There are plenty of reasons why music is important to everyone. It is a fundamental attribute to us. It has become a part of our life, like our everyday habits like sleeping, taking food, playing games & sports.

Music is an explosive expression of humanity. No matter in what culture we are from, everyone is touched by it. It is hard to find any people who don’t love music. Not all of us can play musical instruments, but anyone can make a list out of it that brings happy memories and raises the spirit. We love the sound of it and listen to it over and over again.

Why Does Music Sound Good?

Human has a basic tendency of recognizing patterns in every aspect of nature and universe. From an early age, they used to wonder under the night sky and draw different structures and patterns joining the stars. They felt inner peace by recognizing those patterns every night.

Music is a series of different noises that maintains periodicity and forms a lovely melodic sound pattern. From our previous pattern recognition experience, whenever we listen to music, we recognize its sound pattern. Our brains are hardwired to classify it from noise and respond to rhythm, repetitions, melodies, and tunes due to evolution. Studies from magnetic resonance imaging have found that our brains’ nerve networks bear primary responsibility for decoding different music properties.

As a result, it helps by relieving pain, stress, and tension, and we surrender to the shade of its beautiful sound.

Why Music Is Important?

Below I have round up 12 reasons why music is important to everyone.

1. Music Is The Key To Creativity


Music fuels our minds and creativity. When I listen to a music piece, I experience certain visualization of the surroundings depending on the music’s nature. It feels like it is telling a story.

In the same sense, when I compose a music piece, I arrange the notes like it is telling a story without any words. It lets our imagination flow to a higher level. Listening and composing music both require maximum brain usage, which led us to a more creative and intellectual being.

2. It Is The Language Of The Universe


Music is a universal language. There is no boundary to understand it, and this is the most amazing part to me. As a musician, I enjoy the opportunity of working with musicians from different parts of the world. Though we don’t share the same speaking language and culture, we collaborate in our own musical sense.

It is important to have an open mind to get in touch with that sense of understanding. Many people seem to dislike particular genres and cultures of music without exploring. Not all types of music are appealing to everyone. But having an open mind always creates the opportunity of discovering new possibilities.

3. It Brings People Together


Music plays a vital role in uniting people. Whenever a concert is arranged, people participate in a great number to sing and dance together. Even if they don’t understand the lyrics, they seem to move along with the beats. We see how people join and act together with the music in different festivals and events without knowing each other.

We see a lot of songs that are created to unite people as a nation or community. Every country has its own national anthem to connect its people.

4. Focus

Music helps to focus. Research has shown that soft melodies help people to boost their working activities and success rates. Relaxing tunes also help to concentrate on study, sleep, and meditation. Fitness music improves your exercise ability.

Nowadays, doctors listen to music while they are in the operation theatre to maximize their focus and research data shows a higher rate of successful operations.

5. Memory

Music creates profound memory. People may seem to remember a lot of verses and melodies without even listening for more than years. When we listen to a song familiar from our childhood, you may have noticed it brings memories of our childhood feelings. Music therapy is used in nursing homes to bring memories of older people.

6. It Inspires People


It has the power to bring people together and inspire them to act on a greater purpose. Many songs were written to inspire soldiers into war. It helped to boost their confidence. You might be familiar with some songs written long ago but still inspire people to bring their best effort.

7. Expressing Our Feelings

Music is a powerful tool to express our feeling like happiness, sadness, disgust, fear, surprise, anger, embarrassment, and excitement. The soundtrack is vital for a movie to tell its story. We get a visual idea from the movies’ soundtrack, is it a funny scene or a sad scene.

But listening to only instrumental audio requires a great deal of attention to clarify its emotional message. It helps to widen our imagination.

8. It Improves Cognitive Abilities


Practicing musical instruments develop the cognitive abilities of humans. Practicing music requires a great deal of patience, precision, and attention that improves our sustained attention, multiple simultaneous attention, response inhibition, speed of information processing, working memory, category formation, and pattern recognition ability.

With years of practice, musicians’ hearing ability also improves. We begin to notice pitch differences more accurately.

9. Easing Anxiety And Discomfort

When people get angry, feel nervous, or do hard work, the blood pressure and heart rate increase. They start to suffer stress and headaches.

In these cases, soft, soothing, and relaxing tunes can work as a tonic to control our body by reducing heart rates, body toxins, and better blood flow throughout the veins.

10. Pain And Stress Relieving Sedative


Relaxing music works as a sedative for both the doctors and patients. Surgeons who listen to a song during surgery came out with a more successful operation rate. Patients listening to music before the operation found to be more relaxed.

It works as a mental sedative to ease the pain of post-surgery patients. We feel pain as long as we give attention to it. It can grab our attention quickly and helps us to forget the pain.

11. Cardiovascular Reactivity

Our body’s response to music depends on its type. An upbeat rhythm improves the gait of patients with Parkinson’s disease. Relaxing & soft music with a slow tempo can reduce blood pressure and heartbeat, whereas rock or metal songs can do the opposite. Those changes are short-lived, but taking regular sessions can give a sustainable result.

12. Mood And Quality Of Life


Plato says, “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and everything.”

Music helps a person to develop the right kind of dislike and appreciation of beautiful things. It helps to make the right decisions in life.

Performing music can develop your social communication skill by boosting your self-confidence level. Learning it helps to find the meaning of life in rhythm and harmony. It is strong medicine to bring the inner peace of a person.

Those were the 12 reasons that I found most compelling why music is important to everyone. Do you agree with me? Which one is your main reason behind listening to music? Let me know your opinion in the comment section.

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