Human behavior is an interesting subject that is the main focus of many movies. Narcissism is one of those behaviors. In simpler words, it is a superiority complex. It is very interesting to explore human behavior through art so naturally, there are many movies about narcissists.

Movies about narcissists feature a character or group of characters who are prone to narcissistic behavior. Watching these characters on screen can either be interesting or quite disturbing.

Different filmmakers have approached this subject differently in their movies about narcissists. However, every approach is interesting to see. Most of the storylines featured in such movies are quite relevant since we often find such narcissistic characters in real life as well.

If you are also interested in this subject then join us today as we count down our favorite top 16 movies about narcissists.

Movies about Narcissists

There’s actually a large number of movies about narcissists. In fact, every movie antagonist can be interpreted as a narcissist. However, we are focusing on movies that explore the deepest depths of narcissism and give us an interesting storyline as well.

So let’s begin our list.

16. The Dictator (2012)

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We are starting our list of movies about narcissists on a lighter note. The Dictator is a comedy movie. It revolves around a narcissist who goes to New York to talk to the UN Security Council. His plans, however, go haywire when he is kidnapped by a hitman hired by his uncle Tamir.

Even though this movie is full of crude and slapstick comedy, it is also a social commentary on the narcissistic behavior of world leaders.

This movie is very hilarious and enjoyable. The character of Aladeen, played by Sacha Baron Cohen is just brilliant. You can watch this movie multiple times and you’ll find something new to laugh at every time. In short, The Dictator is one of the best works of modern satire.

15. Phone Booth (2002)

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Phone Booth is a crime thriller movie. The story of this movie revolves around a narcissistic publicist who gets trapped inside a phone booth. He is held hostage by an extortionist who makes him do his bidding.

This movie depicts how narcissistic behavior can lead to catastrophic consequences. Even though the chances of something like this actually happening are slim, the story propagates the message.

Phone Booth is a very unique movie. Most of the movie is spent inside (or surrounding) the phone booth. Colin Ferrel gives a remarkable performance and the entire movie is very entertaining from start to finish.

14. The Devil Wears Prada (2006)

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The Devil Wears Prada is a comedy-drama movie. It revolves around Miranda Priestly, the demanding and self-centered editor-in-chief of a high fashion magazine who hires a sharp albeit responsible recent graduate as her assistant.

The narcissistic character of this movie is the boss, played by Meryl Streep. She does an amazing job bringing this crude and crazy boss to life in this movie.

The Devil Wears Prada is a very funny and light-hearted movie. It features a refined cast and has great comedic elements. Moreover, the movie has smart writing and excellent dialogue. It is definitely one of the most entertaining movies about narcissists.

13. To Die For (1995)

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The next entry on our list of movies about narcissists is To Die For. This film’s story revolves around a clever and devious lady who only thinks about herself and manipulates her soon-to-be husband.

To sum up, this movie is a character study of Suzanne Stone who can go to any extent to get whatever she wants. Nicole Kidman plays the role of the narcissistic and devious Suzanne. She does justice to this role.

The little nuances present in her performances take it to another level. She gave the best performance of her career in this movie.  To Die For is a clever thriller. It shows an evil side of humanity dominated by narcissism.

In addition, the pacing and screenplay of this movie are phenomenal. I highly recommend this movie

12. Sleeping With The Enemy (1991)

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Sleeping With The Enemy is a drama thriller movie. In an attempt to leave her hellish marriage, a young lady fakes her own death, only to learn that escaping her controlling husband is impossible.

This movie features a very narcissistic antagonist played by Patrick Bergin. He is a menacing presence on-screen and will stop at nothing till he murders his wife.

Sleeping With The Enemy is a very solid thriller movie. It will keep you guessing till the end. Moreover, the performances by Julia Roberts and Patrick Bergin are incredible. In addition, the twists and turns will keep you excited and glued to your seat.

11. Gone Girl (2014)

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Gone Girl is the next entry on our list of movies about narcissists. It revolves around Nick Dunne whose wife, Amy Dunne, disappears on the day of their fifth anniversary. He soon realizes that the whole media spotlight has moved to him.

This film is an amazing and realistic depiction of a narcissist’s manipulation. It explicitly shows how any person can be easily manipulated with a few mind tricks.

Gone Girl is an example of how to make a slow-burn movie. It doesn’t drag unnecessarily and the pay-off is quite satisfying, to say the least. The movie is also quite impressive visually. It has a very disturbing vibe to it which works well with the narrative.

10. Arthur (1981)

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Arthur is a romantic comedy movie. This movie centers on Arthur, a spoiled and immature young man with a narcissistic personality disorder. He is about to enter into an arranged marriage with a wealthy heiress. However, he falls in love with a poor woman and this romance helps him become more mature.

Arthur is another comedic take on the subject of narcissism. In fact, I’d say that it is one of the funniest movies about narcissists.

This movie by no means is perfect. However, it is a very charming and deeply entertaining movie. Even after many years, the film feels fresh, with sharp photography and endearing costumes and production elements. Moreover, Dudley Moore’s comic timing is the cherry on top.

9. Fatal Attraction (1987)

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Fatal Attraction is a thriller movie. The movie’s story revolves around Dan Gallagher, a married lawyer who has an extramarital affair with his coworker Alex. However, she becomes obsessed with him and attempts to destroy his marriage.

This movie deals with various destructive personality traits. In brief, these traits include stalking, narcissistic rage, delusion, and obsession.

We have also mentioned Fatal Attraction on our list of movies about obsession. It is a very well-made thriller with a great storyline and acting. It has a satisfying climax and the visuals are also quite impressive for its period.

8. Scarface (1983)

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The next entry on our list of movies about narcissists is Scarface. It is a crime drama movie. This movie is set in 1980’s Miami. In this movie, a determined Cuban immigrant seizes control of a drug cartel and falls prey to greed.

Scarface shows how excessive power can corrupt a person and make him narcissistic. It is a character study of Tony Montanna who goes from rags to riches and loses his humanity in the lust of power.

This movie is a classic. It features Al-Pacino in one of his most iconic roles. It is violent and purely an 80s movie. Unlike some other movies about drug cartels and crime, it never glorifies it.

In terms of gangster movies, Scarface is as good as it gets. Its thrilling storyline is alleviated by Al-Pacino’s iconic acting. In short, it is a timeless masterpiece.

7. There Will Be Blood (2007)

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There Will Be Blood is a period drama movie. It revolves around Daniel Plainview, an arrogant oil prospector. He’s on a mission to become the most powerful oil tycoon. He even resorts to manipulating and exploiting his adopted son for this purpose.

In this movie, the narcissistic character is played by Daniel Day-Lewis. His portrayal of a man blinded by power and greed is so powerful. He is brutal and harsh. Moreover, he doesn’t tolerate any roadblocks in his way.

This movie is beautiful and disturbing at the same time. It features a unique style of cinematography which is quite beautiful. Moreover, the storyline is quite engaging and the character of Daniel Plainview is unpredictable which keeps the viewer engaged.

6. Rachel Getting Married (2008)

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Rachel Getting Married is a drama romance movie. In this movie, a young woman who has been through rehab for ten years returns home for the weekend to attend her sister’s wedding. She has to cope with her family and try to readjust with them.

So far we’ve talked about movies about narcissists who have no resentment for what they do. However, this entry on our list focuses on a person who’s trying to be better.

Rachel Getting Married shows Kym’s struggle to deal with trauma and suppress her narcissistic antics. The film is more concerned with the effects of trauma on families and the narcissistic tendencies that people develop in order to cope. It is a beautiful and emotionally powerful movie.

5. Rain Man (1988)

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Rain Man is taking the 5th spot on our list of movies about narcissists. This movie centers around Charlie, a self-centered car dealer. ho kidnaps his autistic brother Raymond and persuades him into giving him their late father’s estate.

This movie shows us how money and jealousy can corrupt a person’s mind. Charlie is a narcissist who gets jealous of his brother. Many people who become selfish usually have a motive and as we all know money is the biggest motivator.

This movie features Tom Cruise and Dustin Hoffmann. They both do an amazing job, especially Hoffmann who makes us fall in love with his character. Overall, it is a very enjoyable movie with an interesting storyline. In addition, Rain Man actually won 4 Oscars.

4. Gaslighting (1944)

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Gaslighting is a mystery romance movie. The story of this movie revolves around a lady returning from Italy in the 1880s. To live with her new husband ten years after her aunt is murdered in their London house. However, the husband tries to make his wife go insane in order to fulfill his intentions.

The act of gaslighting is very problematic. It is a form of manipulation and deception. It can lead to a decline in the victim’s mental health. Many people fall prey to gaslighting and lose their minds. That is also the subject of this movie.

Gaslighting is a must-see if you want to understand a manipulator’s ability and actions. This movie is quite progressive considering it was released in 1944. Such subjects weren’t common in filmmaking back then.

So if you are a fan of black and white movies then definitely give this a watch. It is definitely one of the best movies about narcissists.

3. Mommy Dearest (1981)

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Mommy Dearest is a biographical drama movie. This movie depicts Christina Crawford’s harsh and horrific adoptive childhood at the hands of her mother, cinema star Joan Crawford. It is based on true events which are written in Christina’s book of the same name.

Mommy Dearest is an underrated and also controversial movie. However, it has gathered a cult following over the years. It focuses on Hollywood star Joan Crawford and how her narcissistic personality affected her daughter Christina.

Faye Dunaway portrays Joan Crawford in this movie and she absolutely nailed it. This is one of the best performances of her career. With that said, the movie does suffer from poor editing at times but it is overall a well-made movie. This movie is very thought-provoking and hard-hitting.

2. American Psycho (2000)

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American Psycho is a crime drama movie. It revolves around an affluent investment banker with sociopathic and narcissistic personality disorder who acts as a serial killer at night.

This movie depicts an extreme type of narcissistic behavior. Christian Bale plays the role of Patrick Bateman, the narcissistic serial killer. He gives a very bone-chilling performance as this psychopathic character.

American Psycho is extremely gory and violent as well. However, none of that violence feels forced. It is all part of the movie’s storyline. Every character in this movie is gray which makes them more interesting.

 1. Holy Hell (2016)

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We are concluding our list of movies about narcissists with Holy Hell. This movie is a docudrama that offers us an inside look at Buddhafield. A West Hollywood cult founded in the 1980s by a charismatic leader that finally crumbled.

Calling Holy Hell weird would be an understatement. It clearly demonstrates the craziness within a narcissist’s head, the deception, and the extent they will go to be cared for. The scenes in this documentary have actually been captured by a member of the cult.

Holy Hell provides a very disturbing and shocking experience to the viewers. It is very thought-provoking and is an attempt to understand the mind of a narcissistic cult leader. I highly recommend this movie.


Narcissists exist in every part of society. It is actually a mental disorder that can be worked on and cured. However, due to a lack of awareness, it goes unnoticed.

Anyways, we hope you liked our list of movies about narcissists. You should watch all of them to get a better understanding of such characters.

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  1. The character choices seem to suggest that the author has clearly never known a narcissist in real life.

    “It is actually a mental disorder that can be worked on and cured”

    NPD is not curable. Patients can learn to not behave in a narcissistic way after a few years of therapy but it takes daily effort. Forget therapy, 99% of them won’t even admit that they have a problem in the first place. To cure NPD, you’ll essentially have to reshape the underdeveloped or malformed neural pathways and structures of the patient’s brain which is currently not possible.

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