If you are fond of watching the Disney plus Spin-off show Loki, then you must have thought about “Does Loki die in Infinity war?”.

 So before you get the appropriate answer of, “Does Loki die in Infinity war?”, you need to understand the character of Loki. Bear in mind that Loki is basically Tom Hiddleston who is playing the mysterious character.

When Loki first appeared, the fans were surprised. They knew that Loki is the character that is popular for dying. When they saw its presence in the show, they kept wondering about the imagination of Marvel Cinematic Universe Creators. It is also an interesting thing to note that we can also see her lying dead at his brother’s feet.

Even though he had just given Thanos (Josh Brolin) the stolen Tesseract in return for Thor’s life, Thanos crushed Loki’s neck and proclaimed that there would be no more resurrections. To answer your question, Disney+ will soon premiere a new program based on the God of Mischief.

All this mystery gave rise to the question, “Does Loki die in Infinity war?”.

Does Loki Die In Infinity War? What To Anticipate?


Loki is a character that is famous for their fake deaths. However, the upcoming season of 2023 seems to come up with something more interesting that has never happened before.

Loki, whom we can also call Trickster, is exceedingly skilled at his chosen profession. He made his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the 2011 film Thor when he displayed his power to create replicas of himself. He pretends to be dead. In the last scene of the movie, Loki was hurtling through space into what seemed to be his death. Yet, he reappeared in the sequence that played out after the credits. We found out that Loki had survived his fall in the movie The Avengers from 2012. But he was under the control of Thanos at the time.

From what we know about Earth-616’s main timeline, it seems like Loki has died and no longer exists in any way. In the movie Thor: Love and Thunder, the Thunder God has several tattoos of his brother that show he has come to terms with his death and moved on with his life. In the first season of Loki, the God of Mischief had to face the fact that he was a different version of himself and couldn’t go back to his old life. But since the next Avengers story will be about the whole universe, it’s still possible that the brothers could be brought back together.

Looking back at what happened before!

That wasn’t the only time Loki pretended to be dead. He did it several times and this was something that gave rise to even more mysterious circumstances.

When fighting the Dark Elf Malekith in Thor: The Dark World, Loki purposefully misled his brother Thor (Chris Hemsworth). He was the protagonist of the film (Christopher Eccleston).

With this most recent con, Loki was able to unseat his father Odin (Anthony Hopkins) from the throne of Asgard and assume power in his place.

This strategy was successful for a while, but in the movie Thor: Ragnarok, Thor was able to outwit Loki. That was the only film in the trilogy up to that point in which Loki was not “killed.” In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos was the one responsible for his ultimate and irreversible demise. 

Indeed, this has occurred, although in parallel realms. Thor has made an appearance in a fourth solo movie titled “Love and Thunder,” and Loki has returned to star in his own program, but the two of them have not yet crossed paths.

Wrapping Up: Does Loki Die In Infinity War? 


Disney and Marvel seem to have created a planned curiosity around, “Does Loki die in Infinity war?”. That’s why they came up with a clever and internally consistent plan to keep Loki around in the MCU. We appreciate it as it is a smart move. The public adores the character, placing him or her highly in popularity surveys of the best characters. Moreover, people keep on thinking, “does Loki die in Infinity war?”.

Tom Hiddleston’s portrayal of Thor in the first film was so good that it should have been the last time we saw him. We also think most moviegoers would agree that it’s great to see the God of Mischief back in action.

At the conclusion of the first season, let’s remember that Loki’s other self, Sylvie (played by Sophia Di Martino), misled him. He is stranded in a reality where his best buddy, Mobius M. Mobius (Owen Wilson), didn’t know he existed. Where will his story go from here? The answer may surprise you. The future has the answer.

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