – Puff Daddy (Ft. Ma$e)

Source: Bad Boy Entertainment

It sounds like a variation on the phrase “money up the wazoo,” but it doesn’t work as well as he would have hoped.

It substitutes a more graphic line for the colorful emotion.

When someone claims they have money up the wazoo/ass, you get where they’re coming from without having to visualize it. “Money hanging out the anus,” on the other hand, is highly visual.

A little disgusting but you have to admit the song has kind of funny rap lyrics.

“I be out in Jersey, puffin’ Hershey

Brothers ain’t worthy to rock my derby

No, I’m never drug-free when I’m the club, G

Though I know the thugs be wantin’ to slug me (Uh-huh)

Could it be I move as smooth as Bugsy? (Yeah)

Or be at the bar with too much bubbly? (Come on)

Yo, I think it must be the girls wanna lust me

Or is it simply the girls just love me?

Brothers wanna, rock my Rolls, rock my clothes

Rock my ice, pull out Glocks, stop my life (Ugh)

I’m like, “Damn, how these niggas got that trif’?

Used to be my man, how he gonna plot on my wife?”

Do you think he snake me ’cause he hate me?

Or he got his Ph.D., “Player Hatin’ Degree” (Ahaha)”

Keep Their Headz Ringin’ – Dr. Dre

Source: UPROXX Video

Dr. Dre has authored and created numerous masterpieces. He gave us NWA, Snoop Dogg, and Eminem.

He could continue to sell headphones for the next 20 years and still be remembered as a hip-hop legend.

Even the finest of them have their moments of “wait, what?” This isn’t the worst rap lyric ever penned, but I’m sure Doc thought it sounded better.

“1, 2 for the crew, 3, 4 for the dough

5 for the hoes (hoes!) 6, 7, 8 for Death Row

Mad niggas about to feel the full effect of intellect

So I can collect respect – plus a check

Now I fin’ to get into my mental

Will take care of this business I need to attend to ’cause my rent’s due

And this rap shit’s my meal ticket

So you god damn right: I’m gonna kick it or get evicted

I bring terror like Stephen King

A black Casanova, running niggas over like Christine

When I rock the spot with the flavor I got

I get plenty of ass, so call me an ass-tronaut”

I Own America – Slick Rick

Source: OfficialSlickRick

This dude can make a story about bagging groceries sound like the most fascinating thing you’ve ever heard.

However, this is one of the few duds in his discography. Obviously, Slick

Rick had forgotten all about his childhood lessons about not eating where you crap.

Besides, I don’t want to see one of my favorite rappers wiping his butt with the face of another rapper. That is simply too much for my small brain to handle.

“He’s so crazy — I smash rippin up the place

Give the mack a taste — I wipe my ass with a rapper face

Cars come to a dead stop

Rain find ways not to drop on my headtop

Tycoon rush at the richest

Even my complexion is a must-have to bitches

Even without, car money to budget

I would have the most elegant apartment in the projects”

Light Up – Jay Z

Source: YoungFMoneyTv

Jay Z was properly chastised for this lyric he dropped on Drake’s “Light Up.”

This sentence is not just not a triple entendre (in fact, we’re not sure Jay knows what a triple entendre is), but it’s also not a double entendre!

It’s a good thing no one asked Jay Z how he did this since he wouldn’t know.

“Ow, hoes turn they heads like, owls

I’m the man of the hour

Triple entendre, don’t even ask me how

Con Edison flow, I’m connected to a higher power

Bright life’d make your whole city light up

A trillion-watt light bulb, when I’m in the nightclub

I just landed in that G450

Caught the Mayweather fight, ’cause the satellite was crispy”

Scenario – A Tribe Called Quest

Source: A Tribe Called Quest

The apparent knock on this phrase is that it makes no logic at all.

Not even in jest.

To be funny to most people, a joke must be somewhat realistic or practical.

You can’t go around squeezing a nut in everyone’s eye to show them where you’re from.

“Bust a nut inside your eye to show you where I come from

I’m vexed, fumin’, I’ve had it up to here

My days of payin’ dues are over, acknowledge me as in there

(Yeah!) Head for the border, go get a taco

Watch me wreck it from the jump street, meanin’ from the get-go

Sit back, relax, and let yourself go

Don’t sweat what you heard, but act like you know”

XOXOXO – Black Eyed Peas

Source: JustSomeM

Oh my goodness, You’ve noticed that when you like someone, you feel butterflies in your stomach?

You’re also aware that Pepto-Bismol can be used to relieve stomach distress. Which is it, then?

Do you like this guy, or did you overeat at Taco Bell?

“Butterflies in my tummy, need Pepto

Bismol, baby give me more sex though

It’s your pleasure like I’m Gecko

Girl, will I stop lovin’ you? Heck no

Honestly I think you got me in a hex yo

When I’m with you it’s all perfecto

And when I’m leavin you hit me with that text

And you talkin ’bout the XO, XO, XO”

Comfortable – Lil Wayne

Source: ThaBongKing

Remember those filthy Law & Order: SVU murder investigation sequences where the forensics team shines a black light on the murderer’s sperm spots?

In this scenario, Weezy is the murderer, and the only thing he’s killing is…well, you get the picture.

“And if you leave, you leaving the best

So you will have to settle for less

And I am no Elliott Ness

I don’t handcuff, I don’t arrest

I do confess to the murder scene

‘Cause under them sheets, I am a mess

Yes, baby, you’re blessed

Now just don’t jump your nest, come on, yeah”

Your Love – Nicki Minaj

Source: Nicki Minaj

That “somehow” may be Nicki acknowledging the statement doesn’t make sense.

Given that both geishas and samurais are Japanese, he speaking Thai and her understanding it would be unusual.

I believe Nicki became caught rhyming “samurai,” could only think of “Thai,” and said, “It doesn’t make sense, but screw it.” It’s not like some blogger will write an entire piece about how lazy this rhyme is. Anyway, you will like this funny rap lyrics.

“When I was a Geisha, he was a Samurai

Somehow, I understood him when he spoke Thai

Never spoke lies and he never broke fly

“S” on my chest, let me get my cape on

He’s so thugged out, Ghostface and Raekwon

Convict just like Akon

‘Cause you know the snitches be putting the jake on”

Blackout – Method Man & Redman

Source: Pitbull (Classic HipHop & Rap)

To begin with, no matter how smoked out your brain was, you couldn’t possible score a 1.1 on your SATs.

Mostly because the SATs are not scored in this manner. Also, having a whip with both a right and left AC isn’t really a feat.

Finally, since when do they offer cars with AC on only one side? Have a sit and enjoy this song with funny rap lyrics.

“I scored 1.1 on my SAT

And still push a whip with a right and left AC

Gorilla, Big Dog, if my name get called

I’m behind the brick wall with arsenic jaws

Spit poison, got a gun permit draw

Gun down at sundown, you keep score

This training course and y’all ain’t fit

On my crew tombstone put, “We all ain’t shit!”

Yo, all you gonnabe, wannabe, when will you learn?

Wanna be Doc and Meth? Gotta wait your turn”

Whistle – Flo Rida

Source: HipHopDX

I’m not sure, Flo. Do you dwell in a parallel dimension where ordering champagne is a strenuous physical exercise?

How do you hamstring yourself while ordering bubbly? You will find this rap lyrics funny.

“Look, I’m bettin’ you like people

And I’m bettin’ you love freak mode

And I’m bettin’ you like girls

That give love to girls and stroke your little ego

I bet you I’m guilty, your honor (Honor)

That’s just how we live in my genre (Genre)

Who in the hell done paved the road wider?

There’s only one Flo and one Rida

I’m a damn shame, order more champagne

Pulling them hamstrings, tryna put it on ya

Bet your lips spin back around, come up

Slow it down, baby, take a little longer”

Mr. Popular – RiFF RAFF

Source: JodyHighRoller

This song with funny rap lyrics is one of the reasons he’s become a small celebrity in recent years. This gem from “Mr. Popular” captures Riff Raff’s absurdist wit well.

It’s strange, humorous, and ridiculous, but one of the funniest rap lyrics on this list. Mostly because you can imagine Jody Highroller living it out.

“The wallpaper was designated for Darth Vader

I’m Walter Payton

I’m Gary Payton

They figured I was kin to Antarctic the way that I’m skating

The plum raven cranberry bat cave

Ahh shit look who it is the white LeBron James

The kool-aid cool grade is a great A

The game’s people play out silence with a razor blade

A rusty razor blade I might pull up in ace of spades

I take a flight to Spain just to heat a baked potato”

Apollo Kids – Ghostface Killah 

Source: Ghostface Killah

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Ghost clarified this perplexing couplet: “The rap is nice because it reminds me of ziti, which was my favorite cuisine back then.

I added’strawberry kiwi’ since I enjoy experimenting. I was considering a writing style that would allow just me to understand what I was saying.”

“We split a fair one, Poconos money, gin rummy with glare

Spot the lame, bit his ear

Yo, and taste a teaspoon, 300 goons, stash balloons

Locked in lab rooms, hit with the Glock, spazzed in Grant’s Tomb

Clocked him like a patient, his stocks fall, hustle invasion

Knowing now, we copped the block off

The chain tri-color, freezing in velour, icicle galore

Gas station light gleaming on the wall

Cop WiseGuy jams, James Bond vans

Niggas flipped Timbs, rock boats under water, watch clams

Pose for the standoff, mad timid

Hoping that the gun fall, guessing like lottery balls, yo”

That Power – Childish Gambino

Source: HalfricanItalian

Here’s a food-related meta-rap song with funny rap lyrics for you. Gambino (also known as comedian Donald Glover) makes a reference to the MF Doom album MM..Food? and the tune “Rapp Snitch Knishes”

It reflects on biracial identity through his own gourmet analogies (Oreo, Twinkie and coconut are slurs for people who are said to be “white” inside despite the color of their skin).

“Stone Mountain, you raised me well

I’m stared at by Confederates, but hard as hell

Tight jeans, penny loafers, but I still drink a fo’ dime

Staying on my me shit, but hated on by both sides

I’m just a kid who blowin’ up with my father’s name

And every black “You’re not black enough”

Is a white “you’re all the same”

Mm Food like Rapp Snitch Knishes

‘Cause it’s Oreos, Twinkies, coconuts, delicious

How many gold plaques you want inside your dining room?

I said, “I want a full house”

They said, “You got it, dude””

Beautiful Food – Edan 

Source: Donté Taylor

This grocery-list-style track from the Boston-based emcee is made up entirely of the names of various foods.

It is also, to our knowledge, the only rap song to ever feature a shout-out to tabouli.

“Eggs scrambled with Monterey jack cheese

Cream of broccoli soup

Portobello mushrooms

Pigs in a blanket


Bacon and schnitzels

Bagels and waffles

Blueberry pancakes

Linguini with clam sauce


Fresh carrot juice

Fresh squeezed orange juice


Fruit salad, egg salad, chicken salad

Roasted red peppers

Celery sticks with various dips

Could somebody please pass the vinaigrette?”

Don’t Mug Yourself – The Streets

Source: The Streets

Mike Skinner, the original don of geezer rap, is referring to a full English breakfast, which traditionally comprises eggs, tomato, toast, sausage, mushrooms, bacon, and baked beans many of your favourite dishes.

“Chattin’ shit, sittin’ at the wall table, tellin’ jokes

Playin’ with the salt, looking out the window

Girl brings two plates of full English over

With plenty of scrambled eggs and plenty of fried tomato

Get my phone out, ’bout to give this girl a shout

See if she had a nice time last night uptown

Ask if she fancies tryin’ it again some time

Then Calv grabs the phone like “Oi! Oi!”

Tapas – Action Bronson

Source: Inertia

After giving up cooking for music, Queens rapper Action Bronson has swiftly become one of the most prolific practitioners of food rap, including culinary references into songs like “Brunch” and “Jerk Chicken.”

“He also released a mixtape titled Bon Appetit…Bitch!!!!!

I’m on the art and the food scene

Fuck rap, laying back, eating poutine

Matter of fact, couple raps will make a coupe lean

While you see me in the shorts all weather

Whether Puerto rica bitches chilling on the boardwalk

Rockaway smelling like Georgi

Ready for orgies, slightly retarded

Breading the porgy

20 seconds dead in the forty

All this money to be gotten

Hailin’ from the rotten

Scotch make it neat, no socks on the feet”

You Ain’t Got Nothin’ – Lil Wayne

Source: Lil Wayne

Lil wayne’s :You ain’t got nothing” features funny rap lyrics that you should check out. Pasta guns sound like something out of a Giuseppe Arcimboldo painting of a mobster.

On the same track, Juelz Santana cautions us not to invite him to cocktail parties with the lyric, Haven’t you all heard? I stick toothpicks (where?) / In y’all hors d’oeuvres.”

“My Little Man is on you, Marlon and Shawn you (Yeah)

Lay the beef on his noodle, make some Luger lasagna

Forty-cal fettuccine, trey-pound pasta

You reach for this medallion, you must like Italian, nigga

You only see me pushing if the driver’s tired (Yes!)

I work the S6 ever since the 5 retired (Yes!)

The drop-top, they say it’s Ocean Drive-inspired

So you can call a cab once your bitch fall for Fab”

Witness (1 Hope) – Roots Manuva

Source: Big Dada

Other rappers are obsessed with caviar fantasies and the number of bottles of Ciroc on the table.

But Roots Manuva is content with the most basic of English comfort foods: melted cheddar, toast, and a touch of Worcestershire sauce. Beautiful jubbly. Check out the song and discover the humorous rap lyrics.

“We lean all day and some say that ain’t productive

Could that depend upon the demon that you’re stuck with

Cause right now, I see clearer than most

I sit here contented with this cheese on toast

I feel the pain of a third world famine

Segue, we count them blessings and keep jamming

Tis him – scumbag, scum of the earth, his worth was nil

Until he gained the skill of tongues”

Maybach Music 2 – Jay Z, ” (Lost Verse)”

Source: DreezyRodgers

This ingenious double entendre necessitates some explanation. The Maybach 57 and 62 are models from Mercedes-most Benz’s opulent series of automobiles.

Jay-Z refers to the 57 as “the Heinz,” a play on the Heinz 57 moniker featured on ketchup bottles. The 62, which he favours, is known as the “six-deuce” in this context.

“As my mind reclines on white leathers

I think back to my first Maybach

Baby blue sides, I called her my Similac

Six-deuce every time, I never had the Heinz

Fifty-seven can’t catch up to mines

No diss to Ricky, this his song

But everybody know this the shit that I been on

No fives, no four-point-ohs

So no partitions, a no-no for Hov’ {“Sweet”}

I’m a just a top-drawer nigga

Penthouse every time, I’m a top-floor nigga”

Parents Just Don’t Understand – Will Smith

Source: DJJazzyJeffVEVO

Songs like “Parents Just Don’t Understand” helped establish Will Smith’s reputation as a wholesome rapper. Anyway, thanks to PG jokes about pants in this funny lap lyrics. 

Pop star Will Smith evolved from an adolescent rap breakthrough to a sitcom phenomenon to a Hollywood blockbuster star, ascending steadily in icon status.

“I remember one year

My mom took me school shopping

It was me, my brother, my mom

Oh, my pop, and my little sister

All hopped in the car

We headed downtown to the Gallery Mall

My mom started bugging with the clothes she chose

I didn’t say nothing at first

I just turned up my nose

She said, “What’s wrong? This shirt cost 20 dollar”

I said, “Mom, this shirt is plaid with a butterfly collar”

The next half hour was the same old thing

My mother buying me clothes from 1963”

Final Words

Rappers revolve around speaking rhythmically, recording it, and distributing it to the masses to be played over and over.

What a rapper says on wax, like a deleted tweet that is screenshotted and saved forever, lives on in infamy.

A lot of rappers require a copy editor in the studio with them before they send a record off to the adoring audience, whether it’s misusing a metaphor, swinging and missing at an analogy, or simply expressing something that’s factually incorrect.

Let us know in the comment which rap songs with funny rap lyrics make you lough.  

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